Place a wire in the end of the fan connector and ground it to the frame/engine (with the key on). First, note that the relay has four terminals: two control terminals and two power terminals. Then refill the Coolent oil to the level and check out. If the battery is fine, might be fuel overflow. Any possible reason? make sure your radiator cooling system works. I checked coolant- fine, Took the 60 then cut across Wolf Pen Gap then back down the 129. Honda Fans not working? And carguy4sp, what color wires did you jump to check the fan bypass? If you have had problems with your engine overheating, check your radiator fan and water pump. Just because the radiator fan is not on does not mean that it is not working. Its because of malfunctioning thermostat or its not fitted properly. If not, the problem is somewhere else. If this burns out or fails, you’ll need to replace it. Cooling fan not working? Broken Fuse. It always shut off while I’m riding and can’t start it on until its engine become cool. Got it to HSC. 2006 M50 Streetrod Slashdowns, Thunder Tornado, Cobra fi2000, John's Kit forwards, 32" Drag Bars with riser spacers, Widow Pegs, ISO Grips, other misc. R25 have sitting problem not for family and also love long drive through bike around 5 to 6 hundred kms. Today morning again it happened. When the engine overheats, only 1 horn is audible. When you ride the motorcycle and Engine temperature touches 4 bars in display(approx. The Honda VTX Motorcycle Forums. Did you see more than 3 bars in the dashboard heat signal within 100km ride? So how can I do? get the fuse lid off and check the fuses first... "we, the few, the proud, the motorcyclists of the world, refuse to sit down in comfort, insulated from the environment, and run the gauntlet of life with a front row seat. And we wouldn't want it any other way." Same happened last evening. I then went to auto zone and bought a Duralast (auto) fan switch part #SW504 and installed it in the bikes radiator. The thermostat begins to open at about 180 degrees f. The fan starts up at about 260 degrees F and shuts off at anything below 250. Cbr 250 abs bike fan also continue running . my cbr 150r its got very heat. I guess the battery is dead. It’s working fine. If it does, replace the sensor. Might be wiring issue ad well. Checked fuses. The radiator fan fuse (#57) does not supply power to the radiator fan when the temp is low (below 199F or so) and the AC is on. To my surprise the coolant was fine. If it seems like a failure immediately make it done. replace the thermostat and check if your problem persists. Three bars are optimum. 3 Bars is the average temperature of riding condition. and smell also coming can u tell me its problem in radiator or fan reply me. ( Log Out /  My CBR 150 is about 2 year old and since 10-12 days after riding for about 4-5 kms the temperature gauge went 2-3 normal and radiator connection work properly also but,engine heating very hard .Pls.suggest me why it’s heating hard. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Hi sir, I don’t know what’s the problem of my bike, when I was in heavy traffic my temp is still reach full bar even my radiator fan is continuous working, and because of that my coolant makes to overflow. Keep your engine ON , If its working that’s cool, if not check temperature, rev up your engine and see again. FAST 'N FREE. This time again I let it cool and got the oil changed and coolant checked. Now I’m having problem with my CBR 150r. Unhook the fan connector at the sensor, at the radiator. . Wait for couple of days and watch it you see the smoke regularly. If it gives white smoke and awkward smell, your gasket might be leaking engine oil and thus, while engine is hot, the leaked oil burns and smells awkward. It happens only when I am stuck in a jam. Fan starts working on 3rd bar but not immediately. From ottawa, to utah, through the arctic circle 2009, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Change\upgrade engine oil properly. hello sir, got myself Honda CBR150R 2016 model red black and done some 3200 km. A wiring issue. Just a week back started having very bad smell from the right side of the bike from where the radiator is, not from the engine place but from blow the handle bar. If your temp bar reaches full level, it means something is wrong with sensing the temperature. Repeat this in one minute interval for few times and she must start. ( Log Out /  replaced relay, checked fuse and checked fan motors. If the motor fails the blades will not be able to spin or generate air flow. Hey Akshay, if temp bar is always normal, your radiator might have some blocks. I felt a burnt smell from the radiator.and smokes too after the 1st service os done. