Lacquer can dissolve/eat/damage decals, especially thin ones like those from Cartograf. Although you can read information about the distances to be used there's no information about how to use it on decals/inks. Recently I'm struggling with wrinkles of decals when I spray a clear lacquer coat over. I usually thin it with some Tamiya lacquer thinner 1 to 1 and a few drops of retarder. spray your base coat, apply the decal and bury it in the clear. The wood has been prepped properly, and she applied the vinyl wording. As for brushing - no. Follow these instructions. May 20, 2011. Here's my take on things. The decision of gloss or matte is generally easy – decals, washes, and similar applications do best with a gloss coat, while drybrushing, heavy oil staining, and a final flat finish call for a matte coat. But it will absolutely not harm or react with any paint I have used on any of my rockets and it is a little pricey. Shake the can between passes. You can also leave the stickers bare, but they may sunfade quicker. If you want to seal it two or three times go ahead. 9. If you want a show finish, my advice is to have a paint shop mix you a basecoat colour in an aerosol, then use a can of 2k lacquer in an aerosol, spray your basecoat, allow it to dry for an hour or so, apply your decals, then give it a grip coat (light dust coat) of lacquer, followed by 2 or 3 nice wet coats. We hope this information is enough to help. Depending on the thickness of the vinyl, it could take at least four coats of clear (2+2), but up to 10 or so if it's a thick decal. Maybe the paint is too hot? Question: When clearing over decals, do I have to spray adhesive promotor over the decal or spray a tacky coat of clear over it first? - Always use proper protection such as goggles, gloves and a respirator. Most jobs he will use 2 or 3 coats then block entire surface to level the decal and flow coats the panel again. One thing I'm thinking, though, is that the decals … another way to seal it is to take a rattle can full of clear coat and spray over the dash. Bury it in clear with at least four coats. Clear flat enamel should be ok. Has anyone else done this and if so, what clear coat did you use? I don't understand. Just make sure that you allow at least 30-60 minutes in between coats. • Spray from 10-12" away: Start spraying off the model, sweep past it keeping the distance constant, and don’t stop spraying until you are off the model again. 2. Be sure to allow the ink to dry for approximately 24 hours before spraying to avoid discoloring the ink with the spray. That's what the clear coat is there for. After decal is installed You MUST wait a full 24 hours for the water to dry out before … I used the Gloss clear on the airframe prior to applying decals, as I wanted to save my Flat for later coats. Sounds like the body shop sprayed clear over the decal instead of removing and replacing over the new clear coat. I go high gloss before and after decals. - Be careful that you do not scuff through your previous layers or even the decal. Clear-Coat Over Vinyl Decal Advice on how to apply and coat a decal on a wood table top. Odds are that any lacquer in a spray can is going to be very hot and you'll need to be super cautious with it. I need to get a dull coat over the gloss I used so I could apply decals. I'm painting a part of my hood black and want to permanently apply a Monster Energy decal. This is not 100% true though, since different lacquer clear coats have different lacquer thinners. And much more! Just want to put a coat or 2 of the clear coat to ensure they stay in place permanently. Maybe the paint is too hot? You shouldn't really need a wet coat over … Hi everyone. Apply 2 medium coats with a 5 to 10 minute flash time between coats. … I am trying to learn the best method for applying clear coat over water slide tranfers. Share this post. After you have sealed the decal with thin coats you may apply a heavier coat if you want. 5. Just want to put a coat or 2 of the clear coat to ensure they stay in place permanently. Then I progress to slightly heavier coats with about half an hour flash time. Link to post Share … You didn't mention the type of clear coat you are using, but have you ruled out that the clear coat isn't compatible with the paint? ), and what is under the clear coat. Install each decal on the motorcycle or other vehicle. norcalfrank Member Posts: 1,055 August 2016 in Clear Coat Information. This is a brush-on liquid that drys very clear and Super fast. Like old ones that may crack or have cracks! - Place the sheet on a stable, dust-free surface, and hold it in place with masking tape. Here is a video on applying clear coat to decals before putting them on? When I spray with