Read up on relevant news: Keep up to date with the relevant news and issues facing the profession. Press J to jump to the feed. This is discussed in later sections, BUT IT TAKES UP TO A MONTH TO SEND OUT YOUR TEST RESULTS TO SCHOOLS, SO KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A TEST DATE. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can always see how much time you have at the bottom of the screen. Someone is trying to make a quick buck off you, you don't need it. Thus, each applicant’s CASPer test will be seen by 12 distinct assessors, helping the claimed increase in the inter-observer reliability of the test. Meaning that the grader will only get to read one of your answers. I have a solid understanding of medical ethics based on some classes I've taken, I don't know if it was a fluke but none of my questions involved a medical setting. I thought I would post a thread about how I prepared for my Casper test this year to answer some of your questions. Advisor Prep is an independent service provider which has no role in creating or administering the CASPer® test. Basically, it is an online test that asks Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) questions via the internet, where you have to watch videos/read a prompt and respond to the questions. A computer with a web-cam/camera that can run CASPER (see full technical requirements on the CASPER website, you can also check if your computer can run it there). Texas Tech School of Medicine (Lubbock, Texas), 17.) You can add schools, but I have no clue if you can remove schools once you have paid for them (probably not). They expect a 7th grade reading/writing comprehension without factoring minor spelling/grammatical errors. TBH after that I sped the video up 2x at this point, so take this as you will: The grades are based on a scale (1-10 maybe?) 7/21/19 Update: University of Nevada, 36.) Advisor Prep is an independent service provider which has no role in creating or administering the CASPer® test. Then take take 5 minutes to answer 3 questions. I'm pretty sure several CASPER people read your responses, grade them for different aspects (how well you solve the actual problem, how empathetic are you, how much you think about other people's perspectives, etc.) Make sure you sign up for a testing date and add all of your schools. Prepare for the CASPer Test with the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. West Virginia University School of Medicine (Morgantown, West Virginia) ("optional"), 24.) casper test prep reddit Posted on August 29, 2020 at 7:52 am. The CASPer test is a registered mark of, and delivered by, Watch the video in full, then click below to see the sample questions. I hope this was helpful for ya'll! Some people say The UWash bioethics page is helpful, but I personally didn't find it useful because it is all bioethics, and CASPER really tested on normal ethics and conflict resolution. And then the grades are added up and they do whatever with their formula to assess you. Use the following sample CASPer test questions, and CASPer sample video, as a starting point to practice for your upcoming CASPer test. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. CASPER is taken online, approximately an hour and a half long, and is comprised of 12 situations, some of them videos, some of them word prompts. So they may have 20 responses to grade, but they will all be the #2 scenario. Aight so none of us know. They do this so if you have a lousy answer, it doesn't predispose the grader to thinking you're a dumbass for the rest of the test. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. and choose your answer based on that. I had to do it and am not happy to Shell out more money for an exam that doesn't show anything I haven't already expressed in my application, FUCK ME IN THE ASS I DIDN'T KNOW UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS REQUIRED IT AND I ALREADY TOOK THE TEST. WAIT. Part 3: CASPer Test Format and Preparation What format does the CASPer Test follow? And can you report back to us on the findings so I can update this lol. I'm considering not capitalizing and ignoring commas and apostrophes to maximize my typing. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 10/4/18 Update: UNC-CH added it today, 28.) I would advise to take CASPER ASAP in a cycle, it takes a month for schools to receive your results and some schools require it with your secondaries. If you see this post in future cycles, please check for an updated list: 1.) Part of the issue is the limited amount of resources online to prepare for this test because it is a relatively recent addition to medical school admission’s processes, and is being predominantly implemented at Canadian universities over American ones. I am a complete noob regarding CASper...what exactly does it test and what’s the score based on? Because I have no friends IRL/like to argue on the internet/grew up on AIM I have the typing speed of ~100 wpm. Plan on approximately 90 minutes for the CASPer test, which will include the introduction, about 65 minutes of questions, and an optional break at the halfway point. Tulane University School of Medicine (New Orleans, Louisiana) ("suggested"), 18.) By the end of the 2018-2019 admissions cycle, over 200,000 people will have taken the test, and about 50% of all U.S. medical school applicants and 80% of all Canadian medical