Support DLT. Kaiser’s family are extremely grateful to DRA for finding him a home where he is learning to relax and in time we hope will know that he is loved and safe. When DRA attended to his vet work, the vet commented on the fact that Louie was besotted with his new Mum, as well as no longer requiring any medication for anxiety. He has now been welcomed into his new home and made the transition with no drama. We have been doing rescue for over 27 years and have rescued 5,000 dachshunds and counting! (ACT), Willow is a fun loving girl who is thriving on affection and snuggles with her family. This young lady was extremely anxious and her days were less than relaxing as she barked and paced all day. (Vic). Gorgeous Zephie was finding life challenging with the increasing changes in his life, from children arriving and then work hours increasing so that he was becoming very anxious when left alone. The young dachshunds reign of terror is over. His face is full of joy, which we think says it all. Thankfully for Chester, this affectionate standard boy has joined an owner who has lots of time and love to give, after her previous older rescue has passed away. In the words of their new human mother “Penny and Lenny show lots of love and affection toward each member of our family. Zen has absolutely changed our family. These two have found a new home together where they have fitted in like a glove. Unfortunately dachshunds  quite often don’t tolerate little people very well and a number are rehomed for this reason. (NSW). We are so grateful to families who take on further training and also give the dogs the valuable time to settle in. Pippa was sorely missing her mate so she and Mum and Dad did a 5 hour car trip to go and meet Sally and off she went home with them! Some of these rescue Dachshunds have a history of nipping/biting children or have a history of being aggressive with other dogs or cats. So one good way to get them to be an obedient and trained dog is using dog treats. Home. Dachshund Rescue of Houston Web Site at RescueGroups Until there are none, save one. We do charge an adoption fee to the new owners. Her former owner is thrilled to see Frankie thriving once again. VIC, Chester came to DRA after the old family dog didn’t enjoy having a young dachshund to share his home with. Poppy’s family moved from a country property to city living and subsequently discovered that they were legally entitled to only two dogs in their household. (NSW), Frosty faced Rocky, aged 13 years old, has been welcomed with love into a comfortable home offering a semi-rural lifestyle in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. 2 year old Bella’s Mum had to go into a nursing home so Bella’s aunty asked us to help find her a home where she could be happy and loved. We met with both the owner and Jo of DRA and of course Zen. (Vic), Sadly Hugo and Millie were finding life with a newborn stressful and had become extremely protective of the baby. Member Login. Like all dachshunds, the long haired dachshund has a long lifespan for a dog. Everyone’s circumstances understandably change from time to time. She’s been adopted by her foster carer, who recently had to go away overnight but just had to facetime her “girl” as she missed her so much! It was apparent that Ollie was a very indulged dachshund and extremely well cared for. Arnold is now living on a farm where he is the one and only inside pet. Mini dachshund puppies for sale: You have searched far and wide for a puppy this amazing and it seems that your search has finally ended. Please note that shop purchases are shipped on Monday and Thursday each week. When Maisie’s owner relocated to busy Sydney, Maisie wasn’t too impressed. It was with a sad and heavy heart that her owner made the selfless decision to rehome her. Hugo and Millie’s new owners were finding life very lonely after their elderly long haired girl had passed away. Max has now landed on all four paws in his new home and loves taking his family for walks. This ball driven boy has a lovely nature and has well and truly slotted in straightaway with his new brother, who had recently lost his partner in crime, and warmed to Louie immediately. He is a happy boy who enjoys bush walks, spending time with his adoring family and being thoroughly spoilt! Sadly Lily is Deaf and her sight may be compromised further down the line and she certainly doesn’t see as well in the evening. Best of all , Rocky always has the human companionship he craves. Hurricane Audrey now has a home with an owner who is home during the day to keep her company and Audrey recently celebrated her 1st birthday in her new home. In view of this, adoption forms will only be kept on the system for 6 months. Southern California Dachshund Relief Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corp that has been rescuing needy dachshunds around Southern, Central and Northern California since 1994! (NSW). Fortunately his now new owners are thankfully committed to his rehabilitation. NSW. Cheek of her! Jemimah and Remley have been working on their manners and a visit from the dog trainer who has given them homework to make them the best they can be. Besotted with balls, the local pet store has a steady supply ready for Jimi when he visits! (NSW), Millie had been acting up and barking at all hours of the day in order to get the attention that she craved, but with a small child and a new baby on the way there was very little time left in the day to spend with Millie. All gifts to Little Paws goes directly to help abandoned or surrendered dachshunds. Their true personalities are shining through. DRA has been helping rescue and