Crosman Ratcatcher Co2 .22 Air Rifle Pistol Kit. We put the compact CO2 powered airgun through its paces to see what it’s up to. Browse New Crosman .22 Air Guns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. What I am hoping to do is run a line from the Ratcatcher to a Compressed Air Bottle on a pouch fitted onto my belt. Shop Now! The Crosman Phantom is a powerful new air rifle, featuring an innovative body style, which is tailored to assist the break barrel user. The top one is a 2400 from the Crosman Custom shop in a Steve Cochran stock. Crosman Genuine 2240 2250 2260 RatCatcher Spare Co . Do they have any faults or limitations. Crosman Corporation is an American designer, manufacturer and supplier of shooting sport products, with a long-standing presence in airgun design and a tradition of producing pellet and BB guns. Even the 2250 Ratcatcher is specified at 550 FPS, and that is said to be a shorter barrelled weaker version of mine. So, even though the 2250XL states the same FPS as the 2240, are you saying the 2250XL will probably be able to fire a much larger grain pellet than the 2240 at 460 FPS? Improved 2014 version now features... •Metal breech block Find air rifle reviews, information and news here. crosman 2250 xl rat catcher the rat catcher grows up, with a 4x32 with steel breech and integrated scope rails and 18" barrel with silencer adapter. Hi everyone I've rediscovered just how fun shooting my crosman 2250 is in the garden. Available in .22 calibre. Gun Shop. can someone pls tell me *** i need and how to up the power to 12ft lbs pls or more maybe ? Crosman 2250XL .22 Rattie XL Co2 Rifles at Glasgow Angling Centre. PRODUCTS AVAILABLE NOW: questions? Crosman 2250 Rat Catcher XL The Ratcatcher XL is a Full size high power with longer 18 inch barrel Co2 gun. ... PADI Night Diver Speciality Course; theres some pretty big rats down on the farm where i go and they dont die that easily lol. Weighs 1.64KG. Extended rifled steel barrel… £199 US$268/€219. Crosman 2250XL Ratcatcher .22 £ 225.00 The ever popular Crosman ratcatcher has been improved and now features a longer barrel, steel breech, 4×32 scope and a silencer adapter. Buy Crosman Ratcatcher 2250XL .22 from The Sportsman Gun Centreno-hassle returns on at Europe's biggest and best gun retailer. Nodded the valve, hammer spring and transfer … CROSMAN RATCATCHER METAL BREECH UPGRADE. Crosman 2250 XL Co2 Rifle.The Extra Large Version of the 2250 Ratcatcher. silencer not included. Crosman Ratcatcher 2250 XL – OUT OF STOCK – An upgraded version of the popular 2250 model featuring an all-metal breech and rail,1/2″ UNF barrel/silencer adaptor and a … I've been shooting hft with my 97, having great fun, but there's nothing like blasting can and coins! ABS stock and forend. If you can't find what you're looking for, please Contact Us or call 01202 473030. Overall length 756mm. Metal breech block. A Superb close range Pest Control pistol. Ending 2 Dec at 7:30PM GMT 3d 14h. .22 / 5.5mm CO2 CROSSMAN RATCATCHER 2250 XL combo with 4x32 SCOPE ... Our new Shootingandscuba website is still under construction! International shipping. Basically I'm thinking of getting a Crosman 2250 and converting it to HPA (Air). Browse Crosman CO2 Air Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. Includes a 4x32 Center Point scope. Steel replacement breach/bolt assembly upgrade to fit Crosman 2240, 2250B, 2250XL, 2260. Being so small and lightweight, it is also the perfect choice for junior shooters. Brand: Crosman Type: Accessories. Crosman .22 Ratcatcher XL (Complete with scope & mounts) CO2 Air Rifle (R/H) - New Handled one over the weekend at Chatsworth Fair but didn't get to shoot it so not sure about power etc. Search, buy and sell Air Rifles on GunStar today! It's had several internal mods and shoots between 580-600 fps on a 12g Co2 cartridge with a ported custom shop valve. Menu . It will be mine tinkering and back-garden plinking buddy. The 2250 is extremely light, but is extremely powerful and can easily handle close range pest control. Crosman Ratcatcher Setup. Full size power in an ultra compact with a 14.6 inch barrel Co2 gun. £8.99. New P1377-1/2 New Grips Black P1377-1/2 New Design Grips Black from Crosman will fit all models using the standard and drop sear frame £ 9.90 * I want something light and portable and these seem to fit the bill. The Ratcatcher is powered using 1 x 12g gas capsule. £62.00. Crosman 2250 xl 2014 model. