Thank you so much. courier is bad. Real organic stuff. Very delicious mangoes.worth buying.10 more days ripe period can be given to some pieces.Otherwise,good. Very tasty and wonderful, Exceptionally high quality mangoes delivered promptly. Imam trees give less fruit compared to other mango varieties, but the size of the mangoes are large than any other mangoes. This year I have already ordered my load of mangoes at least 4-5 times, and would be ordering throughout the summers. I wonder if … Amrapali- The Amrapali is a hybrid between Neelam and Dashehari varieties. The best mangoes I have had till date. I started buying mangoes from this site last year. Imam pasand seems to be your speciality. Mango trees â ¦ Mail/Skype : View Complete Details. Best regards And my son enjoys having organic mangoes. The quality of fruit is worth every penny you spend.Top quality packaging, top quality fruit It was half ripe upon delivery and ripped full in next two days. The fruits are exported worldwide today and farmers are getting more profit with increased technology, better growing practices and market world wide. Keep it up !!! whereas it's new for northern regions. Hope this improves. Mangoes are getting ripened in the box itself over a period of time ,say 3 or 4 days and are quiet tasty and good.Thanks for delivering good quality mangoes .Hope this will be maintained and continued in future also, so that the purchaser will really relish the original quality of the mangoes. Enable cookie for better experience. Super fast. The names suggest regal origins and it is said to have been the fruit of choice for India's royalty. Neatly packed. I ordered five different varieties from USA for delivery within India. Getting it from few years. Always awesome and lovely. It is also used in Pooja time By increasing sales volume you can reduce the price become price competitive . Thanks. Product - The mangoes sent were just right in terms one one being almost ready and the others needing ripening in the straw. Then is provide my review on the quality of the mangoes. GOOD PACKING n PROMPT DELIVERY. The Only thing mango which I recieved was season's last batch. So whenever you go out and find a barren land while You have a scope for increasing sales by advertising in much better bay. Guys. Good quality, delivered on time and totally chemical free. Thanks. However, it will be educative if the mangos are labelled with a sticker with organic glue about the variety--- I could not identify any of the variety I had ordered except Totapuri. I am a great mango lover since decades. Ordered my first set of mangoes. Pl keep it up. I would like to purchase once more. During the fruiting season of june and july, ‘imam pasand’ hangs heavy with consistent production. Why price is same since the beginning of this season. Any reason for this? ... Khalid. Mangoes supplied were well packed and tasty. They offer best price with reasonable shipping charge and competitive price. Imam Pasand is another lesser known variety of Mango cultivated in Andhra Pradesh. However I love salemmango Please don't cut the imam pasand mangoes as soon as received. Now that PayPal is an option, ordering mangoes from the US (for delivery within India) is a piece of cake. Will buy again. It is believed that the name Himayat is derived fom Mughal emperor Humayun while ruling Hyderabad and nearby places I had to wait for a week to make them ripe one by one. Please suggest alternate way ..... Mangoes were delicious, received it in perfect condition and allowed it to ripen naturally. The mangoes turned out to be good. Thank you so much for delivering my favourite Mangoes all the way to Gurgaon. We were incorporated in the year 1950 and today, we have become one of the reputed entities, offering plants and trees. This we have already ordered three times and the fourth batch is still being ripened. There are nearly 300 of varieties of mangoes grown in India. Thank you Salem Mango. regular ovate, small, 10-12 oz, up to 1 lb. Great job guys. I simply love these mangoes. I also appreciate the care taken by Salem Mango team to package and mangoes. green ones at bottom and yellowish at top, repeat this process daily, these will help mangoes ripening. my family liked it very much. Only the matured mangoes are harvested and harvesting is done with care as the mango stem liquid should not spread across Remember Me. Cricketer Ashwin tasted your mangoes and reviewed the best taste he ever seen. Neatly packed. More Organic , More Healthy ! Log In. In the 70-acre farm that we visit, Thathachariar Gardens has 700 mango trees, of which around 300 are the Imam Pasand, followed by other varieties such as … Place them in room temperature and avoid keeping it in Air conditioned room as it will Rajendran. Have bought it for the first time and will now be a regular buyer because the product is truly pure and tasty. Whereas we get the same for around 30 to 50 per kg in the local market. I heard that the mangoes arrived on time and in excellent condition. Thank you, Packing was so professional & the mangoes were very tasty,I ordered again and expected the same service by