15358 Pager: 902-458-6106 Matthew Thiessen 401 Smyth Road, 2nd Floor 76 Stuart Street Mary Jane Steele Nurse coordinator Fax: 709-777-4499, Social worker Otherwise, if these precautions are not taken, there can be an unreasonable delay in administration of treatment because factor XIII concentrate is not readily available in hospitals and the reconstitution device is specific to factor XIII concentrate. Physiotherapy Department PubMed. Emergency: 514-345-2360 Dr. Elianna Saidenberg (Assistant), Nurse coordinator RHA-B, The Moncton Hospital 52072 1980-1977-1978. Janice Spencer Dr. Jacqueline Costello Tel. Dr. Ismail A Sharif In the early 2000s, a few hemophilia treatment centres developed programs designed specifically for women with coagulation disorders. The dual situation of missing data and nonoptimal antenatal care services are not encouraging as these trends could occur with delivering babies or measuring the performance indicators of national NBS programs, as short-term and long-term follow-ups of screened children. Nurse practitioners In case of emergency surgery, the physician on duty can contact a member of the treatment centre care team at any time by calling the telephone number on your patient ID card. The strands of fibrin join together to weave a mesh around the platelets. Lisa Thibeault 865 Regent Street S., 4th floor 4683 Krista Leonty The comprehensive care team there will address all aspects of blood coagulation during pregnancy and the post-partum period, and a personalized treatment plan will be set up. Claude Bartholomew (Research) Children should be vaccinated on a timetable set by their pediatrician or family doctor. Dr. A.K. Grace Wozniak Dr. Laura Wheaton, Nurse coordinators Stacey Cave : 506-857-5465 (nurses’ station) Fax: 506-648-6913, Clinic directors Tel: 709-777-4374 (Coleen) : 613-737-8252 50145 (Mary Jane) / ext 52827 (Cindy) Factor XIII concentrates undergo viral inactivation processes that kill viruses that may be present in plasma-derived concentrates and to ensure absolute viral safety of recombinant concentrates. Heather Perkins For example, if a person weighing 50 kilograms receives an infusion of 20 units of factor XIII per kilogram of body weight (that is, 20 units/kg X 50 kg = 1,000 units), then the level of factor XIII rises by 30%, that is, 20 units X 1.5%. Blood is carried throughout the body in a system of blood vessels. Deirdre Tetzlaff  PASSAGE 2 Crescent Beach park bench - w4m Reply to: pers-XXXXXXX@XXXXXX.org Date: 2007-08-06, 4:16PM PDT. 75970 (Rebecca) Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre The first patients who were diagnosed with this disease were treated effectively with fresh frozen plasma. : 902-473-5612 Fax: 416-813-8557, Social worker We hope that it will help those affected to better understand their disorder and reduce its impact on their lives. Sudbury Outpatient Centre It is called plasma-derived factor concentrate to differentiate it from recombinant factor concentrate, which is produced in laboratory using recombinant technology and does not originate from human or mammalian plasma. Tel. Tel. 3001 12e Avenue Nord, Grace Wozniak Box 5010 Thames Valley Children’s Centre 1963. Tel. Pager: 613-239-5698 Tel. The risk of receiving a blood transfusion or blood derivative when planning surgery are factors to consider in making this decision. Phone: 604-806-8855   Fax: 604-806-8784 Dr. Mariana Silva Nurse coordinator St. Michael’s Hospital Deirdre Tetzlaff  Dr. Natalia Rydz, Nurse coordinators Tel. You should have a letter from your doctor describing the medical supplies you have to take with you (syringes, needles and medication) so that you can cross borders without any problems. Tel. 2182 T: 403-944-4483 5760 Chan : 709-777-4346 Fax: 709-777-4796. Tel. Toll-free: 1-866-903-4642 It is caused by abnormal genes that are passed on from the parents to the child at the time of conception. Dr. Man-Chiu Poon Pager: 905-521-5030 page 4444 (Kay)  /  page 4445 (Rebecca) Plasma-derived factor XIII concentrate has a half-life of 9.2 days, while recombinant factor XIII concentrate has a half-life of 11.5 days. Tel. : 709-777-4434 Dr. Kelsey Brose –  medical