Check our Privacy Policy for more. You should create a backup of your theme files. Practically, you need to remove the last text line you can read in the screenshot below: To do so, you need to add some custom CSS to your theme. By using this free WordPress plugin you will be able to easily remove footer links of any free or premium theme. You can’t hit goals that you don’t have, after all. To find a WordPress footer widget, you need to log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard (in our case, the active theme is Twenty Seventeen). One of the best methods to customize powered by text is via footer.php file. There you have it! How to edit footer in WordPress. It might also be worth taking a copy of the footer.php file and saving it elsewhere as a backup  – you can simply highlight all the text and copy/paste it into an empty notepad document on your desktop. I will place the credits at another place at the site. If you view the source or code view of the live site, you’ll be able to find the class or id attributed to the footer content – in the default “twenty fifteen” theme for example, the “Powered by WordPress” footer is contained within a DIV with the class of “site-info.” A quick line of CSS – in this case, inserting #site-info {display:none} in the backend will hide the footer from the front end. And get back to it, in the future. The anchor text of the links, when users hover their mouse over the items, The social icons leading to social media accounts. Other customizations you might want to make for your website footer: Their insertion at the bottom of your web pages serves practical purposes and can get a good design, as well. As mentioned on codex, manage_posts_custom_column is a filter which add or remove custom columns to the listing of Post. You can also carefully edit the footer.php template file in your theme to remove unwanted links from this area. If you’re using one of the free themes provided by WordPress you are more than likely seeing a “Powered By WordPress in the footer text area. You can also create custom layouts using SiteOrigin Layout Builder. thanks for nice sharing, Exceptional post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this Or simply say how to change to footer text in WordPress. Go to your theme Customizer and find the section dedicated to Footers. For this very example of the Mesmerize theme, you need to simply choose one of the footer templates, and fill in the blanks with your own content for: This setting refers to the footer style and design. Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to remove footer credits in WordPress themes. A much simpler option to make changes to your website footer is to access the Customizer of your active WordPress theme. This plugin will help you to customize your footer area completely and enable you to add more columns and content. Comment the code instead. You’ll be directed to a dashboard like the one in the screenshot below: On the left, you’ll find the list of available widgets. Contact information (email, address, phone number), etc. Remove Columns From Post or Page Screen In WordPress. WordPress is totally free, due to that, the free version of WordPress usually gives them credit with this text. I will place the credits at another place at the site. Therefore, you can set different colors for: This is a more advanced option. In the WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Appearance -> Customize. In our case, it’s the Twenty Seventeen theme. The number of columns shown in the footer area is decided by Theme Options > Footer section. This article is focussing on WordPress, not livesite, which is a completely different platform (and different model). You can see that to call each of the footer widgets, the ID from the above code is used. Again, many themes offer an easy to find custom … it's great thanks , I will place the credits at another place at the site. If its part of a premium subscription to have the capability to remove it, I wouldn't want to either - you would probably be breaching their terms of service. Add WordPress footer CSS. You can adjust settings for the website footer, and there’s no need to have any coding skills. thanks for you. Remember, when editing the core PHP files, it’s recommended to use a child theme to avoid any errors crashing your site, and to ensure your changes are carried forward in future updates to the theme. Get the inspiration you need to do your best work, every Sunday! You can also change footer and footer content from widgets. This being said, we hope website footer editing no longer has many secrets for you. To be able to make changes to the footer, you should first master the techniques of intervening into the right section, to adjust the right elements. Observing some best practices and design principles, you should manage to customize your website footer the right way., The 31+ Best Portfolio Websites That Bring Clients, 20+ simple methods to make money with a website, How to Make a Website Outline the Right Way, You should create a child theme and apply changes to the code of the corresponding footer file, in that child theme. You can expand… Read More. Tagged: footer Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total) Author Posts March 10, 2014 at 2:23 pm #234708 PhilippeParticipant In one of the 3 footers, i see : “INTERESTING LINKS Here are … Can any one there to tell me, how to remove "powered by livesite"? Log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard. Thanks, I will place the credits at another place at the site. } You might want to remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress”, and simply hide the footer content in your website pages. What Information Should WordPress Footers Include. We are going to cover for both cases. This is a free footer plugin for WordPress that will help you to add an amazing grid section to your footer as per your requirement. Let us know which method best suits your preference! First, In GP Premium I will show you, how can you remove powered by generatepress text from footer area and Second is for Free GeneratePress theme. Remove or replace footer credits (or any text or HTML in page) before page is rendered. How to Remove a Footer Link from a WordPress Theme. The Widget Area and Footer Menu are completely optional. The default footer section is found within the widgets section of WordPress. Try it today! Things could go wrong when you least expect, and so having a backup is a wise thing to do. How to Remove or Edit Footer Credit in GeneratePress theme. callback: cb You can check for the first footer widget the “id=footer1“, for second “id=footer2“, for third “id=footer3“.We are using the same IDs in the footer.php file. They can add powerful functionality to your… Read More, WordPress is one of the most popular open-source projects in the world, with 70 developers… Read More, As you surely know by now, goal-setting is a critical process in every business. In the left column navigation mouse over the “Plugins” link and click the “Add New” link. And… Read More, One of the best ways to stay on top of industry trends and get ahead in your field is by attending conferences! topic? It’s always a good idea to back up your website before editing the code to the core files. 2. Instead, you should observe one of these best practices: However, this technique requires you already have some coding skills, to edit WordPress footer code. All top WordPress themes come with footer widget area that’s easy to edit. You can disable this area entirely by simply unchecking the box and saving your changes afterward. Check to see the results: “Proudly powered by WordPress” is no longer visible on your website pages. The image below shows you an example of the footer widget area with 4 columns and less. You’ll be taken to the active theme Customizer. This will show three widgets in the footer area. my theme name is Theme by Tesseract can anyone please help as early as possible. You don’t need to remove any existing lines of code. Is there anyway to change footer only in one page. However, as a GPL-licensed CMS, WordPress allows you to remove it from your site legally. If you’re using a premium theme or a free theme developed by a company outside of WordPress you might be seeing something similar to the theme name and by the company that developed that theme. Also to put my own icons on the footer menu but i cannot get rid of the wordpress default icons. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Having a functional, beautiful eCommerce website is more important than ever in the age of the coronavirus. That way, you’re backed up in case something does go wrong. In the list of theme files on the right side, search for the file named Theme Footer (footer.php). If you are looking for the blog on any special topic related to WordPress, let us know. Once you have installed the plugin here is how you remove footer … To do that, go to the Pages section in WordPress and open the page you want to edit. However, you can use the same technique for 2, 4 or more columns.