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! The Crosman Ratcatcher XL air rifle is a co2 airgun with a bolt action design. Can Search, buy and sell Air Guns on GunStar today! Lost a manual or need a part? Very light and manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Price match Endevour. Now yesterday I took it apart for the first time, and did a few internal bits to it. Full size high power with longer 18 inch barrel Co2 gun. Contains Precision four power scope and mounts included. Hi, Recently I bought Crosman 2250 XL after many years since I had any Airgun. What are the best mods that I can do to improve shots per cartridge, power, and accuracy? ... M325 - Grip frame for Crosman 2240 and 2250, brand new £18.00. I chose it because its light, compact, 12g CO2 is cheap and easy to acquire and there is room to modify it. New listing Crosman 2240/2250/2260 Ratcatcher Power Adjuster. The Rat Catcher air rifle features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading and hammer strike piercing for convenient Co2 power. Steel rifled barrel. Hi all, anyone have any experience of the Crosman Ratcatcher(2250). Low Maintenance with Improved bolt design for easy loading and cocking. Estimated FPS: 400 Estimated Ft/lb: 3.00. Comes with a 4x32 scope. Metal breech block with an 18" barrel. It is the first of a new generation of break barrel designs, featuring sleek, clean and defined lines… £199 US$269/€219. A Crosman Ratcatcher XL is … ive been using a crosman backpacker 1389 .177 cal, pretty good little gun but decided to upgrade for more loading speed … .22 Had my ratcatcher 2250 xl for about five months now. Power of 7.5ft/lb. 12 bids. This allows easy cocking and loading of the air rifle pellets. The Rat Catcher air rifle pistol features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading and hammer strike piercing for convenient Co2 power. Rat Shooting With The Crosman 2250 King Ratcatcher AirgunWarning! Crosman 2250XL Ratcatcher Co2 Air Rifle .22 Calibre with 4 x 32 scope & 1/2 Tel: 01754 764901 Mob: 07801 199375 G&T Hunting and Outdoor, Unit 1, Holly Road, Skegness Lincolnshire, PE25 3TE Alpha Militaria is an online resource for air rifle enthusiasts, written by air rifle enthusiasts. I'm new to all this, so please excuse the questions. We operate as … Are they any good? Is it capable of taking out bunnies and pidgeons? ... One of the best pest control guns on the site, the Ratcatcher lives up to its name providing quick and effortless dispatching in the most human way. The Ultimate in close range pest control. This Co2 air rifle is powered by a single 12g CO2 capsule. On the test bench is the Crosman Ratcatcher in 2250 XL guise. The gun is surprisingly accurate, but once I take it to the range the groups are virtually fist sized at 30 yards. This rifle includes a 4 x 32 scope, for amazing long range shooting. Took rabbit and pheasants with it over the months. A Superb Lightweight close range Pest Control Rifle. hello chaps, i have just bought a 2250 ratcatcher brand new and got sights too. About Us we are an online UK based Company offering this Crosman Genuine 2240 2250 2260 for 10.77 . Home / Shop / New Air Rifles / CROSMAN Rat-Catcher XL 2250. Our Mail Order Company was created in 2006 to offer an online service across the EU. Owner's Manuals and Parts Diagrams Owner's Manuals and Parts Diagrams. Backyard plinker or pro pest controller? The Crosman 2250 (Ratcatcher) .22 CO2 Air Rifle Pro Kit. Hiya guys. Well you've come to the right place because this category contains owner's manuals and exploded views of parts diagrams. Great fun every time it … Single shot bolt action. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Crosman Ratcatcher. Crosman Adjustable Trigger tuning kit for 2250/2250B/2240, Ratcatcher and Rat buster Should be fitted or checked by a competent gunsmith. The Crosman Ratcatcher is a single shot, bolt action .22 Co2 powered air rifle. The fortnightly Youtube show goes out at 7.30pm every other Thursday, showcasing all things airgun. M324 - Breech screw for Crosman 1322 and 1377 and 2250 plastic breech £2.65 It packs a real punch being powered by CO2 Powerlets. I am happy to help :) This is a very handy little Air Rifle. I've just bought one for my boy.he used it last night for ratting.i zero'd it with a hawke 2-7x32 ir scope and it's spot on,can hit a coke bottle top at 20yds no probs.havent got a chrono to see its power ... new crosman xl have a look Stevenb, May 1, 2014 #14. Crosman .22 Ratcatcher XL (Complete with scope & mounts) CO2 Air Rifle (R/H) - New The Middle one is a 2250 with a Crooked Barn Max … Improved 2014 version now features. 18” Barrel. Shop with confidence on eBay ... Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher XL Barrel .22 + Accessories. You will get approximately 30 shots from one co2 in this Ratcatcher. £7.00 postage.