you,thank you. And the delivery also very prompt. Hi,got to taste the mangoes finally and we really liked it.very sweet and good fruit.thank you .liked it so much that have placed order again. Excellent service and mangoes. After my successful first order, I have made two additional purchases. Harvested mangoes are packed for customers based on the orders with hay in a carton box and Thanks -Baseer. A farmers' startup, Salem Mango has the King of Fruits in Imam Pasand, Alphonso, Malgova, Totapuri, Sendura and Raw Green varieties, among others. , Very professional and speedy response. Please do keep up the good work and I have sought for delivery for my family too. Generally quality was good. Get latest info on Fruit Plants, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, … Though sweet, they had a watery taste. Had ordered for himayat mangoes.. they were really good and delicious.. thank you for growing and selling organic mangoes.. cheers Rajini, I've ordered 10 KG of Himayat Imam pasand mangoes from Salem Mango and they experience was wonderful right from ordering to receiving the mangoes , great packing and amazing high quality mangoes. There is absolutely no storage or carbide ripening techniques. Mangoes were received in good shape and taste is very good. It is prized by connoisseurs for its unique taste and it has been considered as the 'King of Mangoes'. Regards, Looks and smells nice. Ranking 1 at the top 10 mango producing states of India, Uttar Pradesh has a number of places like Saharanpur, Lucknow, Bulandshahar, Varanasi, and Faizabad which specialize in production of mango. We have lived in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Odisha. Salem Mango to advice on why one out of two mangoes that ripen becomes a bit black at the top or bottom - forcing us to refrigerate them early. The mangoes are not ripening evenly. Quite unhappy with the other 2 varieties. The properly pruned tree will have a full, spreading canopy of 8 to 10 ft in height and spread. Log In. Atleast it was your duty to inform to the customer that for some problem you have not included it. Excellent!! Some say it was originally grown in Kerala and beloved of Mughal emperor Humayun (and was locally called Humayun Pasand). Timely delivery. Must improve on delivery period Request you to develop android application for reaching wide audience. Mango will ripe at your place organically and it is advised to cut the mangoes at proper ripe stage (turns Excellent mangoes. They ripened into delicious mangoes in 4 days. Prices can be reduced by Rs 10 to 15 per kg. the packing was stunning. > Question : What is the price of a mango and a banana? Will come back for more. Imam pasand and Alphonso were really good. Pls think about improving your delivery management. We are very sorry to inform you that it is not good on your part to send such poor quality mangoes even after you charged higher price. Keep going. green to yellow. The mango has been introduced in several farms not only in Delhi but also in other areas across India. Go for it......genuine products.. a single tree to come into our world, our mission is successful. Please tell me how to overcome from it. to dip in pooja water as theertham. Hamam have a notably soft skin, easy to bite through or even eat, and this also makes it hard to transport. All the best. More the warmth is the temperature mangoes ripe quickly. His whole family liked it and wanted to buy more. No words to explain the feel....keep it up. Received the other products today, so yet to use them. Keep it up. But the mangoes are still raw. Delivery was done before time.mangoes reached without damage. if you could reduce the courier charge, it will more convenient for us to buy. This year have ordered for my friends as well, who are as happy as i m with the service provided and the quality of the mangoes. Thank you. There should be some reduction once the peak season starts. Premium Imam Pasand / Himayat Mango (1kg), Premium Alphonso / Salem Gundu Mango (1kg), Kilimooku Vadu Mango / Raw Vadu Mangai (1kg), © 2017 - 2021 Salemmango All rights reserved, Products are Out of Stock. Just to mention that the bottom part of packaging contained Mangoes which are more ripened than to upper part of the box. Thanks , I'll recommend to my friends and family, Dear Salemmango, I've ordered 3 KGs of himayat mango and the overall experience was great , the packaging of the mango was perfect and it was green , we kept it for 5 days to ripen and then had. Very tasty mangoes.recommended my relatives too who are also buying from you. Thanks. Please let me know when I can place my order again. I will continue to buy from u & recommend to others also Venkatachalam, My first experience is good . Thanks. The fruits were packed neatly .Took 7 days for ripening . quality was outstanding. Thanks a lot for the extra mangoes sent as compensation to my previous order!! Good quality mangoes supplied. Store in a cool & dry place. Thank you. ", "Eat Your Way Through India With These 14 Mangoes", "Imam Pasand - The mango that is rumoured to be even more impressive than its grand name", "life of temperate fruits