Either sentence works with small differences in meaning. We had so much fun. Free Grammar Check All the grammar you need to succeed in life™ - Explore our world of Grammar with FREE grammar & spell checkers, eBooks , articles, tutorials, vocabulary games and more! Simply paste or write your text below and click Check My Writing to get feedback on your writing. Play this game to review Grammar. To is a preposition with several meanings, including “toward” and “until.”; Too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also.”; Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, but it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number. too . The milk was so good that we couldn’t stop drinking it. I don't often drink such a lot of coffee (= I don't often drink as much coffee as this). SO MUCH / MANY; Use so much or so many to place emphasis on the quantity of the object-noun in the cause-clause. 2. People _____ cut down the quantity of it. It costs $30 and I have only $25. 2. Sadly, many students get the idea that grammar is “too hard” for “ordinary” people to learn. She is looking so much older. adjective/adverb + enough enough + noun enough + of + pronoun/determiner. 4th ed., Pearson Education, 2009. A LOT OF: A lot of can be used in all sentences: affirmative, negative and interrogative, with both countable and uncountable nouns.. We learned a lot of new English words. (Too can be used to talk about a negative extreme. People drive much too fast on the streets. Lesson 65 Parts of Speech - Adverbs. The coffee was too hot. He drives too fast. Learn how to know when to use much or many, and how to avoid grammar … 2. The thief ran too fast for the police to catch. too much/many + noun too much/many + of + pronoun/determiner. You’re driving too fast. 11. Say goodbye to text-fails and start creating mistake-free content fast with the professional grammar check tool by Small SEO Tools. He is too proud to beg. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. The Thames is river in England. We use 'so' before 'much / many / little / few' with and without a noun. “Too” may also come before nouns when it is used with the expressions too much and too many. You’re walking too fast! Examples: It’s too hot to wear that coat. Grammar Patterns 5. ; We arrived too late. We took the train to London.. Or He runs quite fast. / It's much too hot today. friends, people); much is used before uncountable … (Less formal than ‘You are very kind’.) Are you brave _____to jump with a parachute? To can be used as a preposition:. Woman: Good idea. But we use VERY/TOO MUCH before comparatives - He is very much taller than his brother (positive idea) - This is too much more expensive, I can't buy it (negative idea) Rest: VERY MUCH / TOO MUCH (+ noun) I don't have very much money [but "very much" with nouns is not common, see note 2 below] too much + uncountable noun I drank too much water; now I really need to go to the bathroom! ; So in the second sentence is an intensifier and is used for emphasis, making the sentence a little bit stronger. With over one quarter of the world speaking English, you don’t have to search very far to find scores of resources and opportunities to practice the language if you’re wanting to learn. The tea was too hot to drink. I would like to see you soon.. I was finally able to get enough rest last night. A. should B. shouldn't - Grammar Quiz She worked too much. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 6. The tea was so hot that I could not drink it. Don’t drink too much caffeine or sugary drinks like soda. TOO MUCH + UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS. Slow down! Too is used to mean more than sufficient or more/less than necessary. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Stay away from fried foods too. TOO + ADJECTIVES or TOO + ADVERBS. I was driving too fast. 1. The tea was too / very hot. 2) Sleep. He is so proud that he will not beg. Eating too much fast food is unhealthy. It doesn’t need much milk. There are too many students in this class. Man: Do you eat much fast food? Longman Grammar … When so many or so much are used before a noun, it means a lot.If you have a lot of money, then you have so much money. That "of" is a colloquialism which comes from copying the "of" from phrases like "too much of a good thing." (so much – adjective + noncount noun) We will see so many beautiful stars that it will be hard to count them. Meaning. Source: Lesson 1, (2) adjectives Adjectives modify or affect the meaning of nouns and pronouns and tell us which, whose, what kind, and how many about the nouns or pronouns they modify. It’s too late to stop him. Many adverbs end in -ly, but not all of them do.Fast can be an adjective, but in this case fast is an adverb, and there's nothing non-standard or ungrammatical about it.Fastly, on the other hand, would be ungrammatical; fast is already an adverb, and there's no need to add -ly.. Dictionaries aren't always right about parts of speech, but in this case they'll give you the right answer. It can also be used with a verb stem as part of a verb phrase:. There are too many people on this train, there’s nowhere to sit. You should not eat it too much. Download full-size image from Pinterest . Example: There is too much salt in this food. EMPHASIS ON QUANTITY: We will learn so much interesting information that it will take years to process it. It can be fun! Cars are much now than they were 50 ... they're much than the old ones. It is such terrible weather. "To" Or "Too"? (= also) I was very tired last night and my friend was too. I spent many days there. A lot of, much and many are used to talk about quantities, amounts and degree. 