In fact, many doctors retire on less. Doctors are used to being in charge and having people rely on them. 34 thought doctors were middle class and only 3 thought doctors were rich. It shows people that you're a doctor now, and a successful one at that. You're not going to get rich. What do you get? 82 doctors responded. You know that Tesla you drive? It goes so fast. Fresh AskReddit Stories: Doctors/nurses, what are some things you DO judge patients for? A typical medical student graduates with >$200K in student loans, and it … I have no doubt that some doctors are rich...but generally not directly from the practice of medicine. A doctor I knew got surprised with a $7000 bill for a meal at a family wedding. Apparently, the disparity between wealth and income confuses more than just the physician community. The vast majority of America’s middle class retires with far less than $1.1 Million. If you want to get rich, consider the Sentra Factor. Doctors are probably amongst the tops in terms of guaranteed salary, but when people say you make more money in business they are really talking about the 'potential' through investing/deals/starting a company etc. --- LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES! Or that a $20K car is a beater. The rich doctor across the hall doesn't care. Broke is a net worth of $0. Because they are so used to being looked up to, that they find it difficult to seek out advice on anything, Saul-Sehy says. You get rich. I always find this question interesting, because people are curious how “rich” doctors must be. rather than a standard salaried position for a … … First, let's get this one out of the way. Mindy Harwood, Instagram name Mindysttnprty, is a recent graduate of the University of Buffalo Medical School and is … His niece had apparently assumed that he would be fine to pay, without even being asked, just because 'he's a doctor so he's rich'. Plastic surgeons and doctors in affluent communities who don't take insurance are a very small segment of the medical … These are doctors who think that cars that have more than 50K miles on them aren't reliable. Many doctors become disconnected from their middle-class roots or never had middle-class roots in the first place. Guess what? # 10 Rich Doctors Don't Care About Your Tesla. Meanwhile, the average general dental practitioner took in $181,000 in 2013, according to the dental association, compared to $175,000 for a family doctor… That adds up to $1.1M by age 65. That’s what you get. Forget the Latte’ Factor. Most doctors are not rich nor are they poor. It's so environmentally responsible. For the vast majority of doctors, the decision to become a doctor means not only going broke, but becoming worse than broke. They either inherited wealth or invented some medical product/ which became widely used. To kick this list off we're starting with the extremely curvaceous med student that broke the internet late last year after becoming a meme. 27 said it depends on the specialty, 8 said it depends on their financial habits, and 7 said it depends on when they graduated from medical school.