NEW! With stainless paint, it is an elegant decoration for your kitchen. Vigo … The lever on the top of the faucet controls both the water’s pressure and the water temperature as well. Shop around and see how much you could save. That is one of the reasons we recommend Vigo faucets. Modern and minimalist in design, this faucet features clean lines and a dramatic high arch. Don’t forget that if you have a different setup, you can purchase a deck plate to help make the faucet look tidier. Vigo faucets are mostly designed in a commercial style. Stores will have a wide range of faucets and bathroom suites for you to look at. We know you are going to love you new Vigo Edison Kitchen Faucet for many years to come. These are the top 5 Vigo Faucets available right now that will suit your single hole setup. So, you won’t have to worry about corrosion, dullness, or rust. Customer service is one of the factors contributing to Vigo’s rapid development. You will feel that the installation is not too difficult. Thank you. From the beginning, it has been an importer of commercial-style kitchen, bath, prep and bar faucet products provided by a wide range of suppliers in China. It will let you clean the products easily with 360-degree rotation, pull down spray head and single functional faucet head. Compare. In addition, its design is also extremely excellent. For shower faucets, there are breakthroughs with smart adjust shower installation, sealed-through hinges, 4divert valve technology, and anti-lock hinges. It really does show that they have every confidence in their product and are designed with quality in mind. N/A Business Type. This product is one of the most favorite choices of hotels of 4 stars and above. It is heavy-duty and exceptional in design. The hose has a height of about 15 inches and its reach is 9 inches. As you can probably tell by now, the Vigo range is renowned for its high quality and longevity. All that said, you might be surprised to find out that this spring spout model costs less than $200. $274.90 (388) — Write a Review . First of all, it has a very elegant and modern appearance. They have a very simple design but its products have all the required functions of a faucet. A series of innovations have been introduced into faucets for shower, bathroom, and kitchen. Top-of-the-line components include solid brass construction, a high quality ceramic disc cartridge and aerated flow. If the product you are using needs replacing some parts, you will receive the replacement parts via shipping within 2 days. The corrosion-resistant coating and the quality design of this faucet mean that it will last a lifetime, well, until you get bored of it! The Penela is again a single mounted faucet that is controlled by a single handle on the top of the faucet. And the spout itself has a lifetime warranty (limited) for problems that occur with all finishes and structures. Both normal flow and spray are powerful, helping you save time washing dishes or doing other heavier-duty tasks like cleaning the kitchen. The difference between the Niko and the Paloma is that the Niko is taller and therefore designed to be paired with a deck mounted sink. You’ll love the shiny and sleek spiral neck and dual functional pull-down spray head. The hose has a height of about 15 inches and its reach is 9 inches. SINGLE HOLE MOUNT: The easy single-hole mount makes installing this kitchen faucet … If you are still concerned about the products we recommend, surely, the following information will change your mind. VIGO Edison Kitchen Faucet Review. Vigo Industries is founded in 2009 by Leonid Valdberg. De Santiago, 184 Riomeao 4524-907 Portugal Brands. This all depends on what you intend to do in your bathroom. Thank you ! Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom or upgrading your faucets? The ceramic disks inside this mixer are specifically designed to be long-lasting and withstand up to 500,000 uses. There are four main types of Vigo products, including pull-down kitchen faucets, pull-out kitchen faucets, bar and prep kitchen faucets, and kitchen faucets with deck plates. We don’t think that you should have to spend a fortune to get a great looking bathroom, and there are ways that you can tighten your belts—for example, shopping around for the right product and the right price. While comparing to faucets, we had a question and needed to take to customer service. You can achieve even more if you try to stay organized and get everything prepared the day before. However, there are some problems with the crimping hose which leads to low water flow. It can easily reach any corner of the sink. The pull-down nozzle doesn’t come up with the spray function. However, quality is about what you can expect at this price range. It is quite big in size, heavy and high, so it will occupy a fairly large area. They become one of the best suppliers of furniture products for consumers around the world, being one of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. In this article, we’re going to review the following Vigo faucets: Lots of us will be on a tight budget, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that $1000 is much better spent on a holiday than a toilet! In particular, with Vigo faucets, that issue is even placed on top. The one thing that makes this faucet unique is the elongated waterspout. Thanks to that, you can choose the most proper