A big department like Front office needs to deal with many parties. ... SAUCES Sauces are liquids or semi-liquid mixtures. Instant messages: For quick updates, questions … 1. I. Role of the Front Office in Interdepartmental Communications. Hotel Front office Coordination between front office department and other departments is required to ensure maximum satisfaction for the guests. It refers to exchange of information and messages between persons and departments of the organization. Since rooms are the major responsibility of housekeeping, it has a very important role to play. Without strong company policies and practices encouraging interdepartmental communication, departments or teams on different floors or even different buildings or countries can become ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The front office department has to exchange necessary information about the guests with the other departments for giving good service. An outstanding guest-experience can only be provided when every department performs both flawlessly and in perfect synergy with every other. Front office as the communication liaison in providing guest services and correlated with other departments. The front office is a pivotal point in communication among in-house sales, delivery of service to the guest, and financial operations. Front Office Department (Source: www.salayapavillion) Hospitality Communication. Internal communication plays a vital role in the efficient performance of office operations. It is also the communication centre for the hotel operation. Rooms are the largest selling items in hotels and the largest contributor to the profits of the hotel. Interdepartmental team meetings: This is a good way to update the business on key projects and answer urgent questions. Role of the Front Office in Interdepartmental Communications The front office plays a major role in delivering hospitality to guests. Meetings can be time consuming, so it is important to create an agenda and stick to it. We can see in most of the hotel's front office or the entrance point of the hotel is decorated and made luxurious in every way. Front office department plays an important role in image building of a hotel. Thus housekeeping works in a very close relationship with the front office. Effective interdepartmental communications in a hotel is very important to ensure guest stay is satisfactory or their visit is a pleasant one. Office communication may be broadly classified into two types: (1) Internal Communication and (2) External Communication. Effective Interdepartmental Communications O P E N I N G D I L E M M A CHAPTER FOCUS POINTS Role of the front office in The leader of a workshop in one of the conference rooms is uneasy establishing and maintaining effective commu-about his program today. Email: This is an effective communication channel for distributing information to other departments and answering simple questions. Production. Internal Communication. After noticing the connection for the nications with other departments If interdepartmental communication breaks down, many businesses stand to lose considerable amounts of money. To ensure smooth operation, there should be good coordination between each concerned parties. If an organization’s sales department ramps up sales and fails to communicate the increased demand to the manufacturing or production department, the company can lose business as frustrated customers look elsewhere for their products. These are just few of the responsibilities of the front office manager. Physical barriers to communication, such as distance, can also make interdepartmental communication more difficult. Every hotel is a product of multiple inter-connected departments, working together with the same collective goal. Hotel Front office Coordination – Interdepartmental Communication. Front Office Operations Covers various information on different management systems in the hotel front office; examines inter-departmental communications, computer applications, managerial reporting, a review of future trends, and decision-making skills using front office information systems. Coordination with Front Office From the front office to housekeeping