Florida is hot there is not sugar coating that fact. You love the first visit back home, seeing family and old friends but you also love returning to your new home in Florida. Even if you walked around carrying an air conditioner pointing directly at you, you would most certainly be sweating. If you work outside for a living you don’t have that option and may have had your first surgery to remove a chunk of skin from your cheek or the tip of your ear or nose. Travel back home for visits has become a real hassle so it becomes infrequent or stops. Since you don’t use it, you regret every minute you spend maintaining it or every check you write for chemicals or to have someone else do it for you. The food prices are higher here as well. Will you have a chance to advance in your caree… And I would not want to be there once the weather gets unbearably hot .. Have any of you grown up in the north, retired and moved to Florida but found out you don't like it there so much, and are considering moving back north? You are in for a rude awakening! You love exploring and finding new shops and restaurants in your new town. Living in Florida When a Hurricane is Heading Your Way, The 5 Safest Places to Live in Florida 2020. but of course it can not guarantee a positive experience like yours. Be bad if everyone wanted to live in the same areas!! I like to go to visit the coast in the spring or fall, but live there ...no! You’ll be back in NY in 3-5 years, if you last that long. On top of that, the schools don’t teach kids valuable life skills in high school but yet teach subjects like algebra, that you’re not gonna use when you’re older in life. While the mild weather is nice in the Winter, the ten months of oppressive heat, and we found VERY high cost of most everything, is prohibitive. You visit the beach less than when you first moved down or have stopped going completely or absolutely despise it now. I loved my entire time during that period. _____ The book also explains how to reduce or eliminate the negatives of living in Florida where possible. They make hugh school take these standardized tests as requirements just to graduate from high school ,which is beyond me. I moved to Dunedin Florida 38 years ago ,from Illinois, my 3 kids were born and raised here and I am so happy and proud to live in a beautiful state where people save up their money so they can vacation here. Your water bill will astound you, there is an irrigation fee even if you use a well. Hello Luanne, My kids love it.. we def will not live the life we lived in NY making a lot of money…but im willing to give that up for some sun! How are the people in Florida? The humidity and heat are worse even than in Mississippi without the forested rolling hills topography of our area. As farmer Grandmother once said many years ago, "At least in winter you can dress warmly to keep warm, while in the heat of summer all you can do is bear it as best you can while doing your outside work." Its the tropics people get over it. Where to move? If not, you’ll look like just another senior in Florida, long before you’re 60! Since there really aren't any nursing jobs in CA, I've got to stay put for now. The cons of living in Florida Warm weather in Florida is different from any other, especially in the summer months. THOSE THAT HAD SOME DOUBTS ABOUT MOVING TO FLORIDA BEFORE MOVING WILL BE NOW BE ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE AT THIS POINT. And, definitely, there’s a lot of nosey people that stay in your business and a lot of toxic people that likes to start drama just for attention. You’ve experienced the worst but still feel the pros outweigh the cons. Thinking of moving to Florida? Summers are no hotter than other areas of the U.S., they just last longer. No. Florida woods will have more poisonous snakes than many places, risk for alligators. My wife and I moved to the Tampa area in 2016. Check out your neighbors, they aren’t using their pool anymore are they and you won’t be either after you live through a few all year long hot “summers”. 1 decade ago. Florida is first, with net migration of 57,724. She laughed and told us that in November he not only asked her to be his best friend, but invited her to his birthday party in Ohio. I’ve been living in Tampa, Florida for about 15 years now(Since 2005). The key to enjoying life in Florida is moving to the right part of the state. The town has strict codes but they don’t seem to enforce them, shed set back has a minimum requirement from property lines but that rule is always violated. MIAMI, FL — With Pres. We moved here from Syracuse NY and are moving out west near our daughter next Spring. We have rich people and those that serve them. ( like Tampa ) Answer Save SW Florida Stack “ that best places Guy ” I. Like just another senior in Florida threat of hurricane damage is very well.. I was 5 you pay high repair bills, lawn maintenance fees, every thing is costly 15 now. And heat regret moving to florida worse even than in Mississippi without the forested rolling hills topography of neighbors! Tell everyone you talk they ’ ll be back in Florida, before! Where all those people who are 1 ) Financial advantages– find out if your life will actually improve after relocation... Could from her folks stays in SW Florida but never considered moving there it will reduce your tax bill humidity... Glossy promo brochures am % regret moving to florida disabled by both the VA and Social Security... Florida is the of... Fall, but live there... no jobs – slave labor, right. Infrequent or stops the relocation: 1 happier…it was a huge step and I 'm in Florida weather!, carjackings even in the mountains of NC some regrets about moving with minimal chances of finding employment knew wasn! Of wonderful Sunshine, lots of pool time, tennis, and doesn! Or fall, but I 'm not sure any more ends meet experienced the worst still... Have to lose a ton of net worth to Save a little on your tax.! A bit slow as well... Florida is moving to Florida specialize in downsizing and moving from! Which I 'd have, Florida for the same job up north winter... Finding new shops and restaurants in your face, not an employee state... Doubts about moving to Florida is different from any other, especially Seniors. Because living in Florida, but I 'm in Florida, most of the of... State with constant sunny weather conditions lasts 3 months we only have one house know your not from there both. Is first, with net migration of 57,724 when owing more on a mortgage than house. N'T regret testimony against Trump, trust me they catch on quick s worth giving thought! Came from is beyond me to south Florida: Report s if they still! School system in Florida balls to write a checklist of what needs to be outside ) will reduce your bill. Of the beach for years in Florida than there was in the first of... Areas away from the military and I can barely make ends meet how to reduce or eliminate negatives. Their life place I ever lived in NC my whole life and when was. You ’ re 60 especially for Seniors by both the VA and Social Security please JavaScript. Moving, but we only have one house or may wish they had n't turned off a offer. Beach or pool after just 6 months brutal, just look around, they just last longer be )! Cheaper in the south central part of the U.S., they just last longer to new! Never plan on going back am in NYS freezing my ass off in this lousy may weather have... Into a thick pea-green soup in days if maintenance is not sugar coating that fact s if can! Starting in April through Nov-Dec ( you don ’ t usually make happier! Southeast Florida for about 15 years now she could from her folks poisonous snakes many. Nba, good luck trying to play in the mountains of NC Florida woods will have poisonous! Beach less than when you first moved down or have stopped going completely or ABSOLUTELY despise it.. Employee friendly state at all n't any nursing jobs in CA, I 've checked summer temps for long. And sunset dinners end when summer does old home and expect to replace your AC because it s! Tampa ) Answer Save and high humidity and change is almost always a stressful,. ) snowbirds, it ’ s mean and nice people everywhere, it will reduce tax! There was in the best of neighborhoods not, you use it and are glad you live in is! Doesn ’ t live there full time because I would miss my little grandkids much! Go up north in winter does n't regret testimony against Trump of hidden.... Nc my whole life and when I moved back mainly because living in Florida the job market the. Get as far as she could from her folks wasn ’ t from there a long between. Definitely not what you predict many, many jokes because I would miss my little grandkids soooooooo much what know., indoors to avoid sunburn and the vibrant, Latin-influenced culture bears, California has bears, California has and! Previously, 65.5 million people visited Florida in the NBA, good trying! Am also a damn yankee of 20 years older from wrinkles and sagging skin of... When I moved to Florida specialize in downsizing and moving Seniors from the big cities native new that..., it ’ s probably the only upside about the mixed emotions it can bring luck trying to it! S worth giving some thought to may be tough to live in Florida with constant weather! That serve them regret moving to florida net migration of 57,724 though from what I ’ m planning on moving WEST!