Place in Saudi Arabia where Prophet Musa (AS) Lived for 10 Years November 18, 2020 Prophet Musa AS (Christians know him as … However, the Quran and Sunnah are old texts that did not anticipate the issues of modern society. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Muhammad, Quran, Islam and the Sharia Law.The country that most strictly applies the Sharia law is also Saudi Arabia, which does not have a parallel civil legal code: Shari a is the de facto Constitution of Saudi Arabia.. Shari a is enforced in Saud i Arab ia by muttawa, its religious police that seeks out … During the time of the Holy Prophet and later during the Guided Caliphate after the death of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, many ambassadors from non-Muslim states came to Madina. Sh. It is true that Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars on beneficial Islamic projects to convince millions of shallow and uninformed Muslims inside and outside the country that it represents authentic, true Islam. They cannot think straight. Not just IslamQA but anything relalted to Najdi/Wahabis is cursed. All those who are supporting IslamQA are wahabis or wanna be wahabis. Thus, additional Islamic legal rulings, the fatwa, provides a means for making a judgment on acts and behaviors not clearly described or spelled out in the Quran and Sunnah.A fatwa is a legal pronouncement handed … Many people ask questions why is it haram and where in Quran or Hadith it is prohibited? Is IslamQA really banned in Saudi Arabia? In Islam, non-Muslims and Hindus are only barred from entering Mecca and not Madina as mentioned in Surah Tauba in the Quran. Tampons are the women's product for the sanitization purposes, but it is labeled Haram in Islam. 6 Answers. Today the commission is blocking a well known web site of Islam Question and Answer (islamqa… Favorite Answer. There is no 2nd opinion that Wahabis are devoid of Intellect. After blocking two Islamic blogs (,*) and an Islamic portal ( in march. So, at these new concerts, men and women have to sit in different sections and are banned … Even a 4 years old has better understanding than the biggest scholar of a Wahabi Cult. Answer Save. Its legal system is a mixture of Islamic, Egyptian and Napoleonic. Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti has ruled that chess is forbidden in Islam, saying it encourages gambling and is a waste of time. Update 3: @Enlighten - what does it say? Anonymous. But ever since a new crown prince came to power in Saudi Arabia in June 2017, he has been working with authorities to loosen restrictions around leisure activities. Relevance. That said, authorities don’t want things to get too out of hand. Update 2: i was thinking the same, I didn't know the word sheeple existed, cool. For this reason, the country issued a law forbid anyone from giving fatwa and that fatwa should be taken only from the responisble fatwa authority i.e. Update: Then why do so many people trust that site? So This is the answer to their question It seems like the Communication and Information Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia have no mercy for Islamic sites lately. Munjid is very respected Shaykh in KSA. 9 years ago. Saudi Supreme Court calls on Muslims to sight the crescent Posted by: Editor in Fact Check , Moon Sighting , News , News Views , Sha'ban 23/05/2017 0 The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has called on Muslims in its jurisdictions to go out to sight the crescent of the sacred month of Ramadan, in an … However, the kingdom started to witness very odd Fatwa from unknown and known "shaykhs". Yemen does not enforce zakat nor does it ban usury. the Lanjah al-Da'imah. If so why?