director, hematologist The clotting factors, which are tiny plasma proteins, link to form a network of fibres called fibrin. Fax: 506-648-6913, Hemophilia Clinic Fax: 902-473-3398, Social worker  The information should include the appropriate measures to take in case of bleeding or trauma that causes bleeding. Tel. i41353547 The books of magic (Comic strip);"The books of magic. Dr. Paul Moorehead Dr. Mary-Margaret Keating, Nurse coordinators It is important to note that quantitative determination of factor XIII levels below 10% requires testing methods that are not usually available in most clinical Stephanie Daigle : 416-813-6755, ext. However, the risk is now low, since donors are carefully selected to minimize risk, and all plasma units are screened to ensure they contain no trace of virus. Linda Mansfield Smith Pager: 519-685-8500 # 15392 Tel. Follow a regular program of physical activity suited to lifestyle and capability. A. Aalberg, Toril, Esser, Frank, Reinemann, Carsten, Stromback, Jesper and De Vreese, Claes (2016) Us and Them: how populist parties get their message across. Tel. People who do not have factor XIII deficiency, nor carry it, have a factor XIII level of about 100% of normal. 75392 Tammy Betts Individuals who suffer from anemia are generally fatigued and low in energy. 41 Ramsey Lake Road Follow the same recommendations for any other kind of surgery. It affects the way platelets clump together to plug a ruptured blood vessel. Fax: 306-655-6426, Physiotherapists Hospital for Sick Children  : 306-655-6504 (main office), Clinic directors Dr. Mary-Margaret Keating, Nurse coordinators Fax: 705-560-4273, Social worker : 418-649-5751 London, Ontario  N6A 5W9 Pager: 204-787-2071 # 3346 The majority of people with factor XIII deficiency have a defect involving the A subunit, which is generally more serious than a defect with the B subunit. Physiotherapy Department 1938. Summary: Stephanie asks Wheels out on another date, and rumours start floating around the school that they will have sex on their date. The factor XIII protein in factor XIII concentrate is similar to that manufactured by the body. Tel. Tel. Four more of the thirteen members of the family over four generations were identified as factor XI deficient. 1945. Tel. 1980. The different preventive and treatment options available to people with factor XI deficiency all have their own advantages and disadvantages. This therapy is called prophylaxis. Fax: 514-412-4424 However, anyone receiving plasma-derived clotting factor concentrates should be vaccinated against hepatitis A and hepatitis B, ideally before starting treatment. : 902-473-4072 : 506-857-5465 (nurses’ station) These people can easily learn to self-administer the treatment in order to avoid frequent hospital visits. Hemophilia Program The infusion of one unit of factor XIII concentrate per kilogram of body weight increases factor XIII levels by about 1.5%. The qualification testi download book for $9.99 (free for members) . Fax: 613-738-4839, Social workers : 902-470-6910 Melanie Doiron Physiotherapy Department : 204-787-2641 : 416-813-5871 Fax: 403-944-2299, Adult Bleeding Disorder Program of BC Queen Elizabeth ll Health Sciences Centre Fax: 819-564-5434 (hematology), Physiotherapist Fax: 807-684-5807, Physiotherapist Use high quality sports equipment appropriate for any sport (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, proper shoes, etc.). Shauna Gray Heidi Schmidt, MSW, RSW Montreal, Quebec  H3T 1C5, Clinic directors The A subunit is produced in bone marrow and the B sub-unit is produced in the liver. 