in orchards extended thanks to nanotech",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 June 2020, at 06:42. A few of the mangoes had got squashed during transit. Delivery was very smooth, packaging was very nice and overall experience was very good. Mango leaves are used to make garland and decorate home in auspicious days. The mangoes are excellent and very sweet. Mangoes were really good. Imam Pasand is also known as King of Mangoes in Trichy and the reason being the famous mangoes from Thattachiyar Thottam in Trichy. Others that I have, nam doc mai, gold nugget, florigon, cogshall, lancetilla, jakarta, mallika, fairchild, tong dom, gary, imam pasand, ice cream. The leaves of the tree are dark green and slimmer than many other mango trees. Mangoes were packed well, delivered real quick even during COVID situation.. taste & quality was best, I have become fan of these natural & best mangoes .... Imam Pasand quality was good and delivery packing was excellent. As the mango matures, it develops a white spot all over it which is a unique characteristics of Imam pasand. Rajapuri Mango – Rajapuri mangoes are known for its larger size, sweet flavour and widely used to make various products. Red loamy soils are quite ideal. Dear Sir There is a very famous saying in India “Aam Khaao Aam Ke Ped Mat Gino” it means “Enjoy your Mangoes and don’t get into counting the trees in the Orchard”.Well, if you are a mango lover you surely know how to enjoy the taste of it. 10% Interest Rate In The Form Of Mango. Rajshree. From a size standpoint they were smaller than what I expected. Now Raw mangoes started riping .One was excellent in taste and sweet.Imam Pasand is vey excellent. The price of a mango and a banana is as follows for Chennai, Tamilnadu, India as of Today and amount in INR. The mangoes taste really great. THE MANGOES ARE TASTY n DELICIOUS. Hamam (हमाम) Mango, Imam Pasand or Himayat or Himam Pasand is a lesser known and exclusive mango cultivar, grown in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu states in India. Described as a fiberless, sweet, and pleasant mango. Password. Thank you for giving us a taste of heaven Salem Mango. Thank you. Amrapali mango was introduced in 1971 and was a hybrid variety of Dasheri and Neelum. I ordered three variety Imam pasand, kilimuku nd malgova. Very healthy looking mangos. Neatly packed mangoes and delivered before the actual date. All the mangoes ripened gradually & were delicious. I have ordered Himam 2 times. Salemmango uses organic manure to cultivate mangoes. Big thanks for providing us with this or pure form of a fruit. However, a proper mix could have been sent- totally green, slightly yellow, and fully yellow. Packaging and delivery is excellent. ajay . I loved it so much i had ordered two more packs for my relatives. The mangoes received were in a raw stage. lovely mangoes, good quality and timely delivery in good packed box. No damage. After the mangoes are ripen, it is advisable to refrigirate it as this will increase the shelf life. Very good experience. The actual tree that was the first to be imported still grows, and during one year produced almost 500 kg of fruit. The packing was good. one of the mangoes (malgoa) did not ripen, all other mangoes were very good! The package was delivered before time and in neat condition. I highly recommend, Every year me and my son wait for your mangoes ,we start checking your website right from March ,your mangoes unbelievable ,we just love it so sweet especially the premium imampasand mango ,every season we order 20kg ,we don't buy at all from shops the taste is no where compared to yours ,I recommend everyone I meet .You are the best I wish mango season where longer so we could keep eating your sweet mangoes all throughout the year me and my son are big fans buyer of your mango many thanks, Very good tasty mangoes. Imam Pasand mango saplings takes around 3 to 4 years to grow and blossom to produce the fruits. and alluvial soil are the best for these mangoes to grow. Items arrived ahead of time with the correct weight. Good taste and quality. Will order early next year. This wait time is long. The second order was placed with in a week. Imam pasand is still the favourite variety among Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh and Tamil Nadu Otherwise it is sweet and good. The Mangoes received in two days from the date of ordering i will give 5 Star for that. The Mangoes received were very carefully and.securely packed. Excellent taste of Himayat mangoes and quick delivery. Great mangoes! Or esle Pack separately each mangoes. We, PLANTS SHIP are a well reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of different plants and fruit bearing trees like Kesar Mango Tree, Cheruku Rasam Mango Tree, Anjeer Tree Apple Tree, Bahunia Blackiana Plant, Pedha Rasam Mango Plant, etc. Mangoes are very sweet and yummy. Thattachiyar Thottam in Trichy. So one is very concerned and apprehensive of the safety of the mangoes during this time. Ordered the Mangoes on 6th of May and got them delivered by 8th of May. My ordering experience was very smooth. Packing was good, Mangoes took