clear, I mist 3-4 coats leaving to dry approx 20 mins between coats then leave over night to spray final coat of clear and hey presto - you got it - decals peal. airbrush clear coat is okay over decals as long as it doest have alcohol. … Krylon and Mod Podge offer sealants that seal the sticker and prevent the ink from running by providing a layer of clear shellac. BUT, you MUST apply it in thin mist coats at first and wait 10 minutes between them. I tend to spray a couple of light coat and then go for a couple of wet coat. ! If you still have any questions please feel free to ask per e-mail or our contact-form. I have been told that I can spray something over the base coat to … This is also applicable for kitchen cabinets, drawers, doors, etc. Should I try to spray a couple of light coats then wait like a day and go for the wet coats? Alternative clear coats Rattle can: for sensitive decals I can only recommend the Mr Hobby Top Coat Clear (blue can) ... and at about 30 minutes to an hour you can easily apply decals. Any tips why? There are three ways that you can seal craft projects, including those with vinyl. I tried using polish, then was "sure" I removed it all before applying another layer of clearcoat. I have never had success with decals over anything but high gloss coatings. Or would I be wasting my time. Take your plaque outside and spray the entire thing, including around the edges. If you go straight on for coverage right off the start, you will absolutely melt the decals. Can you seal over vinyl? some guys I know in Texas put stickers all over their body work, then do a gac glue clear coat over it, and then airbrush clear paint over that. I'm thinking I should be able to spray clear coat over the vinyl to make sure it does not separate off of it's wooden surface. Basically he has progressed from applying the decal over the final clear coat (when he was using rattle cans to paint) to burying it deep … I need to get a dull coat over the gloss I used so I could apply decals. The description is based on the way i learned it from an automative painter. The adhesive on the sticker is water-based which will cause all kinds of application problems if the adhesive is not completely dry before applying the clear coat. However I've seen many do it with great success—for nearly 20 years! Clear coat is a transparent paint that goes over your base coat and protects it from damage and UV rays. Recently I'm struggling with wrinkles of decals when I spray a clear lacquer coat over. airbrush clear coat is okay over decals as long as it doest have alcohol. - It is easy to spray while the sheet is flat and approximately on waste height. First, glossy, dull (flat) or in between? For clear coating the finished project - apply very fine mist coats to build up a seal coat slowly before going anywhere near a wet coat. ... After each issue above, you still might end up with all kinds of fisheyes, etc. And as a plus, the stuff spreads out really well. When all weathering is complete to your satisfaction, finish off with a final flat coat to seal it all in. The best solution is to sand the tank and spray flowable filler (a sprayable body filler for finishing bodywork) over the area with the decal. The decal gets applied, then I start coating it over and over with a semi-gloss waterbased polyurethane, sanding it back down until it is level, which for the Warmoth decal is about five coats, and for the decal I have it's about three coats. 5 or 6 coats should suffice for regular race finish. And I've yet to see any major issues. I just laid it on with an airbrush straight up, with no thinning, and it went on super easy. They often lay in the decal over semi-dry paint before clear coat. Having said that, I shall now argue. Wait another 10 minutes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the modelmakers community. Whichever method you choose, it's vital that you wait 24 hours after applying the stickers before applying the clear coat (unless you use a water-based clear coat which I don't recommend). Any tips why? CLEAR COATING OVER DECALS. Repeat until there are no more edges. This has happened to me using Tamiya clear flat over non-Tamiya lacquer based acrylic paints. Any tips why? Cannot argue with success. This may result in a less shiny surface, but by using a rubbing compound you can easilly polish the final coat to what ever level of shine you prefer. - Despite the fact a lot of clear coatings are  acrylic/water-based, the spray contains solvents and are still harmfull to human and nature. March 9, 2009. I actually did test this clear coat on the cap of the Tamiya Spray Can with a decal attached, and it didn't react poorly at all. Are you sure those are water-slide decals?