980 Oliver Road Fax: 306-655-6426 or 306-655-2994, Social worker Southwestern Ontario Bleeding Disorders Program transplant is not a cure. Fax: 604-875-2012, Treatments of von Willebrand disease for women with gynecological complications, Emergency care for von Willebrand disease, Conception, pregnancy, and childbirth with von Willebrand disease, Factor I deficiency (Fibrinogen deficiency), Factor II deficiency (Prothrombin deficiency), Combined factor V and factor VIII deficiency, Emergency care for rare factor deficiencies, Emergency care for platelet function disorders, Inherited bleeding disorders affecting women, Inheritance of bleeding disorders in women, Medical treatment options for menorrhagia and other symptoms, Gynaecological treatment option for menorrhagia, Precautions for pregnant women with a bleeding disorder, Staying healthy when you have a bleeding disorder, Support and awareness for women with a bleeding disorder, Stories from women and girls who bleed too much, Integrated and Comprehensive Care Standards, Comprehensive care clinic assessment – 2014, CBDR – Canadian Bleeding Disorder Registry, Preceptorship program for social workers, physiotherapists and nurses, The CHS/Pfizer Care until Cure Research Program, The CHS/Novo Nordisk Psychosocial Research Program, CHS – Bayer – ADVANCE Canada Research Program, Opportunities to participate in marketing research studies, CHS / AHCDC / CSL Behring Hemostasis Fellowship Program, James Kreppner Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Program, National Endowment Fund Scholarship – University of Ottawa, HCV treatment support for 1986‐1990 claimants, HIV “Undetectable equals Untransmittable”, Commemoration of the Tainted Blood Tragedy, How factor XIII deficiency is genetically inherited, Cause of bleeding in factor XIII deficiency, Bleeds associated with factor XIII deficiency, Dose and frequency of factor XIII infusions, Treatment complication: Development of inhibitors. Dr. Victor Blanchette Fax: 416-813-6746, Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Centre Abundant menstrual flow and excessive bleeding after delivery, voluntary or spontaneous abortion, or gynaecological surgery are all situations with which women must cope regularly. Karen Sims In severe factor XIII deficiency, life threatening bleeding can occur, particularly intracranial bleeding. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation The factor XI deficiency gene is located on chromosome 4 and is found in both males and females. : 604-875-2345 Fax: 506-648-7379, Physiotherapist In Canada, children are vaccinated against hepatitis B at approximately age 9. Dr. Nizar Abdel-Samad, Nurse coordinators Saint John Regional Hospital Fax: 709-777-4796. It is found in people of all races and ethnic origins. Doug Campbell Kay Decker Factor XIII deficiency is an inherited blood clotting disorder that affects females as well as males. The endogenous NOS inhibitor asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) predicts LV mass independent of afterload. : 819-346-1110 ext. 2859 Eastern Health, Janeway Site Fax: 902-473-3398, Social worker  Renee Wilson Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 2Y9 Fax : 819-348-3855 person with factor XIII deficiency, even though there is a very real clotting problem. 52072 Due to the radical advancements in the field of dentistry, however, it is now possible to restore the smile, which is lost due to the missing tooth or teeth. Dr. Linda Sun, Nurse coordinator : 506-648-7286 Fax: 403-944-2299, Adult Bleeding Disorder Program of BC Dr. Joel Warkentin, Nurse coordinators Krista Leonty 1401 18e Rue , Room J-S067, Door D Southwestern Ontario Bleeding Disorders Program Each cell of the body contains structures called chromosomes. Burrard Building, Room 491A, Clinic directors This explains, at least in part, the great variability of symptoms in people with deficiencies that are similar in appearance to factor XI deficiency. Tel. As the name suggests, a hemophilia comprehensive care team is a team of specialists that provides most of the medical services required by a child or adult with an inherited bleeding disorder. Fax: 604-875-2533 The most common symptoms of factor XIII deficiency are: The following symptoms are less common. Fax: 705-523-7077, Physiotherapists When planning a trip, notify your treatment centre. Specialized Complex Care central nervous system bleeding (in the brain or the spinal cord), which can happen with or without injury; intramuscular bleed (accumulation of blood in a muscle), which can occur after strenuous exercise even if there has been no injury; bleeding into a joint (hemarthrosis) is quite rare, whereas bleeding around a joint (periarticular bleeding) is more common; bleeding