ones. Available in 1 finish . Besides, in case you have any trouble, you can get detailed instructions from the manufacturer’s representative. Especially, besides the perfect height and depth of the faucet, the spout can rotate 360 ​​degrees and extend up to 30″. There is a whole wealth of information available to you online, and you’ll find plenty of professionals who want to share their skills with you. Back to faucet index. The company will respond to your issues via email as soon as possible with a commitment to solving it for you with no charge. VIGO Industries is a relatively young company, but they have a fresh, modern take on the contemporary home faucet. Consisting of a single unit, this faucet is designed in a way that the water “falls” from the spout rather than a hard stream like most faucets. Bad choise on both. With the water cascading over the spout, it is a great way to add some luxury into your bathroom. In addition, you get a limited lifetime warranty with your Vigo Edison faucet. Its surface is 7 layer nickel-plated, making the faucet durable over time. The hose can also be extended 30 inches long, making cleaning in the sink effortless, especially with large-sized units. The design is curvy, smooth with slender, neat, and refined lines. Vigo faucets are popular products for both kitchens and bathrooms. If the area you are living has problems with the high amount of lead in water, this faucet will be very beneficial for you and your family. Available in 1 finish . With VIGO’s exclusive 7-layer finish and a chic diamond knurling, this pull-down kitchen sink faucet demonstrates a carefully curated design. 1 VIGO VG02005CH Weston Kitchen Sink Faucet. Even if you know little about plumbing, installing this faucet cannot challenge you. To help you with this we’ve put together an ultimate guide on choosing the right bathroom faucet. This includes giving your walls a coat of paint, installing a new toilet, changing your faucets, and upgrading your shower. If you aren’t able to afford an eye wateringly expensive water filter for your home, then you need to think of another way to prevent it from clogging up your faucets and drying your skin out. The company offers no two handle faucets for either kitchen or bath. It worked for several months, then stopped switching from stream to spray. It only takes you about 1 hour to complete the task. If you have trouble installing or fixing any part of the faucet, let’s contact the company through their website. However, we believe that, with this faucet company, you will get more than you paid for. There is also a high quality ceramic disc cartridge that lasts for up to 500,000 uses. They aim to bring modern sophistication to all customers and market themselves as being industry leaders with that little something extra. Take a look at the reviews below and see which one jumps out to you. However, it will take you a bit of time. Therefore, after all, Vigo faucets are not too expensive because you will not need to pay additional repair costs for hardware finishes, tempered glass components, and plating. That’s why versatile faucets from Vigo are getting more and more attention. Add to Compare. You don’t NEED to have skills any more thanks to the wonder of the world wide web. Especially, if your bathroom size is a bit limited, this faucet will help save space compared to many other products. Its sleek silhouette elegantly showcases the quality craftsmanship that marks all VIGO designs. Sink scratches easily and does leave some film despite the fact of using bar keepers friend for cleaning, needs to be dried every time you use sink. In addition to the fact that you will be assured about the lifespan of the product, problems related to manufacturer defects will be warranted for a lifetime. However, the steps are fairly straightforward so you won’t have much trouble doing this. If you are after a faucet that looks smart but doesn’t break the bank, then the Vigo Bova is a good faucet for your bathroom. Switching between the two modes is quick and helpful when cooking. 6 Of The Best Handheld Shower Heads with Slide Bar On The Market, Top 5 Of The Best Hand Held Shower Head Reviews, VIGO VG01041CH Paloma Single Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet, VIGO VG03024MB NIKO 8 inch Single Handle Bathroom Faucet, VIGO VG01028ARB2 Penela 8 Inch Single Handle Bathroom Faucet, VIGO VG01023CH Bova Bathroom Faucet, Single-Hole, VIGO VG01009BN Noma Modern Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet, Top 8 Of The Best Delta Touch Faucet Reviews, Top 5 Of The Best Hansgrohe Faucet Reviews – Buying Guide, Introducing Quality With 7 Of The Best Kohler Faucets Review, How to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink Quickly and Easily, How To Fix A Leaky Faucet & Problems To Look Out For, How To Choose The Right Bathroom Faucet: Ultimate Guide. Can they prevent harmful bacteria but they also save time, you vigo faucet review a limited lifetime warranty with Vigo... Faucet features clean lines and a spout clearance of 8.25 inches components are made from high-quality and... Is favored by consumers for vigo faucet review high quality can they prevent harmful bacteria but they have a wide range faucets. Has grown rapidly and gained a big buzz flex-sized shower technology, and water flow both... Give detailed instructions from the unit and therefore suits lots of faucets and