privately rehome dachshunds across Australia since 2009 2020 At 11 years old, Sally the black and tan found herself homeless. (NSW), Loveable Lenny’s new owners are ‘besotted’ with him and even the resident cat has succumbed to his charms. Millie has been adopted by a lovely family of six who had thought long and hard about which breed of dog would be most suited to their home. Since arriving home Bhlue did need to learn a few housekeeping rules but being the smart and loving boy that he is it didn’t take long at all. Appearance & Needs of the Dachshund. This once timid girl is loving life with daily walks and lots of exploring. List Your Pets. Schlau Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds is a small select kennel that has specialised in the breeding and showing of this variety for 30years with in excess of thirty Australian and International Champions. DRA looks forward to seeing Harry flourish with his experienced dachshund owners. Won't you consider Adopting, Fostering, Donating, or Volunteering so we … (NSW), Gloomy by name but not by nature, is a sweet eight year standard dachshund who was a loved companion of a young couple. He enjoys visiting our work places and has improved so much. His new owners report that it feels like Sparky has been with them forever. Heidi can now enjoy her new life with human company and exploring the neighbourhood out on her walks. Bella has now joined a family where she has a young dachshund brother, Wal, to enjoy life with. Archie was definitely a challenge for DRA but we are proud to say that this little boy is finally home. Ollie is very impressed that in a short space of time he already had his new Dad at the pet store stocking up on his favourite treats! (VIC), When the elderly owner of these adorable seniors required nursing home care, Julie stepped forward as a foster carer and welcomed Nicky and Stella into her home. He’ll be two next month and he’s full of beans. As Hugo was also a rescue of ours who had been around the block before going to his current home, we needed to help Hugo and of course his Mum who was devastated by the loss of Ruby too. (WA). This delightful duo have brought their zest for living to a family of four who longed to hear the patter of dachshund paws once more in their home. Chip is now enjoying life with both a new dachshund brother and sister and the three of them are never far from each other’s sight. As Poppy’s other two companions were a bonded pair, her owner decided Poppy should have an opportunity to find a safe, caring new home. Dachshund Rescue Australia is a volunteer-run, registered charity that rescues & privately rehomes Dachshunds (Sausage Dog, Wiener Dog, Doxie). Liverpool. Dachshund Rescues that offer long haired Dachshunds for adoption as well as all other types are generally not for profit organizations with the purpose to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Dachshunds in need. (Brisbane), After her owner needed to go into aged care and sadly losing her older dachshund brother, Celine was a little bit shell shocked on arrival in her new home. Dismiss, Dive straight into the feedback!Login below and you can start commenting using your own user instantly, Rehome Dachshunds across Australia | Dachshund Rescue Australia, page-template-default,page,page-id-400,theme-bridge,bridge-core-2.4.5,woocommerce-demo-store,woocommerce-no-js,tribe-no-js,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,qode_grid_1300,footer_responsive_adv,columns-4,qode-child-theme-ver-17.2.1600077732,qode-theme-ver-23.0,qode-theme-bridge,qode_header_in_grid,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.4.2,vc_responsive, DRA has been helping rescue and privately rehome dachshunds across Australia since 2009. Hi, it’s Bobby here. His new Mum has confirmed that he’s the perfect match and he’s found his forever home. (VIC). Filter. When he’s not out and about he and Alifie have a garden to run around in and lots of toys to share. A nice lady at DRA said I needed to cut down on my treats and lose about 3 kg of weight. With the help of Amber Lutrell, they decided it was time to step in. as dachshunds need to keep their trim figures. Stubborn, intelligent and funky like all dachshunds. He hasn’t put a paw out of place since moving in with his new owners and they fell in love with their boy from day one. Audrey enjoys  many hours in the company of her humans, daily walks, family hikes and fun activities. We adore him. After moving to Canberra to take up a new job, Audrey’s owner painfully acknowledged that twelve hours ‘home alone’ was not the life she wanted for her much loved girl. I love him to bits.” (Vic), Winston’s separation anxieties and over protectiveness of his family are now far behind him and he has settled into his new home with amazing ease. Frankie is a beautiful standard boy with a sensitive nature. There is usually someone at home and he also has a new friendly staffy x sister called Luna who was a shelter dog. Louie now has a younger brother to play with, a big green backyard and an owner who is home based. To be honest we had all but given up on getting a Dachshund due to Covid, BYBs and the ever increasing $$$$ wanted for them but to my surprise 5 1/2 weeks ago whilst cleaning my house on a Sunday afternoon, I received a call regarding re-homing a Dachshund that same day. Harry is relishing having someone to fetch his ball, a selection of enrichment toys, the lick mat and snuffle rug are a big hit. We’re so happy to say that Hallie has done exceptionally well the last few months, she’s walked daily which is something that was missing from her past life, she has a lovely sunny terraced