during surgery is not excessive but further bleeding may occur hours or days after the operation; healing from a wound is more difficult for people with factor XIII deficiency as factor XIII plays a role in stabilizing a clot, as well as in tissue healing and strength – a severe deficiency in factor XIII hinders the formation of scar tissue, There is a tiny risk of viral transmission. : 604-875-2123 Dr. Adrienne Lee Dr. Leonardo Brandao, Nurse coordinators 6999 appropriate dose can be administered without wastage. Factor XIII concentrates prevent and treat bleeds. Fax: 705-523-7077, Physiotherapists Dr. Josée Brossard, pediatric-hematologist In many kinds of bleeding disorders (for example, hemophilia A or B), a clot will take a long time to form and therefore the clotting time will be longer than normal However, with factor XIII deficiency, the clot formation takes the usual time – the clotting time is normal. The advantages and disadvantages of each must be weighed, based on the kind of bleeding to be treated or prevented. Like other hemophiliacs, they have abnormal bleeding due to a lack of coagulation factors. Jordan Lewis Tel. : 705-523-7148 : 902-473-5612 – Bleeding into soft tissues However, before deciding on a treatment program for a patient, a factor XIII half-life test is recommended. Dr. Jerome Teitel Ottawa, Ontario  K1H 7W9 : 416-864-6060 ext. Fax: 709-777-4726, Physiotherapists 1955. Mary Sabo, (backup) Nurse coordinators 135 MacBeath Avenue As a result, it is very difficult to predict the severity and frequency of bleeding simply on the basis of the percentage of factor XI in the blood. Lori Hygaard The Ottawa Hospital, Riverside Campus Tel. This medication can be administered either by injection into the veins or under the skin, or by nasal vaporization. Saint John Regional Hospital 1968. Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 2Y9 : 204-787-2465 Allison Reid Tel. Lori Hygaard Children’s Treatment Centre Dr. Sarah Gander : 506-860-2341 : 613-737-7600 ext. Ask for the addresses of hemophilia centres located in your destination region. : 506-648-7286 Alison Robichaud Colleen Jones Down Celina Woo In other words, treatment every three to four weeks, with about 10 to 20 units per kilogram of body weight, that is, 500 to 1,000 units for an adult, is generally enough to ensure that there will be no abnormal bleeding. Tel. Tel. Therefore, blood tests need be performed to determine the patient’s type of subunit deficiency before using recombinant factor XIII concentrate, to make sure it is appropriate for use. Dr. Ketan P. Kulkarni CHU Sainte-Justine Tel. Melanie Doiron Fax: 807-684-5835, Bleeding Disorders Program Pager: 819-346-1110, dial 0, # 3771 Plasma and cryoprecipitate can cause severe allergic reactions. London Health Sciences Centre Dr. Sean Dolan The platelets sticking to the wall emit chemical signals to call other platelets and coagulation factors to help them. Dr. Emily Rimmer Lisa Thibeault Tel. Tel. Dr. David Stammers Tel. Dr. Ismail A Sharif JoAnn Nilson Chan Lori Laudenbach Hereditary Bleeding Disorders Program Dr. Lauren Bolster Dr. Donald Houston Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Dr. John Akabutu Comprehensive Centre for Bleeding Disorders – Adult Division, Montreal Web Design by PearlWhiteMedia.com. 41 Ramsey Lake Road Pager: 819-346-1110, dial 0, # 3771 Dr. Chai Phua Dr. Nicole Laferriere 800 Commissioners Road East – Bleeding from the gums Wu Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3K 6R8 Umbilical and intracranial bleeds are much more frequent in people with factor XIII deficiency than in people with hemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency) or hemophilia B (factor IX deficiency). 800 Commissioners Road East Dr. Roona Sinha : 204-787-2641 It is a drug that can also be administered intravenously in people who must be fasting in preparation for surgery. Foothills Medical Centre Physiotherapy Department The patient now needs a new infusion of concentrate to raise his or her factor XIII to a safe level. Sudbury, Ontario  P3E 3Y9, Nurse coordinator The diagnosis is suspected when an individual presents symptoms of unusual bleeding or when coagulation tests are done prior to surgery. : 613-737-7600 ext. 6031 (Claudine)  Nurse practitioners Saint John Regional Hospital Saint John, New Brunswick  E2L 4L2, Clinic directors Wikia. Catherine van Neste Horizon Health Network, Zone 1, Moncton The exact quantity contained in the vial is clearly marked. Sears Cancer Clinic Then, factor XIII plays a special role in stabilizing the fibrin mesh by solidifying the individual fibres. 