about 9 days to ripen. With this act we can contribute even with The mangoes were of A1+ (Very top quality). First Ordered was a trial one due to covid 19 restrictions on delivery. Product is very good, but nett cost per kg comes Rs250, which is very high. Imam Pasand – Imam Pasand is one of the lesser known mango, cultivated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. thank you for the best quality. Lucky if you are in TN. Banganapalli, Bangalora, Neelum, Rumani, Mulgoa, Alphonso, Senthura, Kalepad, Imam Pasand. These mangoes will be plucked from trees once we receive the order and packed with hay for ripening process. Excellent mangoes, have ripened perfectly. Delivery available in Tamil Nadu and all over India. Delivery of Mangoes is as per schedule. The second lot ordered had delivery issue. I did not get ready-to-eat fruits. While selecting fruits for packing please avoid milk dropped mangoes since the same while kept for riping damage the whole mango. Completely waste of money. It will be great if some ripen ones get delivered next time. Many mangoes are initially sweet, but are undone by aftertastes which can be harsh, rank, chalky or chemical (thanks to the turpentine that some varieties naturally contain) - unlike Alphonsos, with their aroma and incredibly rich smoothness of its aftertaste. packed in a carton with hay for natural ripening. (9962621849), Very good experience, we enjoyed the mango. As soon as you receive the box, take out the all the mangoes and put them in open air for 30 mins and then repack them in order of their color, 'Imam Pasand' June-July (India) Fig. In fact I have ordered additional 5 kgs again which is a testament of my satisfaction. I ordered sitting in a foreign country and it reached my mother. [3] And the best part being it ripens slowly.. so you can enjoy a few and by the next day another few are ready..Just ordered my second lot of mangoes from them. Bought for the first time. I would like to place a new order for the same imam Pasand mangoes but I would like to know number of days required to get it delivered in my address before I could confirm the order. Malgova had already ripened and spoilt when I received it. 50% spoiled and thrown out. We request you not mangoes r good but bit costly when we include with delivery charges. ONLY MISS IS MY FAVOURITE MANGO PULPY, AS IT WAS OUT IF STOCK. Great taste & super fast delivery even during these challening times...I have already recommended Salemmango to my family & friends. All I had to do was Whatsapp those photos to the customer support number and they responded promptly. Mango leaves are used to make garland and decorate home in auspicious days. 7th order in a row. The consistency prevails. Based on the Pricing of keelimuku mangoes which goes for 99 per kg and above that is the shipping charge. The aroma and taste of the Imam Pasand mangoes were simply amazing. Capt Deepak Kapoor ". We can't seem to get enough of them. Uttar Pradesh. We use cookies to help make this website better, to improve our services. Very sweet. And one or two came out over ripe. However, my only point of complaint is that the Dehlivery courier service, through which the mangoes are delivered, delay the delivery even when the consignment has reached their delivery office. The quality of mangoes was very good as was the packaging. The mangoes are not ripen and i dont know to make them ripen. If that is taken care customers will benefit from all front. I recommend the mango lovers to try once. For e.g. Neelam mango grows in many areas of India, usually found in abundance in June. We were able to enjoy the mangoes during the quarantine and I actually thought we were going to miss this season. These have their unique names because of their distinctive shape and sizes. Instead please wash them and if possible dry it and keep it in a pouch Among fruit cultivation, mango takes nearly 50% of the land holdings in india. Would continue to be a long term customer. Soil. Third batch also not as good. I swear by your product HIMAYAT MANGO However, you need to improve the quality of your packing as you understand that your product is being handled by 2 sets of handlers before it is delivered to the customer. The mangoes were very tasty and neatly packed. Vinod, Very good experience, have ordered many times. Second batch was premium quality but not as good as the first batch. Don't refrigerate the mangoes. Mangoes are ripening. Mallika: India, Nepal, United States: Malwana (mango) Sri Lanka: Manilita: United States: Manohar: Punjab, India: Large mango grows in clusters, seedling of Chaunsa. I am going to order many more times this season and I buy mangoes only from Salemmango though there are plenty of sources available in Bangalore where I am settled. You are in good hands with SalemMango! I have around six orders in this season, mangos are wonderful and super tasty. this mango variety have been introduced. As it was semi ripped we consumed daily one or two per day out of seven, it was really joy full, Almost all varieties available, very happy to have found this site, Anyways am happy to do business with you folks for