May or may not have been Jewish JOSEPHOVITCH Abraham 100 Hanbury Street, Stepney St. Bartholomew's Stepney used to be known as Stebenheath or Stebenhythe. 2000: Modern Map: 1952: Plan from Stepney Borough Guide: 1882: Reynolds', 'London and its Suburbs' 1875: W.H. Stepney Potters Bar Emergency Hospital 15-Sep-1940 43 M Gruebel BLOOMBLATT Leah 10 Puma Court, Stepney Friern Emergency Hospital 16-Nov-1940 70 HARRIS Henry 10 Ruth House, Flower & Dean Street White Horse Lane 10-Mar-1941 16 F. Firewatcher. London Map Index. If you know any interesting object in STEPNEY GREEN (LONDON), feel free to share it with other visitors (comment using your Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account): Do you like Each map shows detail of streets, main railway lines and underground railways, along with tramways, borough and county boundaries and electric transmission lines. ISBN.978-1-84151-255-6 ; London Sheet 64.2 Stepney & Limehouse 1894 - published 2010; intro by Isobel Watson. 4.2 Bomb Census maps in HO 193. The bombs in each raid are numbered in sequence, both on the BC4 form and on the Bomb Census maps in HO 193. The map below shows Bethnal Green, situated in east central London, and the surrounding area as it was around 1940. ISBN.978-1-84784-411-8 ; London Sheet 64.3 Stepney & Limehouse 1914 - published 1986; 2nd Ed 1990, rev 1999; intro by Isobel Watson. The map also shows Stepney, Ratcliffe, Limehouse, Old Ford, Bow and Poplar. Hythe is an early word for a landing place for boats, so the name may mean ‘St Steven’s wharf’. Mar 24, 2018 - Explore Ian Dunn's board "Stepney", followed by 118258 people on Pinterest. The parish once included all the land east of the city to the River Lea and north of the Thames to Hackney. Click on the map to view a larger scale map showing the street plan and the extent of … The bomb damage map is just the latest in a treasure trove of historical maps available on Layers of London. See more ideas about old london, east end london, east london. In the early 1970s council building reached a nadir – in terms of quality – as cheap blocks were crammed into the last few available sites. Explore Tudor London, the famous 1746 John Rocque map, Victorian OS maps … TQ3482 - A (includes: Bethnal Green; Stepney) Commercial re-use restrictions on this map.. Maps home > Ordnance Survey > National Grid maps, 1940s-1960s. Smith and Sons, ' Plan of London' 1864: Wyld, 'New Map of London' 1853: Cross, 'Cross's … From 1920 there are two maps taken from Muirhead's Blue Guide to … Below is an index of the old maps of London displayed on this website, derived from the detailed maps published in 1940 by John Bartholomew and Son. Ads. Stepney Green (London, United Kingdom) on map: Anything interesting in STEPNEY GREEN? During the 1950s and 1960s Stepney’s criminal minority acquired a repu­ta­tion as small-time conmen, poor relations of the more notorious gangs in neigh­bouring Whitechapel and Bethnal Green. The map is scanned as 8 overlapping tiles. It has been dated using the railways - it shows Stepney Green station (opened 23 June 1902) but not the line from Moorgate to Finsbury Park (opened 14 February 1914). Stepney Maps Click on the date to display the map. Here are the details of maps for Stepney & Limehouse: London Sheet 64.1 Stepney & Limehouse 1870 - published 2001; intro by Isobel Watson. Discover the past of Brent on historical maps. Bomb Census maps are in HO 193. Browse by category; Find by place London (Region 5) is further divided into groups between 1940 and 1942. Each map shows approximately five square miles of a London district. Old maps of Brent on Old Maps Online.