The Overlook’s cook, Dick Hallorann, arrives to help Wendy and Danny after the latter reaches out to him through “the shining”, but is ambushed and killed by Jack. In King's novel, the Overlook's boiler explodes at the end of the story because Jack failed to maintain it, which means the hotel is destroyed with him inside. It was great. i watched the shining a while ago. The novel ends with Danny and Wendy spending the summer at a resort in Maine where Hallorann works as head chef. After being freed from the kitchen pantry by Grady’s ghost, Jack (whose sanity was already shattered by that point) goes after Wendy and Danny, axe in hand. When Wendy finds Danny after he enters room 237, he’s in shock and physically injured, and Wendy immediately blames Jack for it as he has hurt their son before. The truth is almost four decades later there’s still a lot to be said about The Shining. One reason the Overlook's management will likely have to make changes is the shifting media landscape in 1980, the in which the film was released and (presumably) is set. It's not a movie with a serious message.". This could mean a few things. The Overlook is built on the sacred lands of Native Americans slaughtered by white expansion, and blood continues to spill there. Now that Wendy has lived out her own horror film, perhaps she'd like to tell that story publicly? Don’t talk about your five-year-old. Most road signs will reflect long before you can read them. Over the years, The Shining has spawned some of the most elaborate and bizarre fan theories you'll ever hear about any film. RELATED: The Shining Has An Alternate Ending You Will NEVER See. Dan is ultimately able to resist his father, and by the end of the film, the hotel is destroyed for good. For nearly 40 years now, The Shining has reigned as one of the most acclaimed and terrifying horror films ever made. Wendy and Danny escape relatively unscathed. Caretaker murders, Indian burial grounds, and all the cycles and mirror images in the film suggest that the Overlook is a place where history repeats itself, and Jack was always meant to be a part of that. Movies. Don’t look at the clock. and then he's making out with that funky lady in the bathtub. The dog/sexual abuse interpretation hasn’t been confirmed by those involved in the film, so it’s up to each viewer if they accept it or not. Wendy defends herself with a knife and slashes Jack’s arm, causing him to retreat. This is all covered in King's novel Doctor Sleep, the official sequel to The Shining (which will be getting a film of its own in 2020). ... Don't hurt me! That doesn't mean the ghosts are gone, though, as the film also confirms that they can still find the people who visited them if given enough time. Perhaps the hotel will invest in more snowcats and have people trade off the job throughout the off-season. These fans can't believe that a detail-oriented filmmaker like Kubrick would leave any single object or moment to chance, so it all had to be part of a larger meaning. If you watch The Shining all the way through, get to that final shot of Jack in the photo, and then rewatch it, you will notice something that particularly stands out about the Overlook. Wendy and Danny lock themselves in the bathroom, and Wendy sends Danny through the window. That's what makes the … Meanwhile, Wendy runs through the hotel looking for her son. The main concern of black people right now isn’t whether they’re standing three or six feet apart, but whether their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers will be murdered by cops. He will be looking for others who can shine, whether consciously or not, and he will eventually try to find out how many of them have had similar experiences to his own. Wendy sees Danny injured and immediately thinks it was Jack, because he's hurt their son before. NEXT: How Doctor Sleep Is A (VERY) Different Movie To The Shining. Maybe ... or maybe we're just reading too much into a super creepy photo. "The Shining" came to a close with Jack freezing to death after getting lost in a maze outside the hotel, while Wendy and Danny were able to make their escape in a snow cat. This is one of the scenes that are unique to the film (along with the Grady twins) and one that has received a number of interpretations. If Jack was indeed a reincarnation of a past guest, and he was indeed always in the photo, how long will it be before someone — either accidentally or as part of their own research — notices him there? But there are other folks who don't know it or don't believe it. Driving at 60 mph, you cover 88 ft/sec. Kubrick shot things all kinds of ways, but he never shot a version of the ending like in his script or the book. Don't worry man. Edit: It has now been explained but feel free to give your interpretations or have a discussion! To do that, he reworked parts of King's novel so that the Overlook Hotel could still be standing, as it was in Kubrick's film world. Any child can see that. Of course, at the very end of the film, when Jack Torrance pops up in that old-timey photograph, his pose looks kinda familiar — you know, like the image of Baphomet, a deity long associated with the devil and Satanism. The Overlook's mythology is simply kept too vague for us to be sure, but it's very possible that Ullman isn't telling Jack everything he really knows about the place. What happens to Wendy and Danny after that is unknown (in the film, at least), although a deleted scene featured them in a hospital, recovering both physically and mentally from everything they went through at the hotel. Wendy finally finds enough strength to survive Jack's physical attacks and escape with Danny (Danny Lloyd) in the snowcat at the end of the film. So, stay out of Room 237. We have no way of knowing what direction Wendy's life will take from here, but Jack does indicate early in the film that she's a "confirmed ghost story and horror film addict." Finally, I don't believe it was terribly scary, not the way Pet Semetary is (to me at least). The Shining novel, however, has a very different ending, and one that even made way for a sequel: Doctor Sleep. One of the most memorable scenes from The Shining is the blood coming out from the elevator. Best The Shining Quotes. The abuse part of the story is both physical and psychological: both Wendy and Danny are clearly scared of Jack, even before the hotel’s influence took control of him, and yet they stayed with him.