If you close the rod in your trunk or tailgate, it is going to break, but it shouldn’t break with normal use. This fly fishing rod is amazing and comes in a variety of length and sizes. Durable and designed for the most challenging conditions, the fly rods are perfect for use in both fresh and saltwater. If this applies to you and you are going to be fishing for a lot of bass, or if you are just looking for a dedicated streamer rod to tangle with some big, carnivorous brown trout, get the TFO Pro II in a 7 weight and you will have yourself a great rod for those applications. There are a couple things that make the TFO Pro II such a great rod, the first of them is its incredible feel. An Afternoon on the water is a beautiful thing, especially if you pair it with a good friend, and TFO’s Professional Series II fly rod. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Braided Graphite Fly Fishing Rods at Amazon.com. Particularly if looking for a fly rod to achieve the perfect balance between presentation and distance, this remarkable machine comes highly recommended. Most fly rod reviews are written by people who are like professional daters. If you want to check out the other 4 rods that do such a great job as beginner fly rods, feel free to read our article on the subject right here. Great in a variety of weather conditions. Catch your first fish easily and early! Available for a very reasonable price, the TFO Fly Fishing Rods are perfect for anyone starting dry fly fishing. Surprisingly, it’s still a good fit for those who are still learning the ropes of fly fishing. We believe after going through our TFO Fly Rods Professional reviews, you have a clear idea on what this fly rod offers. Take the rod apart when you are done fishing to avoid stuck ferrules. Now let’s check out the breakdown of the TFO Fly Rods Professional reviews: Overview: Despite it being of the lightweight design, the TFO BVK Series of Fly Fishing Rods don’t compromise when it comes to strength and power. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! That spread really provides a huge range of performance as well as the repute and popularity of Temple Fork Outfitters rods. My next purchases will be a 4 and a 6 weight to replace my 5. Sage Bass II Bass Fly rods are designed to be sensitive but still allow for a solid hookset and hold up to a fight. At the end of the day, when you purchase a TFO fly rod you can be pretty confident that you will be getting a quality piece of workmanship at a very reasonable price. Before you can truly understand why the Pro 2 is such a great rod you need to know a little bit about Temple Fork Outfitters and their amazing fly rods. AUD $239.95 RRP $249.99. Terrible in tight but watch out on the straightaway. TFO FINESSE TROUT 8’9” #4 $229.95 George’s Comments: We should have probably dropped this longer Finesse from our Shootout as the shorter 7’9” Finesse performed so much better. TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series 2 Fly Rod. The TFO BVK Series of Fly Fishing Rods are very durable, reliable, and stylish too! It features alignment dots, so you can align the pieces for improved casting. In this AvidMax product review, watch as Jeff highlights the key features of the TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series Fly Rod! With the exception of tiny streams, or casting to bonefish on the flats you will be able to do about any type of fishing with this rod and really enjoy it. The 6 or 5 weight is going to be more versatile then the 7 however so if you want to do a lot of different types of fishing with one rod, one of those 2 would be my suggestion. This fly rod is tough enough to handle the toughest bass. Fishing for a variety of species becomes an absolute breeze with this superb fishing rod. Free shipping on many items ... tfo fly rod lefty krech professional series 3 wt 8’6” 4 pc With White Creek Case. TFO then made adjustments to the rods according to the feedback they received. Read more The fly rods are a must have masterpiece for professionals as well! The IM6 Graphite construction aims to deliver extended power and durability for heavy use in extreme weather conditions. TFO also has a pretty decent warranty as well, which you can check out here. Ans: Snake guides feature anodized steel, which is complemented by ultra-hard Chromium infused. The Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) Fly Rods are an excellent choice if you’re all about reliability, accuracy, and versatility. For the reasons discussed above, it really does! The fly rod is super lightweight, so you’re not fatigued after a full day on the water. TFO BVK 9’#8 4pc $279.95. This rod is going to be able to do everything that a new angler needs a rod to do, and it is going to do it well. Ans: The TFO BVK Series of Fly Fishing Rods are available in different weights ranging from 3 to 12 weight. Now, I don’t usually talk about specific types of fishing like this within beginner rod review, but the TFO Pro II throws sinking line so well that I really felt like I should mention it. TFO Fly Rods Professional Reviews! $25.90 shipping. Honestfishers.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This fighting butt stands up to weather and wear and helps when fighting large fish.