6. I certify that I am the owner of the property for which the permit is to be issued. New Construction- Newly constructed buildings usually need to apply for a certificate of occupancy. TO OBTAIN A BUILDING PERMIT LOCATED AT (address) TMK: (2) (zone, section, plat: parcel) To Whom It May Concern: I authorize _____ to act and sign on my behalf in obtaining a building permit on the subject property. The signature(s) on this page do not need to be notarized. If you are not sure, ask someone from the company and mention you want permission to use certain services. A Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained before a commercial building or an individual lease space within a commercial building may be occupied, or if changes to an existing occupancy classification are made. The deeded property owner(s), not an agent or contractor, is required to sign: a. the Application for Permit. Overland City Hall 9119 Lackland Road Overland, MO 63114 Phone: 314-428-4321 Signed letter of authorization from owner on the owner’s letterhead indicating the tenant’s name; the name of the business and the type (use) of business that the owner is authorizing to use the space. . Customers can also call the QuickTrac system (443-984-2776) 24 hours a day to schedule permit inspections via phone. OWNER’S AUTHORIZATION LETTER I/we hereby certify that I/we am/are the owner(s) of the above described property. Permit Application Letter of Use – SAMPLE-October-2016 Page 1 of 2 A Letter of Use is required for all Building Permit Applications (construction, demolition and/or change of use), or for a change in tenancy, in new and existing industrial, commercial, public and institutional buildings/units and for Zoning Certificate of Occupancy Applications. Know the Right Person: When writing the letter, it is wise to do a thorough research about the person from who you require the permission. Fill out and submit the BUILDING PERMIT MASTER APPLICATION; Plot plan reflecting all dimensions of the lot and all structures, setbacks to property lines and the location and dimensions of off-street parking spaces ; Letter from property owner giving permission for property use for the permit … 2. Business Letter Format: It is important to use the right format when writing the permission request letter. All permits must have a final inspection before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. The certificate must be valid for the use of the building, space or portion thereof. ... or permit any occupancy/use of a building or part thereof, or change the occupancy, without first obtaining a Building Occupancy Permit”. BUILDING PERMIT LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION I _____ do hereby grant permission (Owners Name) to _____ to act as my agent in all aspects in (Agents Name) order to obtain a building permit from the City of Norwalk for property located at _____. ; Property Conversion- When a property is changing from one use to another, a certificate of occupancy is usually required.For example, a warehouse that is being converted to residential lofts. The building owner when constructing a new building or addition. The deeded property owner(s) must sign as the “Grantee.” I/we am/are respectfully requesting processing and approval of the above referenced permit… The signature blank is located on Application, Page 5. b. the blank Occupancy and Use Permit. Home occupations will require the applicant to apply for a Business Privilege License with the City of Reading. If the Home Occupation is found to be an allowed use then a zoning permit for the Home Occupation may be obtained from the City of Reading Zoning office and an appointment would be required. All inspections can now be scheduled online, following the prompts once you log into your account.