It involves about twenty questions and has extensive research validation to support it. The work was completed by her student Mary Main, and Main’s research led to shocking conclusions. The final section examines a valuable tool known as the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), which is the gold standard used to thoroughly assess and classify different forms of attachment. Main discovered so many babies were peculiar, she got concerned about the parents. Adult attachment interview was developed by Mary Main and her colleagues, this is a semi-structured interview that takes about one hour to administer. The interview contains 20 open-ended questions about people’s recollections of their own childhood, such as: 1. From this kind of attachment research, Main and her colleagues devised an interview method—the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). Because it was difficult to process the AAI's 20 questions in a clinical hour, Dr. David Manock modified the AAI to the 10 most essential interview questions. tion of the AAI, Mary Main and colleagues discovered an important fourth category of response to the Strange Situation, that of disorganization (Main & Solomon, 1990). She was certified reliable to code the AAI in 1999 and certified as an AAI trainer in 2016. This interview contained 20 open-ended questions about people's recollections of their own childhood, including: Describe your relationship with your parents. Using the framework provided by the AAI, the therapist tracks and … The original Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) was created by Mary Main and Mary Ainsworth, who specialize(d) in attachment. From her research with mothers, Main and her colleagues devised an interview method—the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)—to assess parents’ attachment style. Invitation to an Adult Attachment Interview Training Workshop At the Bowlby Centre, London, UK, Nov 4-15, 2019 The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) developed by Mary Main and colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley, investigates an individual’s current mental representations So in 1982, she created the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) to study the adults, releasing results 1984-96. Dr. Bahm is additionally currently working on an archiving project to store Mary Main… She also assists Professors Mary Main and Erik Hesse with processing AAI reliability rounds and training participants to code the AAI. We shift focus to helping your patients expand on their new base of secure attachment … I recently returned from a two week intensive training in the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) at the University of California, Berkeley, with Dr.’s Mary Main and Erik Hesse- two scholars who have devoted 30 years to expanding and refining this highly accurate assessment measure. The course offered by Dr. Crittenden is based on an expansion of the Bowlby-Ainsworth theory (Crittenden, 1995) and an extension of the Main and Goldwyn procedure (Main & Goldwyn, in press) as applied to the Adult Attachment Interview (George, Kaplan, & Main, 1986, 1996). The Adult Attachment Interview Training Institute offers training over an intensive two week period, with attendance every day, teaching the background and coding of the gold standard assessment of adult attachment state of mind according to the coding developed by Mary Main et al. Describe your relationship with your parents.