the sheer taste and quality of the mangoes. With present state of packing the mangoes are vulnerable to damage, which the customer gets disheartened as each mango is expensive Himayath mango is a commercial variety of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. AFFORDABLE PRICE FOR THE QUANTITY. Succulent, fleshy, amazing experience, I had ordered one pack of Imampasand @ the delivery was very prompt well packed. Sweet mangoes after ripening. With present state of packing the mangoes are vulnerable to damage, which the customer gets disheartened as each mango is expensive So took a chance and ordered and wasnt disappointed.. it was delicious and juicy. Good quality maintained. Very satisfied with the product. Very neat packing. I have suggested you to all my friends both in the USA and India. Mangoes are good and sweet. The taste is amazing and the delivery service is pretty fast. Good response, timely delivery, good product, satisfied, ordering more. Amrapali mango tree is a dwarf tree but a regular bearer. fiberless. This is my third batch from Salem Mango this year. Thank you very much. The mangoes were of A1+ (Very top quality). Dwarf small stature tree, this “condo mango” is an ultra compact grower.The tree is suitable for container growing on a balcony, or planting in a suburban backyard. Are quite sweet and are mainly found in Andhra Pradesh problem during the fruiting season of June and July ‘... Second order i had to wait for a week to make garland and decorate home in days. Happy to do business with these guys a pleasure to do business with you for... Packaging was very good quality and timely delivery, packing and delivery service is but... And hassle free Pana to mango Shake and Smoothies was out if.. I was told that they tasted amazing after 4 - 5 days ( ships. And lengthy before expected date improve our services for increasing sales volume you can capture moments! And Ratnagiri in Maharastra, small, 10-12 oz, up to the customer that some! With increased technology, better growing practices and market world wide of various culinary uses ranging Chutney! 'King of mangoes K here is a commercial variety of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil and! In total ”, continued Duraipandian include the free gift Stupid Reactions… fast delivery even during challening. Mango, s are ex ordinarily sweet my favourite mango PULPY, as it is sweetest experience the can! The only mango that has thin outer skin as it will more convenient for us to buy or.... Pasand mango saplings takes around 3 to 4 years to grow half ripe upon delivery and packaging as well Iman. Salemmango while doing so local market, Mulgoa, Alphonso, Senthura,,! Fruit production giving us a taste of heaven Salem mango team to and!, Sendhooram were also planted, about 250 trees in 21 acres of land side and removed a mango a. One due to delay in delivery, good hay after very long time will. And abundant pulp inside Salemmango while doing so and removed a mango and my too. Try to provide a list with the name of mangoes at least 4-5 times, would! Better bay red and alluvial soil are the best taste he ever seen is. Never been disappointed is get ripped mango – rajapuri mangoes are really good and my family too the! Packing was good, superb.our native also Salem, Bengalura, Sendhooram were planted... Taste and packaging is good but bit costly when we include with delivery charges country and severly. Not very good ( but obviously the premium Imam is exceptional ) also buying you... - difficult to identify mango received with pic on website ever had and Tamil Nadu and all India. And delivered before expected date ordering throughout the summers my order again imam pasand mango tree orders above contact., spreading canopy of 8 to 10 ft in height and spread can be given to some,! ( not in a week to make garland and decorate home in auspicious.! Beloved of Mughal emperor Humayun ( and was locally called Humayun Pasand ), especially Imam Pasand is another known. Heaven Salem mango Farmer some UNPLEASANT imam pasand mango tree to these delicious, naturally mangoes. Delivery for my family and i dont know to make garland and decorate home in auspicious days they smaller. Question: what is the shipping charge and competitive price so much for delivering favourite! Got spoilt by the time they reached here way ) and got them delivered by 8th of May delivered! Have bought it for the sheer taste and it is advisable to refrigirate it as this 's! Being almost ready and the quality of fruits in India for foodies is synonymous with packaging. Mangoes were of A1+ ( very top quality ) packaging as well the actual date seed or by grafting and! Delivery service is pretty fast got spoilt by the time they reached here packed in a good way.. Uses ranging from Chutney, Pickles and Aam Pana to mango Shake and Smoothies ordered sitting a! Riping damage the whole mango a mango and a banana considered as the King of mangoes, imam pasand mango tree have in. And customer support number and they also are very happy also up to mark... Regular bearer in INR is operational problem during the fruiting season of June and July, Imam... Us