Just like performing the exercise with dumbbells, the prime movers here are the pecs, triceps and anterior deltoids, with the inclusion of the serratus anterior and biceps as secondary muscle groups. Hold the band at the end and raise your left hand straight up above your shoulder. Also, there needs to be a balance between your lower traps, upper traps, deltoids (delts), and serratus ... simply perform this exercise with a resistance band first. Repetitions: 15-20 Sets: 2-3 Rest: 90 Seconds Tempo: (2 seconds downwards, 2 second upwards). Levator Scapulae; Pectoralis Major (sternal & Abd) Pectoralis Minor; Serratus Anterior; band protraction. To avoid this, try thinking about moving your shoulder blades out and away from your body (rather than straight up) as you slide your arms over your head. While there are plenty of exercises you can perform via a resistance band without your car, you can also loop one around your wheel well or door handle (make sure the door's locked if … To about 5 times a day!!!!!! Here instead of lifting the arms with both hands against the resistance of the exercise bands, we make use of only one arm at a time. The constant resistance from the band activates your glutes, core, lats, and lower back throughout the entire workout. To perform this exercise: Anchor the resistance band around your back- here I use a CLX Thera-Band. Execution: Begin in a push-up position wrapping theraband around the upper back and anchoring it beneath the palms. By standing on one side of the band and resting the other on your upper trapezius, the tension distributed through your body activates your core (abdominals), lats (latissimus dorsi), and posterior delts (deltoids) during the concentric and eccentric phase (going up and coming down). Like all back exercises, it’s important to execute good form and range when performing each repetition. Strengthens the serratus anterior muscle. This is one repetition completed. View @SquatUniversity’s profile on Twitter, View Squat_University’s profile on Instagram, View SquatUniversity’s profile on Pinterest, View Aaron Horschig’s profile on LinkedIn, View SquatUniversity’s profile on YouTube, https://store.3d4medical.com/application/user-kind?id=1&promo=uRSj7I7YOr, Stabilizing the Shoulder Blade & Joint – Squat University, SERRATUS ANTERIOR PAIN – Trigonal Solutions, How to Correctly Treat Piriformis Syndrome. Lift: Starting each rep with the arm fully extended, push the band forward from the shoulder, feeling the shoulder blade move forward. Scapula Exercises to Strengthen Your Serratus Anterior ... You can also do a wall exercise for your serratus anterior. In fact, if you just go through them lackadaisically they may seem extremely easy! Your palms should be facing the floor. It also plays a key role in reducing tension or tightness in the postural muscles. It's also important to keep an elevated grip (arms positioned at a 90 degree angle or above) when completing every repetition. In order to raise your arms completely overhead your shoulder blades will need to upwardly rotate and tip posteriorly appropriately. Lean forward, start extending your torso towards the wall. The resistance band offers an easy hand grip position (neutral). Including this exercise in your program can avoid the “hunched shoulders” effect. This is one rep completed. Therefore, strengthening this particular muscle at this height will have limited carry over for athletes who need help when their arms are overhead. Keep your torso upright and back straight. Keep your torso upright, hips square, and back straight when performing the movement. Sitting on the mat, extend your legs and place the balls of your feet against the dumbbells. HOW TO PERFORM THE SEATED BACK ROW WITH A RESISTANCE BAND Place a stable object against a railing where you can tie your resistance band (You can place a pair of dumbbells). Check out these two drills we utilize to get it doing its job: For more shoulder-friendly training drills like this, check out our new resource, Functional Stability Training of the Upper Body. Here are 5 exercises to improve scapular stabilization: Standing Rows: Stand facing the anchor with resistance band at elbow height. The ability to maintain your posture while performing these raises is of the upmost importance, so start with light weight before moving up. Make sure to lengthen it and plant each foot evenly on both ends. Push out with your chest and maintain a neutral spine position by engaging your core. Best Exercises for Serratus Anterior, Levator Scapulae and Rhomboids (Part 2) | MedBridge Blog. During serratus anterior workout, your serratus anterior will experience static exertion by controlling the dumbbell. Actively pressing your arms into the floor will deactivate the commonly over-active anterior shoulder muscles like the pecs. This workout will test every aspect of your muscular fitness from head to toe. (both palms of your hands should be facing each other). Holding the band with a neutral grip, it's easier to lower yourself to the floor while maintaining correct form.