1. The thief ran so fast that the police could not catch him. This is not to be confused with too which can be used to describe something being done excessively:. Slow down! Woman: That’s too bad. Also use 'too much' after a verb. 'Enough' means you have what you need. (Remember: many is used before plural countable nouns (e.g. An English speaker who has mastered the Parts of Speech and the Parts of the Sentence will … John's car wasn't fast enough to win the race. (= also) Too much and Too many refer to an excessive amount of something. too many + countable noun She put too many eggs into the cake. Harriet's lost weight – she's much than she was last year. Most verbs are action words, but a few verbs indicate state of being or existence. Drink lots of water. Man: Ooh, that’s not good. 3. ; too much ★ The stem of the i-adjective 小さい (chiisai) is 小さ (chiisa). ; We didn't learn a lot of grammar. - This sofa is much too expensive. (verb + very/so/too + much) - I liked the concert very much. 4. How to Avoid GRAMMAR ERRORS. To say that you feel good or bad about something. This coffee is _____ hot, but I can still drink it. Compare the following: You're driving too fast. This shows that the amount is really a lot or really little. Are you brave _____to jump with a parachute? You can use 'enough' before a noun. You are too kind. Get plenty of rest. Very – Too - Enough www.grammar.cl A) Fill in the gaps with either VERY, TOO or ENOUGH. too, too much, too many, enough – grammar chart . OR The tea was so hot that it could not be drunk. Slow down! Structure: Too + adjective or adverb; This exam is too hard. 7. (too + adverb) Can be used as an adverb to mean 'also' or 'in addition' She has been to Switzerland too. 1. That’s a mistaken idea that comes from trying to cover too much material too fast. The bag was too heavy for me to lift. You can use 'enough' after an adverb or verb. Writing with perfect grammar is not easy, it's too hard to do unless you are very expert in grammar. Too + adjective or adverb + to do something; This exam is too hard to pass. (Before a comparative form we use so much, not so.) These are both commonly confused words but differ greatly in use and meaning. a. Too- Enough DRAFT. ; Did you learn a lot of English expressions? Too vs Enough Exercise 2 More Grammar Lessons Too It’s used to indicate that something is more or less than necessary. Slow down! “Too much” is used before uncountable nouns. You’re walking too fast! Woman: I know, but I do it so save time, plus I don’t cook much. Woman: Yeah, I eat it way too much! In this grammar lesson, I will teach you when to use "too much", "too many", and "a lot of". To talk about an amount or number of something which is more than what we want or need, it’s too much or too many + noun . As usual, we use a plural noun after 'many' and 'few' and an uncountable noun after 'much' and 'little'. In the hierarchy of things that drive grammar sticklers mad, to and too are near the top. Many people think rugby is a sport than football. He runs too fast, Correct. Despite their meaning, how they are used in sentences comes down to noun they modify. He has so many friends. b. It always has a negative meaning. You will learn about countable and uncountable nouns, and also about the difference in talking about "good" nouns and "bad" nouns. Much and many both mean large amounts. Biber, Douglas, and Stig Johansson, et al. Man: Me too, but I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. "Too fast a car" is correct; "too fast of a car" is, by formal rules, incorrect (though gaining currency in informal usage). This coffee is _____ hot. Conversation 3. Before an adjective/adverb We use too before an adjective or an adverb to mean ‘more than we need’ or ‘more than is necessary’.. You are too young to enter this club. She is too old to work. Adverbs are words that modify (1) verbs Verbs show action or state of being. - It´s much too cold to go swimming. (emphasis on excessive) It's too, too hot today. a little / a bit. Very is also possible here.) Don’t eat fast food or lots of sugar. Conversation 4 9th - University ... John's car wasn't too fast to win the race. Once you have found the stem of the verb or adjective, just add すぎる (sugiru) to the end. To emphasize that something is excessive. The car was traveling too fast. She ate too much candy and fell sick. (repetition for emphasis) ... Understanding and Using English Grammar. Test 3: Comparative and superlative adjectives; 'Too' and 'enough' Choose the correct answer. “Too fast” meaning faster than is good for him. I cannot drink it. ★ For example, the stem of the verb 食べます (tabemasu) is 食べ (tabe).Add すぎる (sugiru) and it becomes 食べすぎる (tabesugiru) – eat too much. He was driving too fast so the police gave him a fine. 5. Do not go to sleep too late. A little, a bit and a little bit are often used as adverbs in colloquial British English with little or no difference in meaning. John's car was too fast to win the race. To talk about an amount or number of something which is more than what we want or need, it’s too much or too many + noun . - You speak too fast. “Quite fast”, meaning somewhat fast compared to others. TOO too + adjective This shirt is too expensive. Sleep at least six hours a night. Eat a healthy diet. Grammar Patterns 6. I ate so much. Jerry was too young to watch the movie. (much + too + adverb/adjetive) - You are driving much too fast. Sometimes a brilliant mind is not enough to produce a good text document. He has many friends. That box is too small. Use 'too much' before a noun.