© Copyright 2014 - 2021 Sealy Posturepedic Australia, you can download the Mattress Buying Guide here, How to differentiate between the main types of mattresses on the market today, The questions you should be asking to make the best choice, The science behind mattress technology: finding out which system is right for you, Best practices to get the most out of your mattress shopping. Innerspring Memory Foam Hybrid Shippable Ultra Plush Plush Medium Cushion Firm Firm Ultra Firm $399 to $799 $799 to $1,099 $1,099 to $1,599 $1,599 to $2,499 Buy Online Now. We would definitely recommend this product. It's not hard by any means, in fact it's quite comfortable and very good for my husband's back, he likes it a little firmer than I. after putting a good quilted mattress cover on, it added just the amount of plush and squish I love. Answer a few quick questions and we'll recommend the right mattress based on your unique sleep profile. We ordered the Plush due to the fact that we found Sealy mattresses to be firmer than other competitive brands. I purchased 2 x Sealy mattress for my two older teenage boys for their rooms at home, they have since moved away for work and the mattresses are now used for guests. The bed is easy to make. This bed is very comfortable and supportive in every way so much so we look forward to retiring for the night. Each range is designed with different support systems, which are detailed down below. Sealy was only too happy to help out and immediately made this very minor adjustment. Finally I get to own a Sealy Posturepedic mattress and it surely doesn't disappoint. The bed is lovely, the service was wonderful. I tried several brands but decided Sealy was the brand for me. A highlighted feature of this line is its spring technology, utilising a ‘Titanium alloy ReST II coil’ system, designed to provide three layers of staged support, claiming to remain true to the correct back support described by the orthopaedic surgeons who helped develop the first Sealy Posturepedic. He has a bad back and I like soft - This was perfect!!! Can't understand why all reviews are not 5 stars. We will also send you an email with a link to the Mattress Buying Guide for your future reference. Best purchase, value for money bed. The first night I slept on it I woke up in the morning with no back pain and slept perfectly with no heat retention unlike my old mattress. Also we knew we would sometimes be sleeping in his bed so it had to be a mattress that supported us too. We have had our Sealy for over 35 years and we still love it! My constant sore lower back all gone. SEALY STICK TO WHAT THEY SAY ON THEIR WEBSITE. The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically, enhancing the experience of the whole day ahead. World Leading Design and Testing. Definitely worth investing in a Sealy Posturepedic. Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel, July 2017. The mattress still feels just as it did the first week as it does after a few years! For over 50 years, Sealy has changed the way Australia Sleeps. Sealy have their own research and development department and really know how to produce a brilliant product. This range is for the kids and guests. As it's early days I will add to this review at a later date on body indentations/sagging if there's any. Its been 3 months now and i am extremely happy with my purchase. ... Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews Check out what our customers say about Sealy mattresses and read real Sealy Posturepedic reviews today! The Sealy is the most comfortable sleep that we've had and will miss our bed at home when we go away! I have to say that Scott was very polite /understanding, And was able to help us with this problem.We could not believe how easy it was with the turn around time (7 day�s ) To have our bed back together. With five manufacturing plants and over 750 employees around Australia Sealy has achieved the highest reputation for professionalism and quality. Would definitely buy again. Our new Sealy Kingsize was purchased at DJs Robina just before last Christmas. It was time for an upgrade. One thing to keep in mind with these mattresses is that they take a while to soften up. The Sealy Posturepedic mattress will vary by retailer based on stock availability and delivery schedules, averaging between 3 to 10 days. Launched in Australia in 1969, Sealy Posturepedic has become a household name dedicated to making the finest mattresses. Sealy Customer Reviews. I love the quality and value of this product. Thank you Sealy for your prompt and professional service. I would highly recommend any one of their products. We called Sealy about our problem�s with our mattress. Very supportive mattress, purchased for my 4 year old so it can hopefully last her until her teen years, it's very supportive for our backs having slept in there for a few times. I use to wake up some mornings with my last bed, with stiff joints and muscles, but it has not happened since I started sleeping on my new heavenly sealy mattress! Not particularly comfortable and there are much better products out there for the price. We bought 2 single long Vibrance Flex mattresses to replace our 2 Tempur mattresses. It is an absolute pleasure to go to such a comfortable bed at night, knowing we will have a good night's sleep and wake refreshed. We surveyed more than 5,000 Australians to learn the answer. I returned to the website and their were no reviews but I searched some other mattresses with the same features and price points and discovered that it would, when unfolded, rise to it's full 12 inches and it did indeed have cloth covered coils (innersprings). My wife and I often fall asleep when we are putting him down the mattress is so comfortable and spacious. With five manufacturing plants and over 750 employees around Australia Sealy has achieved the highest reputation for professionalism and quality.