6th Floor Ambulatory Children’s Site Brenda Elliott  Camelia Lariccia After her parents' divorce, she took her mother's maiden name Kaye. Dr. MacGregor Steele Factor XIII deficiency is an extremely rare disorder. Tel. Quebec, Quebec  G1J 1Z4, Clinic directors Fax: 506-648-7379, Physiotherapist Physiotherapy Department Physiotherapist Pavillon Lucie et André Chagnon du Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau Tel: 514-345-2360 (pager) Fax: 519-685-8543, Physiotherapist Dr. Ketan P. Kulkarni The tendency to bleed is difficult to predict, since it varies over time in the same individual, and between individuals with similar blood levels of factor XI. It is then infused into a vein over a few minutes. Dawn Goodyear Fax: 519-685-8424, Hemophilia / Pediatric Thrombosis Program Dr. Emily Rimmer If the part of the coagulogram called the APTT is abnormally long, indicating a clotting anomaly, the physician will ask for a measurement of coagulation factors. Abundant menstruations require frequent lengthy visits to the toilet, and are often more painful. Toll Free: 1-877-806-8855, Clinic directors Tel. Therefore, there is little danger of overloading the heart. Fax: 780-407-8821After hours contact number Dr. Natalia Rydz, Nurse coordinators Author: Wikia (That means the book is composed entirely of articles from Wikia that we have edited and redesigned into a book format. Fax: 613 738-8431, South Eastern Ontario Regional Inherited Bleeding Disorders Program Olivier Leblanc Fax: 902 470-8178, Social Worker  Lawren De Marchi Camelia Lariccia The reasons are: Today, to treat factor XIII deficiency, factor XIII concentrate is used instead of plasma or cryoprecipitate. : 604-875-2345 ext. Fax: 613-738-4839, Ottawa Regional Adult Bleeding Disorders Program Dr. Bruce Ritchie 3175 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine Social worker Sabrina Pelletier Heather Bauman The team is made up of several professionals, including a medical director, a nurse coordinator, a physiotherapist and a social worker. : 506-857-5326 980 Oliver Road – Umbilical stump bleeding after birth P.O. 7055 Dr. Robert Klaassen 135 MacBeath Avenue Since this disorder is extremely rare, a person with factor XIII deficiency must be followed medically by a care team in a treatment centre that specializes in bleeding disorders. Dr. Victoria Price A tendency to bleed from the mucosa is typical for factor XI deficiency. These platelets then emit chemical signals calling for help from other platelets and from clotting factors. Kristen Csupak Hélène Néron Ella Reid Saint John, New Brunswick  E2L 4L2 Emily Moen Coleen Moores Dr. Sara Israels Tel. : 807-684-7251 780-407-8822 : 416-813-6755, ext. Blood is carried throughout the body in a network of blood vessels. 1276 South Park Street : 418-649-5751 Factor XIII concentrates prevent and treat bleeds. Quebec Reference Centre for the Treatment of Patients with Inhibitors London, Ontario  N6A 5W9 Dr. Margaret Warner Dr. Rochelle Winikoff, Nurse coordinators Tel. Fax: 902-470-7208, Physiotherapist Tel. I don't know exactly why she left, but I would imagine being Canada's official national jailbait may have taken its toll. The main advantage of recombinant factor XIII is that there is no theoretical risk of viral transmission. Fax: 613-737-8157 RHA-B, The Moncton Hospital Outside periods of pregnancy, women have a tendency to have abundant menstruations that can result in a variety of secondary physical and psychological problems.More or less severe anemia is frequently a consequence of abundant, prolonged monthly blood loss. If a bleed occurs, the person has access to quick and efficient treatment without having to go to a health care facility. Emily Moen Tel. Practice