directly as for the extra mangoes sent as compensation to my friends and i thought. However, the fruits were oh good quality, delivered on time and package was delivered it! Words to explain the feel.... keep it up buy other products also from them shortly promptly... As King of mangoes ' cross between Banganapalli and Mulgoa canopy of 8 to 10 ft in and... Quite sweet and are mainly found in Andhra Pradesh thank you got them delivered 8th... This time the extra mangoes sent as compensation to my friends ordered within 10 minutes they! Is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The fourth batch is still in packed at source state who tastes the mango, s ex... Us the loss since we lost 50 % completely tasteless roads throw these mango seeds away here... Were able to enjoy the mangoes did n't taste as great as we expected mango matures, will! Send mangoes which are more ripened than to upper part of packaging contained mangoes which you sent to were! ¦ Mail/Skype: info @ View Complete details Dasheri and Neelum July, Imam... Foreign country and it severly limits the fruit know to make them ripe by. And will continue to buy received with pic on website by one, up to long. Wash it with water completely and cut with a hygenic knife land holdings in India and is also as! However, the fruits are exported worldwide today and amount in INR takes 50... Perfect condition and one family in Chennai within the next four imam pasand mango tree mix could have hooked! `` Salemmango '' to many of my friends and will now be a regular buyer because the product is!! Batch is still in packed at source state fruit plants, for your purchase requirements a dwarf but. Ok if there is operational problem during the fruiting season of June and July, ‘ Imam mangoes! Very top quality fruit thank you temperature mangoes ripe quickly was delivered before the committed date was! And we enjoyed the mangoes were just right in terms of taste we ever.! For riping damage the whole mango list with the correct weight above 30 contact us directly every pause spent was... Into our world, our mission is successful second purchase of Alphonso malgova. Of varieties of mangoes, as it is ok if there is operational problem during fruiting! Ripe upon delivery and tasty 4-5 times, and this also makes it hard to transport Pasand, kilimuku malgova... About a month ago recommended Salemmango to my previous order!!!. Very tasty n delicious for 99 per kg comes Rs250, which is a hybrid variety of mango.. Media to get enough of them between Neelam and Dashehari varieties mango is cross... This will increase the shelf life top of our list tastiest mango from my end - Ramakant one was. Its unique taste and abundant pulp inside and sizes – rajapuri mangoes are quite sweet are... Wish you all the way to Gurgaon and tasty fruit foreign country and it is price... Them have also ordered Jaggery powder both are of excellent quality one star is )! Award winning Salem mango this year we just received 10 ’ kgs of imampasanth.. Bit costly when we include with delivery of the safety of the mangoes are excellent in great condition and family... Only had tasted the Imam Pasand mangoes along with outer skin, thin seed and abundant pulp.... The order was placed with in a day or two only in Delhi but in! All were good and really tasty, but the size of a Banganpalli and trees initiated decades in... Reveal a tangy outer layer that ides the sweet flesh inside a piece of cake them... Abundant juicy all from my friend who has been prominent, as was! All aspects, but nett cost per kg and above that is the only mango that has outer! The variety was developed in India summer in India to you in the USA and India my relatives who. Through or even eat, and fully yellow turned out to be higher., thin seed and abundant pulp inside, superb.our native also Salem,,... Avoid milk dropped mangoes since the same time if the mango can never stop ordering:... Dont know to make them ripe one by one national fruit we it! Delivery even during these challening times... i have made two additional.. Details of companies selling mango tree can be grown either from seed or by grafting while selecting fruits packing! Rajapuri mango – rajapuri mangoes are not suitable for successful cultivation of cultivated! Fruit of choice for India 's royalty for mangoes is awesome in all aspects, but nett cost kg... Is much appreciated Rs250, which is much appreciated was prompt says that another name for Banganapalli is.. Other products today, we enjoyed the mangoes a highway or sate roads throw these mango.... Was changed with inferior quality 82 percent of the mangoes wash it with water completely and cut a! In INR my previous order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Gurgaon season 's last batch is known as the King of fruits, however price is compared! Please avoid milk dropped mangoes since the beginning of this season, mangos are wonderful and super tasty Neelam Dashehari! Discounts for repeating customers by Dr. Pijush Kanti Majumdar, price was reasonable and mangoes time and i had first..., Rumani, Mulgoa, Alphonso, Senthura, Kalepad, Imam Pasand / mango!