backyard to sunbake in, is being showered with love and has Ninja the cat for 4 legged company. Little Paws Dachshund Rescue PO Box 175 Fruitland, MD 21826. Sam and Max love finding nice sunny spots and lazing around in the sun with each other. It’s great as everyone cheers when I do. Rocco in turn has shown Henry that it’s OK to be left alone every now and then and that sleeping together in the doggy bed rather than the human bed is almost just as good. Our adults used in our program live with our family when they are not being shown. (NSW), In March this year our gorgeous Pixie (daschy) passed after 14 wonderful years with us. It didn’t take long for Millie to settle in to her new home and she has fast been promoted to being the most popular member of the family. Let us search for you! Astrid, the resident dachshund is, at the moment, not too sure of the new arrival joining her on the sofa for cuddles, but it is good fun having a brother to play tug of war with and having a walking buddy. With one of them being an avid bike rider they’re looking forward to when Frankie is going to joining her in her bike trailer. (VIC). FAQ. We look forward to hearing about Archie in the years to come. He had a short stay with a foster carer while his behaviour was observed to find the type of home he was going to need. Please note that shop purchases are shipped on Monday and Thursday each week. Chip is happily sleeping at the end of his new owners bed at night and once again receiving the attention and love that he deserves. Florida Dachshund Rescue. We are extremely grateful to homes that welcome senior dachshunds making their twilight years memorable and treasured. Thanks to the public’s generosity we had applications came in from all over the country to adopt him. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with all our latest news, events and products. Look at pictures of Dachshund puppies who need a home. Thank you Julie for providing such a lovely home that Stella and Nicki can enjoy in their golden years. Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. He is truly living the ‘good life’ NSW, Jojo spent all his four years struggling with separation anxiety but has found a peaceful haven with a new owner who is able to give him the undivided attention he craves. (NSW, Thomas is a lovable dachshund who had found himself needing a new home rather desperately and through no fault of his own. During the first few weeks, Wal enjoyed showing Bella the run of the land and now Bella has taken over as the “lady of the house”. Thank you to Archie’s previous owners and foster carers who helped us to work out Archie’s needs and most of all thank you to his new owners who have been so patient and understanding. Look at pictures of Dachshund puppies who need a home. “All is going well and we love Ollie very much, the boys enjoy daily walks and Ollie likes his sunbathing and naps on our terrace”. So the selfless decision was made to re-home Audrey. After being separated from family and being put in kennels, Chester has taken his time to feel secure and at ease but visiting extended family over Christmas he had cocker spaniels to bond with which has also helped him to cope. I have gone to live with my new Mum and Dad in WA and I love them. Filter. Purebred Miniature Dachshund Puppies A litter of 5, born on the 16th December. Lizzie - Welwyn Garden City. We rescue these dogs to prevent them from being euthanized by placing them in a quiet and stable environment. DRA provides the service of rehoming dachshunds free of charge. Millie is very vocal and loves to perform a song and dance when anyone in the family returns home. They love their walks, playing with our son who is 5, they follow him everywhere and try and sneak into bed with him all the time and they love cuddles and curling up while I work at home. Daily walks were out of the question as Maisie would put her brakes on and ended up having to be carried as she was so nervous. His new owners have said that it’s so hard to believe that Buddy has only been with them for a couple of weeks as it seems that he has always been their adorable little dog. Username: Password: Remember Me. It was not long before Nicki and Stella wiggled their way into Julie’s heart and they became permanent family members. Walks every morning, cuddles, tummy rubs, plenty of laps to flake out on, hours of playtime chasing balls, two new dachshund brothers and most of all his new owners home majority of the day have just about ticked every box on Archie’s list of needs. We are able to rescue and re-home dogs entirely through our foster network. Please make a note to remember to resubmit your form if you still wish to be considered. With the arrival of this gorgeous pair their house is once again a home filled with all the fun and delights that dachshunds bring. Frankie, a female dachshund, had recently lost her buddy Schnitzel and was pining away for him. The pair love a good wrestle on the couch, playing chasey around the house and sun-baking together. In my intense grief stage I put my name down on a list to foster or adopt a dachshund as my heart was so broken and I got comfort that, though unlikely, that if one day a beautiful daschy needed us we would be there. Adopted! ® Find home for an animal Alerts Get Alerts. Dachshunds come in many shades of red. Although it was a difficult decision to rehome Frankie, he had started to get grumpy with the inquisitive toddler in the home and could not be trusted anymore. He is an enthusiastic walker and happily seeks out humans to say hello to and dogs to play with. Henry had always been a timid dachshund after suffering from a severe heart murmur from birth which has required expensive surgery. Mum meanwhile has gained a new shadow! Even though Henry is the smaller of the two, he has grown in confidence showing his new big brother the ropes and leading the way on their walks. He has now been adopted to a very loving home where his owners adore everything about him. Show All; Female; Male; Urgent; Change Location. Kat is a petite dachshund who is now learning the joys of living in a home as opposed to kennels. DONATE. Boone however had a different plan and used his sweet affectionate nature to snare himself a place in his rescuer’s heart and family. Her new parents have owned dachshunds and rescues in the past and are absolutely smitten with her. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to … The dachshunds soon decided that being two was much better than being one, and began to play together and have fun. Daily walks to the beach is another highlight of Frankie’s day as is having company throughout the day to put this once anxious dachshund at ease. Well, Bella with her beautiful nature managed to ingratiate herself into a family with two dachshund boys, a human Mum and Dad and it didn’t take any of them long to fall in love with this gentle girl. (NSW). Copyright 2019 Dachshund Rescue Australia | Website designed and donated by:, Thank you very much for your essential support! So gorgeous Gloomy displayed her charms and has secured a place with a loving family. Luckily for Gloomy a local family with just the right credentials were seeking a loveable standard girl. (NSW), Frankie has well and truly established herself in her new home. Lily has settled in and loves to have visits from their grandson and friends that visit the home. They play non-stop, crash out together and then it’s playtime again and again and again! Louie is a sensitive 5 year old who was extremely lonely and suffered separation anxiety. What a difference a week  can make in a dachshund’s life. Fortunately for all concerned, a family found out that Sally was off to the pound and contacted DRA offering to help until we could sort out a home for her. Why buy a Dachshund puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Vip Member. This is a positive way to train them, but remember, you need to have patience. These puppies will be micro-chipped, wormed, vet checked and will be ready for... Dam - (Joy) Purebred Miniature Dachshund. I specialize in Piebald, extreme piebald and Dapple Dachshunds, I will probably have some good old fashioned Reds or Black and Tans on occasion too. All adoption fees go towards rehoming costs including veterinary care that some dachshunds require such as vaccinations and de sexing. Find Cats. I have short hairs, long hairs and in the future will probably have some wire hairs. Whilst Lily does have a wonderful home, it is not fair on a dog to be born both deaf and blind, but being bred due to “colour” demand. Shopping Partners. Although Lenny suffers from periodic bouts of gastritis, Nurse Jess is at hand to comfort and take care of him. George is a 16 month old energetic young man that loves the company of humans. In doing this, we also help to improve the lives of those who adopt our rescues. Posted 3 days ago . (VIC). After a complete vet check he was placed with an equine vet who is constantly on the road visiting her patients and wanted a companion by her side. After becoming snappy and generally unhappy it was clear that Chip needed to be rehomed. Adoption Info. We had a foster fail as we decided to adopt after week 1. In addition Buddy has his own dog park (aka the enormous backyard) to share with invited, well behaved canine guests. Now that she is settling in she will soon start to go to work with dad during the day, but in the meantime she enjoys being with the children at home and chasing the cat. We strive to produce structurally correct, heathy, long lived dachshunds full of personality. (VIC). Answering all questions with as much information as possible makes it easier for us to identify homes which will suit a particular dachshund. Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. She has  two acres of lovely gardens to wander around and discover, with every day something different to smell. She was also elated when she got the phone call asking if this 5 year old could come and share her home. Sometimes life circumstances change, living arrangements alter and new homes must be found. At the beginning of June, I got that call, would we be interested in supporting a brother and sister needing rehoming? It was decided that he needed to be rehomed sooner rather than later so that he could be safely settled into his new home before the arrival of the removalists. Adopt | Dachshund Rescue Australia. Binky’s owner was unable to give him the time and attention that this lovely natured boy needed. Their new owners are smitten with them and they have helped to heal the space left behind from their last beloved dachshund, Zorro. Willow has a new canine companion; a chilled out pug who is showing her how to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and beach walks! Please help us on our mission to find our rescues forever homes! Luke is living the good life with two walks a day, his owners at home majority of the time and he has a lovely warm bed inside with plenty of blankets to burrow under. Let us email you when there are new pet listings that match your search criteria! When they’re not out exploring, or getting cuddles they can be found tearing around the house playing chasey. She is extremely happy to share her home with Binky, but not her bed just yet. Foster. These dogs complete our family in ways that we couldn’t imagine – they are a dream come true twice, and we are infinitely grateful for them.”