I do not care about price. It will work on the 4g63 also. Basics on how a coil works and terminology. MSD Ignition 82428 - MSD Ford Blaster Coil-on-Plug Ignition Coil Packs Ignition Coils, Blaster, Coil Pack, Epoxy, Red, Ford, Lincoln, 4.6L/5.4L, SOHC, 2V Set of 8 Part Number: MSD-82428 You may gain 3-6 hp, on an otherwise stock car with stock cams, valves, etc. What is the best coil to use on a 6AL? No 12v present at Coil+. This was done (at an earlier date) to help ward off any pre-ignition concerns under high boost conditions. I've used two MSD coils and a 6AL, none of them have … For extended or high rpm, we recommend Blaster HVC, MSD part number 8252 or HVC II, PN 8253. Currently the ignition is a MSD Pro Billet Distributor with a 6AL box. A chart that lists the compatibility of various coils with MSD ignition controls. Same as mr49south, I ran my 95 GT on a 125 shot of nitrous before bolting up a accel cap and rotor, msd 6A ignition, msd blaster coil, and taylor spiro pro wires. Many brands are creating amazing products in the vehicle industry. Ignition Coil. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. They will deliver more energy transfer to your spark plugs to ensure more efficient engine performance and increased driving comfort. I'm not sure it is a bad coil-pack but I had the same problem about a year ago and replaced 2 stock coil-packs with accels and the problem went away. The Stock. Needless to say, the new module has all the advantages of an MSD ignition coupled with the size and look of a stock ignition module. Generally, a stock points-type coil can create as much as 25,000 to 30,000 volts. Don't panic.We'll match prices listed fromany competitor's website or other reputable source. -The Coil The 6A and 6AL ignition can be used with most stock coils and aftermarket coils. I want to stay with a stock canister style coil that I’ll paint to look factory like in the attached pic. I was not expecting a performance improvement, but I got one, or at least recovered performance lost to arcing at the coil. Every Ignition Has Two Sides. Thanks Sam I can not tell you how many times I have had to switch out MSD coils back to stock ones while tuning on the dyno. I am using a Pro Billet 8361 distributor. The Stock . What is the difference between the stock coil in my car, and the MSD Coil? The stock coil is adequate. The next question I have is about the coils. I really doubt you will notice any difference. Jacobs Ultra coil. Did research on Tuners and found this is very common. My choices are either the Flame Thrower 2 or 3 or the MSD Blaster 2. 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST MSD 5/ MSD 6- 7AL-2, 7AL-3 DIGITAL-7 BLASTERSERIESSERIES SERIES * The factory coil from any vehicle that has a 12 volt negative ground electrical system and has a ballast resistor or resistance wiring in the original ignition key wire will work with the MSD. The ignition system in my 65 Plymouth Sport Fury has a Ignition Ballast in the system running from the + side of Flame-Thrower coil to the Ignition Ballast. ( Carter ) 1993 Mustang GT - "Blackie" - The go-getter. I ordered these coil packs, because my engine had 150,000 miles on it. Stock ignition vs. MSD Ignition. One more coil in our selection is the Pro Power HVC coil from MSD. I running a 383 with about 400 horses. Find out why there is no 12v power on the orange COIL+ wire on an MSD. Thanks David Both Ford and GM OEM Ignition Coils are better then anything aftermarket in my opinion and experience. Coil Compatibility. setup and even this common setup used stock coils from a V6 motor. Stick with stock coils. MSD Coil Vs. The MSD coil for Gen 4 V8s is unique in that it is "multiple sparking" up to about 3000-RPM. (I did not have a DIS or MSD box). I ordered the six pack of the "red" msd 8257 ignition coil pack for my 2013 F150 Lariat with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine. This example is engineered for use with MSD 7-series ignition boxes (only). Stock HEI vs. MSD Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by daddio4048, Jan 1, 2015. The Stock Grand Prix Car Forums . I have the MSD 6T and the Accel coil, they work together just fine. I thought I would treat my truck to something nice. As you can see, the secondary coil post is designed with a large shield. If you want keep the HEI and change out the coil for something CDI based ... if you are going to see RPMs over 5K. Best Ignition Coil Brands. 02-01-2006, 04:31 PM ... i think you will gather that the ignition system on the gp's is pretty damn good. 1 - 10 of ... Be sure to upgrade plugs, wires and coil parts too so you get the most out of your new dizzy. If you want the ultimate coil and don''t mind the price go with J The MSD is smaller so 14" Drop base air cleaners fit better. However, when I did my system, no MSD coil (8228) was made yet so I had my Accel coil that I used on my '95 Dak. Powersports™ Stock Improved Ignition Coil by MSD®. 