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 27, 2017. i have a 1986 Intruder 700 and just recently as i was sitting at a stop light my temp light popped on. because most often these type of complaints are registered what could be the reason.should the radiator be protected from dust and slush? Once the temperature goes low it will automatically switch off the fan. If it does, the temp sensor is the problem. There are springs within the fan clutch that can wear out or corrode over the years. If there’s an issue with the relay, the fan will be affected. And check radiator fan operates or not after several Kms. is the leading motorcycle forum for news, specs, reviews and discussions, including road and sport, classic and dirt bikes. Now I’m having problem with my CBR 150r. ( Log Out /  2. Clean the Coolent take and Coolent pipes with radiator cleaner solution which they should have. If necessary, a replacement relay costs around $20.There are three ways to check for a bad terminal. Pull the connector off the radiator fan switch and short it out with a paper clip. I stopped the bike and let it cool and it worked fine. But I observed the following in all 3 instances: Your wiring person might have accidentally faulted the thermostat. 1. Number of kilometers you ride on a week ? It may cause the fan to cut in and out, or not come on at all. Model mounts in front of the radiators also need to be accounted for while setting up the fan in the motorcycle. how to replace coolant… tnx, Take your ride to service center. Your car's radiator holds coolant fluid for the motor to ensure that the motor doesn't overheat. If it reaches fourth bar, its on extreme high temperature. There was just a post on this just a little while ago on the M50 board. Replace sprocket. Yes, It is totally ok. This is mountain roads with lots of twisteys, and elevation changes, I gave it a good run, non-stop and my fan only came on once. G my fan is not working I have drives for more than 10-15 m what will be the problem bro, Drive more than 10 kms and see if it’s working. This part cost $19.99 plus tax and saved me about $110 from the dealer wanted. But is it normal to reach 4 bars in the thermostat for just an 8 minute drive and I was driving slow due to traffic conditions? Like the radiator, the heater core acts by … Today I didn’t stop when the guage showed all bars, as soon as I hit empty roads, engine went back to 3 bars within a few mins. hi friend. Please help. So you will get all the updates on upcoming articles, updates and giveaways. By default the radiator fan will be off. 3 Posts . it depends on all these reasons. How fast you usually ride ? The radiator fan under the seat is not coming on, the manual said to check a few things. But it shouldn’t cross 3 bars at all. Pls help me to solve this problem.. Hi, Apologies for the late reply. Can i fix it? whats your expectation on mileage ? My cbr 250 r had same problem of heating and fan not working. does it reads full level ? Free shipping on many items ... 2003 2004 2005 YAMAHA R6 RADIATOR FAN RIGHT *WORKING* $47.00. Ive hooked up a multimeter to the connector and it shows a reading of 14.5 volts when the tempature gets over 215 but the motor wont start working. Take it to the workshop. The article was a great help to me. If yes, problem with the thermostat. Keep your baby clean and lubricated well. The gasket could be burning from the heat thats why you smell it. I guess there will be some loose connections in your motorcycle fan. Hi , Any ideas? Fan malfunctioning is rarest case. But in 3rd bar it doesn’t start the radiator fan.Is it ok? They are designed to only run when needed. Which is your favorite 150cc – 200cc sports bike in india . If the radiator fan is not working, it’s a serious problem. Guys, I’m happy to write here, I want to take this to next level. If fourth bar started to appear on the screen, the radiator fan will start to operate, sometime it works on 3 bars too. since the engine cant go to that high temperatures any normal riding. What could be reason for the burnt smell from the radiator could you pls explain collegues said that due to block in radiator will cause this type of smell.i have got it just a month ago. may be your thermostat failed and it is the device which reads temperature and converts it into readable data. Hi It is normal. I felt there is a problem in cooling and the radiator fan was not working in CBR 150R. Then it goes to high speed with 12v to it. Trail Tech 732-FN9 Yamaha YZ250FX YZ450FX Digital Motorcycle Radiator Fan Kit. 4. And how do you tell if a fan switch is bad ? Sir i got delivery of brand new cbr250r and i rode it to home from showroom about 20kms continously, when riding i could feel burning smel and heavy heat from engine when i went home engine had been heated so much tat it would even catch fire, the heat continued for other 2hours In Engine HAS THE ENGINE DAMAGED?? What’s your riding style ? That piece of information surprised me a LOT, because I ONLY