Qfeast is the most popular network that let you create online quizzes, stories, questions, polls or interest pages Join now...it only takes a second or so! It's important to find the underlying reason why your sister is mean. Then maybe, you can do something about it. 1 times. Remember, this test isn't about whether people like you or not. You buy a new top which you were a bit unsure about. I have a younger sister, and she has constantly bothered me with unnecessary complaints and requests that eliminate all motivation to be productive. In fact, they hate you, and it's time to find out why. Qfeast » Play this game to review undefined. A perfect sister, the best of your friends, the person that understands you perfectly is your sister, so make the most of her. There's a personal reason why I created this quiz. Edit. But it turns out she was being too protective and she didn't hate … I HATE MY SISTER DRAFT. "This quiz is was made so you can see if you love or hate your family. Question: 1. 5 months ago. in the poll after this. I figured that she must also think I'm annoying, and so I came up with a few things that annoy both of us the most. However, siblings do not always get along - sharing space, attention and resources gets frustrating. do you hate your family? Let's break down exactly why that's happening. My family is the one of the most evil I know about. We might sometimes have our ups and downs, but that doesn't mean we have to take it out on our family. is your dad fat? 5 months ago. 0. Another reason why your sister can be mean or it seems like your sister hates you is because she feels jealous. do you think your little/big brother is annoying? Random Quiz Create A Quiz. this is the final question, do you love Edit. What do they say? I live in London with my younger brother, Matthew, my younger sister, Annabell and my older sister, Satelizer. 3rd grade. A quiz perfect for getting a second view on whether or not you may be drifting from your friends. We already know they hate you, and you already know the same. lets find out!!!cont. do you have a pet if so do you hate it? Satelizer is very strict and stern over us and I always felt that she hated me. Search. WHY DO I HATE MY SISTER. More Family Quizzes matthisa000_82414. Question 1 What is this woman doing? Without knowing you and your sister personally, or having any background on your family dynamic, I can’t really answer that question. Sometimes, it's because they are simply young, and plenty of sisters who grew bigger grow out of it. do you like to spend time with your family? A few years later my sister was a mother herself, to my two lovely nieces, now in their twenties. do you hate your mom or dads cooking? Created by: magicmaddie on November 18, 2015 | 6,696 plays. Save. When I told my parents about being group-raped a few times as a kid, they went silent and 5 minutes afterwards they started to talk about something else they thought so funny they laughed. I hate my family except for my mother cause I can understand why she couldnt take care of me as a kid. I had two more children, and, probably because we … 0% average accuracy. Take this survey! I HATE MY SISTER DRAFT. Do my friends hate me? WHY DO I HATE MY SISTER Preview this quiz on Quizizz. by matthisa000_82414. You may even say, "I hate my sister," whenever she annoys you.