Top Coat: Final layer of paint on the kit, usually either clear acrylic or clear lacquer, used to protect all the work done (painting, decals, weathering etc.). If there are any bubbles under the decal they should be obvious after applying another dab of solution. Here's the application procedure in a bit more detail. I know for sure I will do it to the Sazabi and Moon. With the RG stickers many are cut to to fit a specific area of the kit so things need to be lined up perfectly. Thank you From Japan for accommodating my article! You don't want any dust or unwanted markings underneath the decal. Top coats also come in Flat and Gloss. Before beginning you'll need a hobby knife, a cutting mat, a dull instrument (such as a dull pencil), and some sotch tape. Feed your plastic addiction! We are the premier destination for all your Gunpla and model kit needs. Top Coat is to protect painted surface, stickers and decals from peeling off. I recently bought an RG kit, namely the Wing Zero Custom. Matte top coat seals the applied panel lines. Then, with a thumb on the decal, I slowly slide it off the backing a little bit. It is also good if the weather is warm. Using your hobby knife and cutting mat carefully cut out the decal you're going to apply. After application they can easily be scraped up a little bit with a toothpick to give it a very realistic worn feel. As for now, here's another tutorial/guide that I wrote for From Japan. This will press it onto the model. It may also take on a wrinkly appearance until it is fully dry. Gunpla are manufactured by Bandai in Japan, or China, which has an exclusive license in manufacturing and marketing the kits around the world. While stronger than water slide decals they're still susceptible to scratches. Decals like smooth and flat surfaces, therefore applying matte top coat after decals is desirable (And by decals, I mean the foil stickers, eye sticker, and shiny silver stickers). Decals that have its edges floating helps stick to the part when sprayed. Most Master Grade kits come with a set … Gloss Coat To Protect Stickers-Decals And Decal Finds. After you've applied the decals don't forget a top coat. If you have a lot of water on the decal dab it just a little with a paper towel. It's easy to break or wrinkle larger decals. If you spray sections like arms, legs, or torso you can typically get 2 MGs per can unless it is something with lots of accessories like fin funnels on the Nu Gundam. Panel lining and top coats are simple and great ways to spruce up a kit. MG Top Coat (30ML)Premixed Lacquer Based and ready to be use with airbrush. Top coat does not need long to dry and because its based on lacquer paint which is most durable type of paint and the fastest to dry on a warm day just give it 10~15min to dry and it should be all good. If that begins to happen there's no turning back. What is Gunpla?Buying Kits & When applying the decal I like to hold it just off from where I want. Here’s a tip if u wan your kits to look good without painting try to use top coat on gunpla for extra an touch up. Water slide decals work best when applied on a glossy surface. ... Mr. Hobby Gundam Marker Color Metallic Color Shift Clear / Top Coat Weathering Primer Thinner Tool Cleaner ... Newtype Swag Clothing Decals Gift Card Stickers Information. I will use the side of the Justice’s legs as an example here. View. If you notice any parts missing, lay the decal down again and re-rub. 1.Clear Stickers (Real Grade, etc.) Since alot of people paint for dioramas and will never move their Gunpla again I can understand them not being bothered if it won't move, but I like to change all the poses/weapons on the figures around my room when I get bored with them. Once the first application of decal setter solution has fully dried I like to go back and apply a second. thanks for asking these questions i've thought about top coating a few times but wasn't sure how to go about it this helps a lot. But some bamboo skewers and some alligator clips and separate the parts like this, 4) The distance can vary but 12-18 inches sounds right, 5) This depends. An optional step here is to use a bit of Testors' Decal Set, Micro Set, or similar product. Using your paint brush (make sure it's clean!) This depends entirely on what you're spraying with. Wow! The type that you use is just in place to give you a desired look. This is why most guides recommend you gloss coat the model and then apply decals before applying your final topcoat. Xin Chao to anyone reading this! Difficulty GradesTerminologyBuilding EquipmentDetailing EquipmentPainting EquipmentMisc EquipmentGlue Guide, Project FlowchartConstruction GuideDetail LinesDecals & StickersTop Coats, Paint Space PrepPaint TypesSampling PaintsPaint ReferencesPrimingAirbrushingPreshadingSpray CansDecanting PaintsMaskingCamouflageHand Painting, Weathering (Old Tutorial)Weathering General By the way, surface of the plastic is smooth/glossy. Welcome to the top coat tutorial on the Layman's Gunpla Guide.Top coating is an incredibly easy way to add an extra dimension to your Gundam model. I have a few backlog Gunpla kits now, hope to build them soon! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The inner frame, along with its joints and sliding mechanisms, is not affected by the top coat. Stickers Effect Parts LEDs Customization / Scratch building Parts ... Top Coat Masking Stencils Mr Hobby. Detailing stickers have been released with Gunpla kits for quite some time. Modern decal makers such as Bandai are starting to use pre-cut decals. Remove any extra water pooled on the decal by brushing it gently against the dish. The time to build a MG and a RG isn't that different. Masking tape is the easiest method of choice. If either of these happen carefully use your tweezers to remove it from the water and put it on the kit directly or on your finger first. First bend all the joints so they are in their most flexed position and then spray just the joints and inner frame, no need to worry about the panel armor. It's review time again, now featuring the Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam! Top coat (Mr. Hobby recommended) can be used to protect applied decals. Ikki. Use your hobby knife to carefully cut out the decal you want to apply. Reviews ... Gunpla Panamá +50766143694. As such I generally suggest that builders avoid them all together. Water slide decals are the most prevalent, are fairly easy to apply, and look fantastic. spray in well ventilated area or wear a mask. They're absolutely not forgiving. Still I’ve learned a lot in a short time. Once it's off (keeping my thumb on the decal) I can let go with the tweezers, grab the exposed backing, and slowly pull it away, letting the decal fall upon the surface. If you look at stickers numbered 11 and 12 you will see they are a specific shape designed to fit on towards the back of the side of the leg. Be careful to cut at angles or curves around the decal, never cut an inward angle. Make sure that all panel lining and decal application is finalized before starting. *4.) I'm thinking about breaking down all my models, doing a top coat and replacing the eye stickers/doing some of the metal detail work on them. They're cheap to produce and very easy to apply. First, prepare to spray your Gunpla model. After some data gathering around forums, I've collected some statements about top coating that I want to clarify if they're true or not: Decals like smooth and flat surfaces, therefore applying matte top coat after decals is desirable (And by decals, I mean the foil stickers, eye sticker, and shiny silver stickers). Premium Top Coat Flat. Separating parts (legs, waist, arms, head) is better than extending the parts when top coating. By not fully removing the decal and tape you have a better chance of properly lining the decal up if there's an issue. I used to use Gloss or Semi-gloss extensively but I’ve moved more towards Flat recently. They're out of Hong Kong, have a great selection, and ship very quickly to the US. Clear stickers can employ added detail to your Gunpla kit, and they are the easiest to apply compared to the other two types of decals; this is because they work in the same way as the foil stickers that are usually included in HG kits. We have the latest Gundam model kits, and we have a vast selection of paints and tools. Relevant Point #9: Flat top coat reacts more to moisture/humidity/overspray than the gloss so be careful when using it. ... A list of tools commonly used to build Gunpla kits: Side Cutters/Nippers - The most essential tool. Want to chat Gundam or just about anything else? Perfect Grade kits tend to come with a lot more (because of the size) and most HG do not come with any at all. a) you can mask the clear part off b) If you work with an acrylic topcoat you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the topcoat once its dry to the touch but before it is completely dry. The high level procedure involves placing your decals on the piece you'd like to apply to and, with careful rubbing, transfer the decal over to the piece. I almost forgot. Wonder in amazement as all the detail. Been busy with adult life. With the decal cut along that line the solution should work it's way in and help form the decal against the lines. This Gunpla can be bought at the Chara Hobby 2004 event, held on October 21 to 22, 2004. With a pair of tweezers pull the decal out of the water. Where a good decal will have edges that contour to the design stickers are generally blocky with a lot of extra white space. The final top-coat determines your finish. I never expected a fast yet precise reply. Line up whatever is still on the the sheet with what's been applied and proceed to step 3. Most dry rub decals come with some sort of backing sheet that helps prevent the decal from prematurely rubbing off. Panel lining and top coats are simple and great ways to spruce up a kit. Place the decal in a bit of water and let sit for 10-20 seconds. Water slide decals require more effort than stickers or dry rub decals and there's a bit of a skill curve. On the one hand, RG have a pre-built inner frame but you have to work with smaller pieces and if you apply the stickers, there's more of them, on the other hand, most MG make you build the inner frame but you work with bigger pieces and you have dry transfers (in addition to stickers) which are slower to apply. Gunpla – RG Filter by All 00 1/100 1/144 30mm Age AW Bandai BB BD BF CC Effect Part EVA FC Figure-Rise FM Gunpla haropla HG IBO Limited Magazine MG Model Kit Accessories Musou