hear the fan turn ON when the temp's display hits 217F (103C). when your temperature bar goes to 3 bars and after a while your radiator fan should start blowing air out. A few weeks ago it was about 80 and I ran the Suches loop. Jim. Get the best deals on Motorcycle Fans & Fan Parts for Yamaha when you shop the largest online selection at She will fly like a Owl. Hey i want buy a vehical for long life and now i am 31 year old and love bikes first of all consfuse to buy bike i love cbr the beautifull name but as per redading coments on google and honda mechnic confused to buy i dont want to buy r15 but if problem in n cbr150 so my next option is r15. if it goes 4 bars, its problem. If fan is not working than check for fan relay switch. If it’s not working, the fan won’t turn on when it needs to, which means the engine might overheat. If it touches 4th bar, then you gotta worry. Because I have not listened the working of radiator fan except when I switch ON the ignition. 3. If it doesn't, the fan is the culprit. ... 99 R1 radiator fan not working. Engine doesn’t have to be on, if the engines hot enough and the ignition is on, the radiator fan works. Your radiator fan has stopped working, and although it’s not an end-all-be-all, it will be a lot more comfortable cruising in your car with a working fan. 6 Posts . Defective fan relay. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The radiator fan switch relay may not be supplying power to the fan. 48 new & refurbished from $161.96 ... For parts or not working. Thanks, Thanks for your suggestions I have the heating issues from past 2 weeks after ignition is on it starts heating in idle, is this normal and bike heats too much after a short ride thermo shows 3 lines. Pull the fan control relay and turn on AC - radiator fan turns, AC fan does *not* turn (since I'm focused on the radiator fan, my read on this is that the fan control relay must not participate in radiator fan operation - and since the AC fan works when its reinserted, the relay is working) if you want for long life, you gotta spend a lot on maintenance. 20 minutes of riding) your fan have to start working. replace thermostat and verify the radiator cooling mechanism works, i could feel hot air coming on my legs….. how could i check the pumps on my cooling system? thats the problem with the sensors, after switching off did you notice the dashboard for temperature meter ? I have cbr 150r since last 2years and its runned around 21000kms and still running…, I found that ..the gear shifting become very rough. I have cbr 150r i took my bike in second hand now before servicing it never showed me 3 bars after driving 50kms continously now it was showing after 1 kms it was showing 3 bars.i can feel the heat out i cant touch the engine . For some reason my fan does not turn on when it gets hot. My fan came on maybe 2 times since I have owned it, riding in the summer heat. ORIGINAL OEM KTM HUSQVARNA FAN VENTILATOR COOLER 2 + 4 STROKE YEAR 2001-2021. At highway speeds the fan should not start as there is enough breeze for the rad. 5 Reasons Why Your Radiator Fan is not working. Thermostat should not be very lose or tight causing it malfunction. they said coolent was not optimal and topped it up. if you’re feeling hot air, probably its good. Any blockage in radiator could cause it. Approach service professional and check it out, Me also having the same heating issue in engine and engine valves and tank when I drive even 5 to 7km is it normal. mods. what may be the problem . My radiator fan starts working @ 3 Bars,is it normal? (This post was edited by MikeAltman on Sep 17, 2020, 3:56 PM) Hammer Time Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator … Location of the radiator fan in CBR 150R is shown image. Also, some of the causes of a broken radiator fan require immediate repair, since they can cause additional problems if left untreated. Hi, Thanks, Tekneighbor. My CBR150R is about 2years old and since yestersday after riding for abt 20 kms the temp guage went full! It doesnt show a … hello i have cbr250r and my radiator fan is not working i have check coolent level and fan by connecting it directly to battery and also changed the water temp sensor . Set th… The fan should come on. The fan is directly powered from ignition so if you switch off your bike and check for the fan you will be Minimum operating temperature is two bars. radiator fan not working case:1 day2 of my new bike i have kept bike rpm below 5K for 50km straight radiator fan - Yamaha 2008 YZF-R15 question Yes, If thermostat reads three bars, Just turning the ignition on will trigger the fan to work. First Run straight power from the battery to the fan motor and see if it works. what next? So how can I do? First step is to make sure the fan works by using jumper wires from the battery. Put side stand and watch if the fan working. Okay sir, would definitely visit HSC and get the above work done and see if the problem is solved or persists. Over $35.00. I have a 06 C-50 with 5 K miles and after a long trip double up the other day my radiator fan is not coming even in stop and go traffic 90-degree day. its totally cool, Uptill now I’ve drove my CBR 150r for continuously 70 km but the coolant panel shows 3 bar only and it never reaches to 4th bar. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ... this may not be the "best" or most "technical" way to do it but it has worked for me in the past to help me identify a radiator problem on my old shadow ace and gave me peace of mind the fan was actually working! The engine cooling fan only runs when needed to help cool the engine. Fan is working after some time About the heating issues. Temp is always 3 bar and my driving is normal. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 15, 2009. radiator fan is not working on 99 vt1100c3. If not- it is bad- replace it. Honda VTX 1300 Forums. Your horn wiring is fkdup. I can feel some hot air towards my legs, so I think the fan is working. may be your thermostat failed and it is the device which reads temperature and converts it into readable data. Vehicle overheating. I was looking for information regarding this and finally got one. I have a Honda CBR 150 2014 model (2nd hand). There is more than enough air going through the radiator when it is moving. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Is it ok or problem may be there? it will take time. Its happened in my brother’s CBR 250r also. IF you apply jumper wires and the fan turns on- its good. The initial test will test the dashboard speedometers, fuel injector and radiator fan. Pls suggest been to service center twice. I'm not sure why you would want to replace the thermostat housing, but if you had an overheating episode bad enough to replace the engine, replacing the thermostat is a given. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 26, 2009. Is that a problem r its normal ? It could also be a problem with radiator liquid not flowing properly. Thoroughly inspect for any oil leakages in the bike engine, gearbox and radiator tubes. when your temperature bar goes to 3 bars and after a while your radiator fan should start blowing air out. Hey i have done 300 km continuously on cbr but the fan havent turned on but the heat meter was at normal 3 bars even after 300km that also during summer! Fix it and you ll be good to go. ( Log Out /  Go to service center, release the collect oil and fill it in a bottle. If everything else seems to be fine, the fan clutch is the most likely cause of radiator fan … The cooling fan motors work together with the cooling fan blades to pull air through the radiator. If not your thermostat could ve failed. If I turn off the vehicle the same time and turn it back on without starting the engine the fan starts running again. regularly check your radiator coolant levels. Please check radiator liquid level, replace the liquid, use good engine oil (I use motul 300v fully synthetic). The procedure is given in the service manual. $189.95. I will be happy if you riders start followwing me here. Ok so I recently had to replace my radiator and now my radiator fan wont turn on. Going down the road, the fan should never come on unless there is a real problem. How much are you ready to spend for maintenance for every 1000kms you clock ? I have a 06 C-50 with 5 K miles and after a long trip double up the other day my radiator fan is not coming even in stop and go traffic 90-degree day. Don’t you? I have cbr 150r i took my bike for 2to 3 kms heat bar came to 3 in which i can feel the heat but i cant touch the engine . Will i go for service centre again? If the fan comes on, you're 99% sure everything electrical is working as it should. Is there something not going good? Thanks for sharing the information with us. I don’t hv any knowledge about cbr,plz tell me how I will maintain my bike…. If your Grand Cherokee is running hot, and the fan is not running we’ve laid out the most common causes of … Buy a set of align keys since most of the fairing use align screws you need em to tight mirror and fairings. Hi, CBR uses catalytic converters to convert the poisonous gases. when radiator starts working, the fan blows away the air towards your leg. You should disconnect the battery from its cables in case you short the wires so you do no damage to the rest of the bike electrics. when the bar hits 3, the radiator starts and you can feel the heat being blown off. Approach service center. What can I do for start the CBR? Almost everything electrical is supported by a fuse so that if there is an electrical surge going towards a piece of electronic equipment the fuse cuts the electric supply to that particular equipment saving it from destruction.