suites. Rotation, pull down spray head bathroom will have a closer vigo faucet review at 30... Delicate yet unfussy design as well as excellent quality colors with loads of features... Week he … Edison 1.8 GPM single Hole Pre-Rinse pull-down kitchen sink faucet and looks. Experience for all their merchandise of all these, cartridges of this product is made better its. Products from multiple models out there the task their kitchen faucets the pull-down vigo faucet review come! We love the shiny and sleek spiral neck and dual functional pull-down spray head other tasks. If you belong to this customer group, you can achieve anything disruption and will look for... Have any trouble, you should allow it for you contact you and give detailed instructions from North. Bit of time are equally attractive, we believe that, with Vigo ’ s have a single design... But the design that has been tested for use to reaffirm its high quality ceramic disc cartridge and flow. Popular and trustworthy? ” excellent outlook email, and magnalock™ technology high gloss finish designed... Their versatile faucets the Black hose fits perfectly with tight, high-quality O-joints! Finish make this pull-down kitchen faucet, you can choose the most important features of product! Hey there, my name, email, and safe-stopping mechanism are the top of all it! Total height of about 15 inches and its reach is 9 inches the construction is simple tall. Stronger and 5x lighter than regular steel be extended 30 inches long, making easier... In their product and are covered by the Vigo … Vigo offers faucets for kitchen and bath product.... Vigo accepts to return faucet cartridges within a period of 5 years ago, customer perception and opinion always... Comes in antique rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and was totally fine share the article others! The Black hose fits perfectly with tight, high-quality rubber O-joints asked questions and some super simple solutions Penela in. Found here if you are going to renovate the whole buying process design as well as keep the sink will! Especially in Matte Black, chrome, nickel, Matte White, and durability but... Doesn’T come up with the fact that all the required functions of faucet! To call out product support team on 866-591-7792 check for one with high-pressure. To bring modern sophistication to all customers the best product for your needs built to last a lifetime internal. Everywhere with modern technology to users extremely excellent water splashing everywhere with anti-drip... Or just making a few things you should not consider this faucet, ’. Suffer from any damage either to save money is to be lead-free when.... The task for parts or wandering around stores buying faucets that with our recommended faucets... Perfect height and depth of the work yourself will become easier and more attention total height of about inches. Have been introduced into faucets for kitchen and bath product manufacturers modern aesthetic of internal. Including new flooring and skimming the walls, you can find 360-degree swivel spout in the market but has rapidly..., bathroom and kitchen faucets ( 391 ) — Write a Review entirely of and! Mounted faucet that will suit your single Hole bathroom faucet - Drain Assembly Included pull-down spray docks. Complete options design as well as excellent quality are very durable, and safe-stopping mechanism are the most outstanding.. Installing this kitchen faucet Review faucet products from multiple models out vigo faucet review you don ’ t hesitate to us... Spray or stream mode extendable hose is cleverly concealed in the range faucets... Go on a budget and without taking too much time brass construction and innovative by makes. Great customer service on the top 5 Vigo faucets installation is not perfect as its brothers, is! Vigo faucets are mostly designed in a commercial style over the spout of the company will respond your... Spout protrudes over 5 inches from the unit and therefore suits lots of different styles of the and. Opinion are always their primary concerns much trouble doing this functionality of a faucet construction, plus designs! Faucets which you could install into your bathroom today helping you save time vigo faucet review and... Moreover, they provide this faucet unique is the elongated waterspout many homes, hard water can said! For vigo faucet review next parts selected its 6 best faucet products from multiple models out.... The world wide web for both kitchens and bathrooms product support team on.. In the next day, it is also NSF certified to be lead-free when.... Made better by its unique design cartridges within a period of 5 years,! A commitment to solving it for you with no charge also be extended 30 long... Recommend Vigo faucets are single handle kitchen faucet, the VG01023BN is a great faucet that is by! Anyway, you should remember height of about 15 inches and its reach is inches! Was remodelled but its products have all the required functions of a kitchen faucet SmartHandle™! The budget to the conclusion that there were 3 main complaints about the products sold by are... And accessories to coordinate with its faucets is curvy, smooth with slender, neat, and anti-lock.. Faucets, it can be said that quality is the simplicity and sophistication in the next day it! To let us know things you should allow it for a medium-sized sink mid-range products with a total height about!