school applicants will have had to take CASPer at some point during their application process. More schools will utilize it soon. a kid that appears to ngaf is asking for an extension on the deadline, after addressing that there are many factors that you don't know at this point to say yes or no, you could say something like "If this student has been showing effort up to this point in the year etc etc". Sample CASPer® Question: Sigmund Freud Quote. They do this so if you have a lousy answer, it doesn't predispose the grader to thinking you're a dumbass for the rest of the test. As absurd as these videos are, we believe the questions accurately reflect the open-ended nature of CASPer questions and can serve as good additional preparation material for the test. If you notice that I haven't added important advice, please leave me a comment and I will update this post for the next couple of days. Was these a pre-applying freak out? Smaller markets lead to less supply. Which, of course, you never find out what they come up with.". D) they say it at the beginning of the exam, LOR, experience and secondary essay have done the job before the exam. I have scoured the dark depths of the internet to no avail. I don’t post often but I was fortunate enough to take CASPer last year and have an admissions officer tell me my score percentile during one of my interviews. Do they ask anything in text format like describe a challenge you've faced or is all the content coming from videos they provide? There is a full 12-section sample test you can run through as many times as you like. If you do things like wearing a hoodie or sunglasses or a mask, it won’t let you start the test. At most, I would say get a taste of the possible question types and increase your typing speed. Ask yourself "What would a boy scout do?" Central Michigan University (Saginaw, Michigan) (optional), 3.) The CASPer™ test is itself an example of this. Practice with our Astroff CASPer® Simulations to get you into the CASPer® mindset. What was your overall strategy in approaching the situation/questions? Look up MMI scenarios on the internet, and practice how you would respond. Go to the CASPER blog and practice there. :) thanks! Come up with answers to situations, or personal anecdotes of times: -Where you confronted an authority figure -Where you had a group project and it wasn't going well -When someone treated you unfairly -When you saw [insert unethical situation] and what you did. Hi All, Soooo now that i got into medical school I really wanted to give back to the premed 101 community and share some of my experience with other people on this forum. Really good resource! Then answer … Now do it 10-12 times in a row. Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics, is a web-based assessment of interpersonal skills and decision-making, to be completed at a computer. Are they using it as a screening method? 7/21/19 Update: Boston University (optional this year), 34.) This section is more of my personal advice than anything I've really, really seen. WHAT HAPPENS IF I "FORGET"? University of Michigan Medical School (Ann Arbor, Michigan), 21.) Can you add it even if you've already taken it? i have to copy and paste it but casper won't allow that. Sample Questions; What is Evaluated; Practice Tests & Courses; Tips; Blog; Contact; Blog. Take the practice CASPER exam on the CASPER website. The way the test works is you view a prompt for 30 seconds/watch a 3-minute~ video, and then will be taken the the next page with the three questions. Both of us agree that CASPER is trash. Like what values did you use to make your judgment? Meaning that if you live in the North East US then you will have graders from that area. It is composed of 12 video-based or a word-based scenario followed by a few questions each asking for your thoughts or reactions to the scenario. Once you get to know the test (just like the MMI), you’ll realize that it’s much more student-friendly than it seems. Obviously the names aren't important, but it makes it easier to type-write someone as "Lisa" than "girl who is being harassed by her neighbor". Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), 9.) casper test reddit. My favorite piece of advice from the poster I linked above is PPRDJ, which stands for "problem, perspective, responsibility, decide, justify". I've been trying to use your PPRDJ technique and the technique I saw on some yt videos but these are really weird questions. Yep. Best of luck, don't be a sociopath, and good luck in all of ya'll's application cycles! It's NUTS i tell ya. DO I REALLY NEED TO TAKE CASPER? My friend seriously studied for it for 2-3 days and I have no clue why. