In Kerala, too, prices fell by ₹10-15/kg. Onion prices declined further in various centres in Kerala on Friday. Add Kettle Chips Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Crisps 150 G Add add Kettle Chips Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Crisps 150 G to basket £1.00 Clubcard Price Offer … Onion prices show no signs of cooling down and continue to spiral higher, dampening the Christmas and New Year preparations in the state. "Now onions are Rs 80 per kg. Vegetables daily price list for Ernakulam, Kerala is given above. In Kerala, we use onions in almost all dishes. Last week it was Rs 70. In comparison, prices in Jhansi and Kanpur increased by ₹10-20/kg. Onion prices in the state have been witnessing a continuous hike in the last few days. ©2014 Vegetable & Fruit Promotion Council, Keralam. ... "Government should intervene to control the onion price. From ₹160-165/kg earlier this week it has come down to ₹130/140. "The prices of small onions have now crossed Rs 180 mark. Live spot prices : Mustard Oil (Arrivals: 8 Tonnes Price: 11800.00) Coconut Oil (Arrivals: 0.1 Tonnes Price: 18900.00) Arecanut (Arrivals: 450 Tonnes Price: 39904.00) Please note that, vegetables Price may vary between Market, Shopping malls / Super markets and retail shops based on the availability and decision of the vendor. However, the prices dropped … Onion prices are spiraling out of control in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, ahead of Christmas and New Year season putting the hotel and restaurant industry in crisis. The price of small onions has touched Rs 100 per kilo, and the price of large onions stands at Rs 90 per kilo. The Kerala government has decided to intervene in the steep rise in onion prices that has occurred over the past few days. Design: Web Circuit IndiaWeb Circuit India The small onion is priced at Rs 90 per kg. Only once has the price of onion crossed Rs 100 in Kerala, which was in June 2014, when it touched Rs 120 per kg. On Thursday, the Minister for Agriculture VS Sunil Kumar told media that the state will source onions from the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), and will sell them to the public at half the present market price. List of Coconut mandi rates in Kerala,Coconut mandi live prices, Coconut local market wise commodity price listing. I am not buying till the price slips down," said another consumer, Chandran.