Non-Scale Origin Other PG Plamo Plastic Parts PO Pokemon RG Sakura Wars Sale SD Seed UC Wing X Matte top coat seals the applied panel lines. apply pressure and rub the decal. There are several sites where you can create your own decals or buy pre-designed sets, a favorite of mine being Samuel Decal. True or False. This look is enhanced by any sort of top coat. Matte, Semi-Gloss, Gloss, Pearl, etc; doesn't matter. It's a sticker, do you really need me to walk you though how to use one? Then again, those type of foil stickers always ruined the illusion of these models and I would just recommend painting them all together anyway. Some cans are under less pressure so you can move in closer, around 25cm / 10". Have Gunpla questions? They're great for beginners but you can get a much cleaner look by investing that time in decal application. Putting flat top coats on glossy paints or glossy top coat on flat paints can produce semi gloss or matte or satin finishes. For example, water slide decals provide a lot more leeway when it comes to positioning them just right. Make sure to keep this in place when cutting. The plan is, build the kit, apply the decals, apply Mr. Mark Softer on the decals and apply semi-gloss top coat. January 18, 2016 10:35 am. 6) No need to soak the can. Anime and Manga - Gundam This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Applying decals to your project may seem like a daunting task at first. Looking to build a Gundam model? Before beginning you will need some tweezers, a shallow dish of water, paper towels, and if you can, Micro Sol or similar along with a small paint brush. Applying decals is another great way. You won't ever want to go closer than that for topcoating purposes. The first Gunpla kits were sold in 1980 in Japan.Gunpla kits consist of several trays of parts or \"runners\" that either snap-fit (most post-1990 models) or require glue (older models prior to 1990) to put together. The distance of spraying the top coat to the model should be about 1 ruler. If you're using an older decal sheet make sure to cut as close to the decal as possible. 0 review(s) | Add your review $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 Option not available. You don't need to take transparent parts off, but you will want to cover them up. If false, replace with correct statement. Top coat – a coat of clear paint used to protect the finish of paint jobs. Once you have it where you want it carefully remove any leftover water with your paper towel by adding and pressing the piece against the kit. Be careful only to poke downward, never moving across the decal, or you might rip out a piece. I'm pretty sure that they're all basically watered down vinegar. This will help remove any pesky air bubbles. After the part has dried, extend all the joints/put all the joints in standard orientation. Time to apply the decal. With a dull instrument (dull pencil, fingernail, popsicle stick, etc.) Having s If the decal rests over any detail lines I carefully cut along that line with a hobby knife before applying that second application of solution. *6.) For the second topcoat spray the joints first but then this time spray the armor parts. *1.) Just as with the “why”, the number of answers for “when” can certainly vary from those above. I’m just doing straight build, panel lining and not painting the kit. Clear coating helps to protect the decal from peeling, cracking or sustaining other damage from exposure to the elements. Mr. Color 70 - Dark Green (Flat/Tank) Regular price $3.25. The joints will have higher friction and thus be tighter. 2)Correct. dab a bit of the solution on your decal and let it sit. Also confirm that there is no dust on the surface of your model or else it will get trapped during the application process. While its true that a topcoat will help "seal them in" if it wasnt already loose in the first place the topcoat will get under the sticker/decal and you will get silvering. *2.) A simple cut in will create a weak point for the decal to rip. Topcoats are clear paints, so those environmental factors are important. (This can be especially critical for Gunpla builders – all of those cool action poses require a lot of handling! While they've gotten thinner over the years they still stand out quite a bit on a kit. Thank you in advance to people who can enlighten me with answers. During this period the decal will become very fragile and can easily be ruined. *5.) I know its a noob Question to ask but i got to. *3.) My cameraman Tom and I had a lot of personal life issues getting in our way, but I won’t bore you with the details. Trying to do this with large pieces will create wrinkling, folding over of the decal, or worse, tearing. . Dry rub decals are very easy to apply but take a bit of skill and patience to get lined up properly. Lauren Orsini. Most Master Grade kits come with a set of stickers and decals (either wet or dry transfer). So, covering it with something is unnecessary. Sometimes term is also used to describe any clear coat on the kit, including the ones used in between various stages. That final layer of clear paint is designed to protect your panel lines, decals, & paintjob. Once the decal is in a place you're comfortable with it's time to apply some MicroSol.  