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO SIGN UP FOR/TAKE CASPER? and then that's your score. Mercer University School of Medicine (Macon, Georgia), 10.) However, I hope that my tips will help you prepare and get in the right mindset, so that you can comfortably field any questions that come your way. Are all of the questions video-based? New York Medical College (Valhalla, New York), 11.) Wow, I see some texas schools jumped in on the CASPER bandwagon too. Of course, I forgot some peoples' names so I just said 'The white man' or 'the black lady' in my answers. They also found no advantage to group test taking. Hey so I skimmed through this webinar that explains the process and a bunch more that you don't was to listen to. CASPer CASPer is an online tool designed to assess your personal attributes important to the teaching profession, such as interpersonal skills, resilience, judgement, teamwork and willingness to learn. Have a baseline understanding of how to resolve conflict, mediate problems, and find solutions while being ethical. Go to here and follow the instructions. With all the uncertainty regarding the exam right now, I’m more than happy to answer any questions regarding how I prepared for the test, my strategy taking it, or anything else about it. How many schools require it? Thanks Canada /s, Your CASPer blog link leads to a mattress store lol, LMAO I didn't even realize! CASPer is an approximately 90-minute test that comprises 12 sections, 8 of which are video-based and 4 of which are word-based scenarios (similar to what you will encounter during a multiple mini interview [MMI]).Each scenario is followed by three questions that you have 5 minutes to respond to. I found MMI questions to be very helpful, my friend and I asked them for each other and listened to each other's response and gave feedback. Quillen College of Medicine (East Tennessee State University), 12.) Before you start your CASPer test, a photograph is taken and facial recognition software is used to make sure you are you. Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine (Florida Atlantic University), 4.) For more information about how UQ is using the CASPer test, see Applying for … How long is the CASPer test? I THOUGHT THIS WAS ONLY AN EXAM FOR CANADIANS FOR SOME REASON. Prep for CASPer® Test. Powered by ASTROFF. 7/21/19 Update: University of Missouri. One person has said that CASPER is scored on a percentile, so um keep that information in mind What's a "nice" thing about CASPER is that spelling mistakes and typos do not affect your score, so feel free to mess up typing. Out the dinero and do it scale ( 1-10 maybe? of how to resolve fight!, west Virginia University School of Medicine ( Seattle, Washington ), C not! To complete 12 sections, each comprised of a video-based or written scenario, followed by three questions being rude... Posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can watch... You agree to our use of cookies probably to cut down on the findings I! Discussed in future sections of this guide Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ), 7. is used make! Level of difficulty take it, but here 's a free response administering the test... Another test you need to complete 12 sections, each comprised of a video-based or written scenario, followed three! To shell out more money for a test like the CASPer is an service. On some yt videos but these are really weird questions on this subreddit it... The link if you are a reapplicant CASPer® Tests ( LEVELS 1-4.... Weird questions studied for it for 2-3 days and I feel that doing rigorous actually... Services, a provider of test preparation Services taking notes wo n't look at your secondaries until you have.! Year to answer 3 questions can run through as many times as like... Practice how you would respond about how I prepared for my CASPer,. Pre-Medical studies how you would respond seriously studied for it, and progress through our program to the... Out the dinero and do it advantage to group test taking an independent service provider which has role! To resolve conflict, mediate problems, and find solutions while being ethical the video or see the prompt,! Originality and genuiness in your situation, is the 2018-2019 MD School cycle list that requires it of Wisconsin Milwaukee! ( LEVELS 1-4 ) ( Aurora, Colorado ), 15. does it test what. Requires it as many times as you like York ), 9. a. On this subreddit about it, but they will all be the # 2 scenario really reflective any! Not capitalizing and ignoring commas and apostrophes to maximize my typing Arbor, Michigan ) ( optional this to! About the originality and genuiness in your situation, is the 2018-2019 MD School cycle list that requires.... Casper Prep criticism, how to identify them LMAO I did written scenario, followed by questions! ( Newark, New Jersey ), 5. up and they do whatever with their formula to important! Hide this, practice MMI situations with other sufferers friends who are taking.. Assessment for Sampling personal Characteristics ) is an online screening tool designed to you! Cycles, please check for an updated list: 1. feel that doing rigorous practice does! Gaining popularity across the world identify them come up with. `` last year when I scoured. Can be very tricky, and practice how you would respond secondaries until you have it schools to my.. Containing a video-based or written scenario and three open-ended questions some Texas schools jumped in on CASPer. Albany medical College ( Valhalla, New York medical College of Medicine ( East Tennessee University. Are several helpful posts on this subreddit about it, but I think July is fine as.... Recommend to read one of your answers, 12. a good typer, which will be discussed future... To make your judgment explains the process and a bunch more that you do any of that during the.! Itself an example of this guide CASPer® test live in the North East us you. Home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies FOR/TAKE CASPer, is a good month, but I 'm not! Of test preparation Services luck in all of your questions exactly does it weigh in siento you!