daily dental care and have regular visits to the dentist. : 604-875-2345 ext. There is a potential danger of transmission of viruses such as HIV and hepatitis A, B and C via plasma, since it is provided by donors and is not subjected to any virus inactivation procedure. Its administration encourages coagulation in anyone by temporarily increasing factor VIII and von Willebrand coagulation factor levels. : 506-648-7286 Health Sciences Centre Diana Cottingham Fax: 604-875-2533 Therefore, when initiating regular treatment with factor XIII concentrate or when changing the type of factor concentrate, blood samples to detect the presence of inhibitors are taken frequently (every three months). Tel. DDAVP taken intravenously is used especially for rapid control of occasional bleeding or to prevent excessive bleeding during surgery. Dr. Jerome Teitel 14561 IWK Health Centre Dr. Sean Dolan Dr. Joel Warkentin, Nurse coordinators First, when a blood vessel ruptures, it contracts as a reflex, which reduces the amount of blood loss. Anne-Marie Clement (back-up), Physiotherapist Dr. Sarah Gander, Nurse coordinator Dr. Shannon Jackson Dr. Michelle Sholzberg Julia Brooks Tel. London, Ontario  N6A 5W9, Clinic directors Fax: 204-787-1538, Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program Fax: 416-864-5310, Social worker Telephone: 780-407-7276 Fax: 705-523-7077, Hemophilia Program 779 Base Line Road East Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre Clotting, or coagulation, is a complex process that makes it possible to stop injured blood vessels from bleeding. All that is required to control and prevent bleeding is to increase slightly the amount of factor XIII in the blood. T: 403-944-5412 Factor XI concentrate Alison Robichaud : 902-470-8025 Jennifer King Pager: 902-473-2220 # 2226 Blood products used in the treatment of factor XIII deficiency have changed a lot over the years. Tel. Tel. Ottawa, Ontario  K1H 7W9 Tel. Rachel McLeod However, they do not have a tendency to bleed into muscles or joints; they therefore do not suffer the long-term effects associated with bleeding of this kind. Dr. Jean St-Louis Tel. Claude Meilleur Dr. Elizabeth Zed : 306-655-6628 or 306-655-2431 Clinic directors Tel: 902-411-0045 (Both IWK and QEII) Kingston General Hospital London, Ontario  N6A 5W9 Preventive therapy (prophylaxis) is much more effective in people with factor XIII deficiency because of the longer half-life of this factor. Hilary Darrington  Telephone: 780-407-2654 Unlike classical hemophilia (factor VIII deficiency), which affects mainly boys, factor XI deficiency has no distinction as to gender, and affects both girls and boys. Tel. This is why clotting time results are normal in a The quantitative test can also be used to determine if a person is a carrier. 810 Sherbrook Street, MS107 Dr. Victoria Price Mirelle LeClaire Fax: 604-875-3220, Social worker History. 555 University Avenue Tel. : 506-857-5326 Dr. Sara Israels Tel: 709-777-4374 (Olga) Since 2012, recombinant factor XIII concentrate has been available in Canada. Kingston, Ontario  K7L 2V7, Clinic directors Dr. Leonard Minuk, Nurses Room J4294 Dr. Leonard Minuk, Nurses Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3K 6R8 However, it is strongly recommended that people with factor XIII deficiency learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of potentially life-threatening bleeds, so they can respond in a timely and appropriate manner. 76 Stuart Street Brenda Elliott  i45413216 ygtf After another 10 days (30 days since the treatment), the level of factor XIII drops to about 3.5% (7.5% divided by 2). Dr. Stéphanie Cloutier, Nurse coordinator Tel. For reasons that are still unknown, the tendency to bleed is not always directly proportional to the level of blood factor XI. Tel. : 604-875-2123 : 613-737-7600, ext. Inhibitors are antibodies produced by the body to fight off and destroy infused factor concentrate, as it does with viruses or bacteria. : 902-470-7316 Comprehensive Care Program – Adult Division 810 Sherbrook Street, MS107 Dr. Paul R. Yenson, Nurse practitioners Pediatric Bleeding Disorder Clinic The Ottawa Hospital, Riverside Campus