Redditor? Cutting out that white space will help make the decal look painted on once the process is complete. WHat you will notice is that some of the inner frame will not be topcoated because it was hiding under the armor. If the decal doesn't slide smoothly off the backing, you did not soak it long enough. This means that the area of the decal is predefined and you do not need to worry about excess white space. Check out the... Gunpla, plamo, tutorials and reviews since 2008, Layman's Gunpla Guide - Decals & Stickers, You can find me (and a whole lot of better builders) on the official Discord of r/Gunpla and r/Gundam. Applying your Gunpla Top Coat. If using matte/flat-finish top coat, it is advisable not to spray on the clear/translucent parts - can be done by masking or spraying top coat while the said parts are separated. Applying decals is another great way. Simple WeatheringOil WeatheringHairspray ChippingAdvanced Hairspray ChippingOther Chipping MethodsBattle DamageDry BrushingOther Weathering Tips, PlaPlatingSig Super StripeMini ThrustersOption PartsAction Bases & PosingMisc Tricks & TipsKit PhotographyGundam Line ArtRecommended Sites, LGG Changelog Unfortunately the larger the decal the more likely it will tear if you fuss with it too much. Though I've always done straight-building kits before, I wanted to try applying matte top coat (Tamiya TS-80) this time since I've seen some gunpla from the net and, well... they're better looking when top coated. But if you plan to top coat a bunch of kits and have the space for it then an airbrush and compressor will be a lot more cost effective in the long run. It's simple, easy and a great way to customize your kit's appearance. . Fear not, the learning curve isn't that difficult and with a little practice you'll be so good at adding finishing touches that even Hajime Katoki will be jealous. This is generally advised as you want the can to be around 72-76°F or 22-24°C. Whatever your prefered final topcoat is will do this. As your final topcoat (in this case matte) protects the decals & underlying paint while the smooth layer below made the decals apply properly with minimal chance of peeling up. Applying them to a kit is a fairly straight forward process but it takes a bit patience to prevent something from damaging the decal. Now for the delicate task of getting the decal in place. Availability. For small decals, I like to put it down on my thumb, pull the backing off, then press my thumb (w/ decal) against where I want it to go. I just bought some Tamiya TS-80 flat clear and on the top it states that I shouldn't spray it on decals and stickers. Usually, from the outside, the decal will appear duller as it separates from the decal sheet. Mr. Color 69 - Off White (Gloss/Primary Car) Regular price $3.25. Unpainted kits can look great with just a nice top coat while painted kits will gain that extra umph. If using matte/flat-finish top coat, it is advisable not to spray on the clear/translucent and the softer parts - can be done by masking or spraying top coat while the said parts are … Flat top coat has a tendency to fog up reflective foil stickers like the likes of forehead cameras and eyes and gold or silver foiled effects like the type you see in the HG Sinanju trims. The length of time will depend on the decal brand and size. If you've left the decal in the water for too long it may separate from the backing and float free. Meanwhile make sure the surface you're going to apply the decal is clean. Gunpla: Question about micro set and micro sol Anime and Manga - Gundam This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Practice moving the joints on your model before you topcoat, as you may need to sand some areas down to allow for smoother joint movement. Stickers Wall Decoration Revistas ... B-603 - Mr. ... i just followed a fellow Gunpla … DESCRIPCIÓN. Add to Cart. The differences between my post and other top coat tutorial, is cheap spray paint. Dry ryb decals, as the name implies, go on dry with a rub. Soak the can in warm water before top coating. Generally it will stick with the piece without issue. Usually we used the proper top coat spray, the expensive product for model kit from Japan. We have the latest Gundam model kits, and we have a vast selection of paints and tools. The provided decals and stickers are used to display extra details, colors and markings as seen in the show, movies, manga or video games. Overdoing this process could result in damaging the whole part. After you think the decal has been fully applied, slowly lift up the tape from one end, keeping the other end attached. *7.) First, I would like to apologize that it took this long for me to get started. Since the parts move around you will not be able to paint it entirely in one sitting. Hello everyone! 4) How do Mark Softer and Mark Setter work with this? March 4, 2014 12:15 am. Wonder wtf Bandai's marketing team was thinking, and more! Thank you very much, cheese. +15. You see I’m into gunpla and I haven’t tried the water slide decals. 8) Make sure all the stickers/decals on your kit are placed well before applying a topcoat. Top coating Gunpla is basically a nine-step process. With experience you'll start to get a feel for how they move. You are adding paint to those parts, so they will be effected.