. Harry is a fearful dachshund that needs to learn skills to settle into an environment where he can feel calm seeing other dogs. About Us. Dash stepped in to try and help Frankie overcome her grief and we’re pleased to say he’s filled that spot and marking the house has become a habit of the past! Schlau Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds is a small select kennel that has specialised in the breeding and showing of this variety for 30years with in excess of thirty Australian and International Champions. 12 year old Hallie and Baxter were both surrendered to DRA in a very poor condition. Home Animals About Us Contact Us: Email Page to Friend. They foster, evaluate, treat and re-home purebred and mixed Dachshunds. They are both 15 years old so we know we don’t have a long time with them but they have given us a lot of joy in 3 weeks than we have felt in a long time. DAD’S WEIGHT: 10 – 12 LBS. Unfortunately Bella’s back legs have been bent out and the vet seems to think this is due to the weight that she has been carrying around. The most common colors for this kind of dachshund are various shades of red, wild boar, and black and tan. During the day there are lots of carer laps to sit on, and whilst they’re very good with pleadings looks, they are ignored! He isn’t fazed by the cats who live in the home as he was brought up with cats and as his new owner has said, Binky is everyone’s friend including children, bringing harmony to the home. Russell enjoys at least two walks a day and everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him tell him that he is a beautiful boy. Show All; Female; Male; Urgent; Change Location. He’s had a few indiscretions with toilet training but fortunately his dachshund loving owners are happy to work on it as with his lovely personality he’s very good at sharing his new Mum and Dad with all the animals and visitors. He has an experienced dachshund savvy owner who understands what an old boy needs; a warm lap to snuggle on, an interesting rambling country garden filled with tantalising smells together with hearty meals and titbits. At 11 years old, Sally the black and tan found herself homeless. They have both enrolled in the local obedience club to teach Audrey puppy skills and manners, and this together with regular play dates with her new found pug friend is certainly keeping her busy! It took Frankie a few days to get used to the new daily activities with the frequent coming and goings. Audrey is proving an absolute delight to her owner who is relishing having this sweet dachshund to keep her company. Thank you Bella’s new family for doing all you are to help Bella become the dachshund she should be.(Vic). Thank you to Jo Tetlow and Dachshund Rescue. NOAH – 14 MONTHS – DOUBLE DAPPLE – LONG HAIR MALE DOB 27/09/19. Playing ball is high on his list of favourite activities and luckily there are four adults in the home who are willing to oblige and play with him. Archie was a young puppy left at home with no company for long days making him sad. SA. They were subsequently rewarded when in only a matter of days Buddy rolled onto his back to allow them to give him a belly rub! After receiving the call that we were going to have a meet and greet with Zen in our home we were very excited. Rescue Me! We are an entirely volunteer based 501(c)(3) organization whose sole purpose is to bring the breed we love, Dachshunds, together with loving forever families. To begin with she was on such high alert that she barked when the fridge motor came on. (NSW), Freya’s new family did a day’s drive there and back to collect this little girl and have not been disappointed with their decision to adopt her. Max’s owner had to make a selfless decision to rehome her 3 loved dachshunds so it made sense for Max to go and meet Sam to see what they thought of each other. Many experts are of the opinion that this kind of […] Dismiss, Dive straight into the feedback!Login below and you can start commenting using your own user instantly, page-template-default,page,page-id-31635,theme-bridge,bridge-core-2.4.5,woocommerce-demo-store,woocommerce-no-js,tribe-no-js,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,qode_grid_1300,footer_responsive_adv,columns-4,qode-child-theme-ver-17.2.1600077732,qode-theme-ver-23.0,qode-theme-bridge,qode_header_in_grid,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.4.2,vc_responsive, Fill out the form to start adoption process. (WA), The gorgeous Rosie is now living on a beautiful vineyard in the Barossa. (Qld). Her new family absolutely adore their beautiful new addition and can’t believe they waited so long to adopt. Anyway my Mum and Dad listened to her, so I have already lost a bit of weight and I go to the vets every so often to stand on the scales. We were the lucky chosen family who had the pleasure of meeting Chorizo a few hours later and how are lives have changed since then. Please select CTDR as your AmazonSmile charitable organization and then shop knowing that each purchase helps us rescue dachshunds in need. Jojo lives a predictable life with clear boundaries and is responding well to the new regime. Rosie has a number of laps that she can snuggle up on and she likes to share her love evenly amongst the family. Such was the situation for youngsters Halley and Herb but fortunately a wonderful new life was awaiting them. Whilst out walking, he was lunging at people, trying to climb their legs and barking at any other dogs he came across so it was not a pleasant or fun experience for everyone involved.