1991 LX 2.3 5 Speed Hatch - Family Mustang Q. I have a 1954 Ford with a 272 Y-block. Jacobs coil is better putting out 65K volts VS MSD''s 45K but the Jacobs coil also costs $150-160 VS MSD''s $30-40. The most popular street CD ignition is the MSD-6A. Good post. ern2112. So I sold mine. The result was a smoother-sounding engine from 6K to 7200 rpm. My thread isnt about what I expect to accomplish, but to find out the difference or to compare the stock vs the MSD one. I've converted my '68 points distributor to a Pertronix Ignitor. I have been toying around with the idea of putting some form of high output coils on my race sled. There are a few important things to keep in mind So, you love CREATIVE MOTORING, but you found a product on another site for less. It works fine with the stock coil, and my car does not have a ballast resistor. Also note how the coil body is enclosed within a heat sink. I'm not looking to accomplish ANYTHING. Automotive Forums .com Car Chat > Pontiac > Grand Prix > MSD Coil Vs. I already have the coil, #8203, the one with all of the included hardware. Jan 3, 2015 #20. Stock HEI vs. MSD Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications ... coil, cap, rotor and i will run it up against a good MSD 7AL-2 BOX and Coil. But the next question is if there's a comparison somewhere that actually shows the difference between Stock Vs MSD Vs RIPP coils. This is a street rod. Keep your stock coil around somewhere just in case for troubleshooting. MSD summed up for us on their educational site what is exactly happening within the ignition process: A typical (meaning stock) 12-volt automotive ignition system operates by taking in a low voltage with high current from the car’s battery and changing it into a higher voltage with lower current to jump the spark plug gap to propagate combustion in the cylinder. The only ignition coil upgrade that would benefit a Neon was going with a C.O.P. I believe that poor spark might be contributing to my some of my fuel and carburation issues that have been plaguing me all season.Has anyone ever heard of putting the msd coils that are used with the dip switch ignitions p/n 42921 on a stock cdi and stator ignition. I don't know that it got any more power from the MSD coil, but removing the arcing residue clearly resulted in better high-rpm ignition. and your throttle response will improve, as will your mpg. I have been told that the Ignition Ballast doesn't need to be connected to the Flame-Thrower Coil in the Pertronix I Ignition System because it hinders the performance of the coil. I installed the MSD 6A ignition into my 97 Integra and its working great. Painstakingly built to exceed OE specifications, these ignition coils are beyond compare. If I were to do it all over, I'd use the MSD coil just for color coordination and manufacturer continuity. More Top-End Pull. I also know that MSD is not a RACE-ONLY. MSD Coil Vs. MSD states their boxes work best with a coil that has less than 1 ohm resistance on the primary side. Stock Car MSD Ignition Boxes and Coils parts in-stock with same-day shipping. We gave it a shot to see how easy it was to install. I have an SRT-4 MSD Coil (may actually be Mitsu 4 post but used on SRT4) because my friend gave it to me. MSD’s line-up of Blaster Coils are great options for street and mild racing applications. Choosing the correct ignition coil. 1 year and one month after installation, the #3 coil pack failed. I got an MSD Blaster2 coil to replace the stock one now (regular 12v coil), and it came with a ballast resistor to use with points ignitions. These factory parts can be upgraded and work. For ignition coils, there are many groups and companies with adequate technical know-how on the market, and this results in thousands of models being launched daily. Coil Cutaway and Basic Function. COP ignition vs stock Posted by filabob1, Jun 15 ... (firing in order rather than 1/4 2/3 like the stock coils do) you are downgrading the ignition system ... Misfires, etc). If you want more voltage the MSD replacement is only like $35-45. and what should I expect from it if I upgrade to it? Will an MSD Blaster 2 coil work with my otherwise stock Duraspark ignition system? MSD developed a module to replace the stock HEI module in a stock HEI Distributor. Before I got it the previous owner had added triple carbs, dual pipes, and a PerTronix point replacement kit. Now, I am pretty sure that my wiring harness already has a ballast resistor in it, so I was wondering if I would gain any performance by switching to the one included with the coil or by removing the resistor altogether? Similar in concept to the company's "multiple spark discharge" (now you know where "MSD" comes from) CD ignition amplifiers, these coils actually spark several times as … Shop Stock Car MSD Ignition Boxes and Coils parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists.