You can use a two way switch for one way switching. The switch is quite old and has a red, white and black wire along with the copper attached to the box. The schematic shows that circuit is completed and bulb is ON. more often than not if you ask for a one-way switch these days you'll be given a two-way. Superfluous note: Unfortunately the naming of the switches that are the topic of this question is deceiving for those not in the know. This is in a split level home so there are 3 switches at top, bottom and middle of stairs. All work carried out should comply with all applicable Wiring Regulations. Remove the 4-way and put in the 3-way smart switch. Wattage Rating: 250W 3 way turn sequence LO-MED-HI-OFF, Compatible with three-way light bulbs, or one-way Light bulbs. This is also known as the 'conversion' method, since it is the easiest way to add a second light switch to an existing circuit. A 1 gang switch will control a single lighting circuit, and with a 2 gang switch you can control two lighting circuits, and so on. I want to convert the 3-Way by the exterior door to an outlet for a power center. It is also an easy way to add a second switch to an existing circuit. Show only OP | 10 May 2013 at 12:10 #1. Hello, I have a scenario in which I have 2 physical switches to control a light and I want to connect it with my sonoff 4ch pro r2. 28 July 2010 at 12:42PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving 4 replies 49.3K views Here you can see the back of a light switch, in this instance it is a two way switch being used for a one way light. Both switches must be of the two way type, and will have three terminals. Just ignore the L2 terminal. Now the box with the 4-way switch has only one wire coming into it. Thanks ahead of time – I am VERY NEW to this. How to convert a single switch to a two way system. Two way light switch using 2 core cable. Before proceeding, an important component called a Two-Way Light Switch is the main element of the 2 Way Switching, irrespective of the type of wiring used. This should give you a good basic understanding how the 2-way switch circuit works and will help you in adding or changing a 2-way switch. ... L1 of switch 1 must indeed connect to L1 of switch 2; and L2 of switch 1 must indeed connect to L2 of switch 2. Each of the gangs (or switches) above in Fig 2 (of which there are two) work like this (Fig 3): In position 1 (when the switch is down or ‘on’), COM and L1 are connected together (just like the one way switch).In position 2 (when the switch is up or ‘off’), COM and L2 are connected together. Note: The same purpose can be achieved by using the following two way switching connection in fig 3 as well. Working & Operation of Staircase Wiring – 2-Way Light Switching. I’d like to tie them together into a single 4 way system, and to remove one of the switches in the middle box. Here 1 terminal is the input and the other two are used as outputs. The switch I want to convert is #2. Before jumping straight into the feature specific table, let’s go through some useful information. The switches are poorly placed so the light is often on when not needed, and difficult to turn on when it is needed. May also be referred to as a toggle switch. 1 gang, 2 gang, 1 way switch, 2 way switch - i'm confused! Three-way and 4 way switches are easy to distinguish. So now that you have a basic concept of wiring a 2-way switch, let's look at the following 2-way switch diagrams to see which type of circuit scenario you have. If in any doubt on how to proceed, consult a qualified electrician. Three wires between the two end switches, probably using 3 core and earth cable. 2 Way vs 3 Way Switch. The path that the electricity follows as it passes between the switches is not unlike a railroad switching yard. Medium base (E26) interior only, shell Incandescent lamp holder, removable turn knob, 2-circuit, for 3-way 2-filament lamps as a two-way can be used as a one-way some manufacturers no longer make one-way switches. Pro tip: It's likely you'll also need to replace the existing switch box with a larger one to accommodate the extra wires for the 3 way switch. Could I convert a 4way staircase set up to a 2-way, motion-sensor switch? 76.1 KB Views: 15,136. Feb 9, 2014 #2. davenn Moderator. I was thinking of connecting one of these physical switches to sonoff so that I can control the light using the physical switches and eWelink. Read the instructions carefully before commencing installation. wires found inside a 3-wire cable. Its much easier than faffing around when you don't know what you are doing. The three terminals are usually named COM, L1 and L2, but sometimes COM, 1 Way and 2 Way are also used. To convert a 3-way switch to single pole, one of the traveler wires is removed from the switch. Converting two way switch to one way? From that 4-way switch, it then travels to an additional 4-way switch or, in your case, to the final 3-way switch. A simple on-off switch animation: The two terminals are either connected together (allowing current to flow) or disconnected from each other, breaking the circuit, as you throw the switch. Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by 413x, 10 May 2013. Replies: 17 Views: 705. Attachments. A one way switch has only a common and L1 terminal and a two way switch has a common, L1 and L2 terminal, like this one in the picture. A 3-way switch has three screws plus the green grounding screw. Joined: 13 Jan 2010 Posts: 20,755 Location: Llaneirwg. Remove the 3-way switch and box. Three way switching, 3 wires. Can anyone provide me a connection diagram for this scenario? 2 way switching means having two or more switches in different locations to control one lamp.They are wired so that operation of either switch will control the light. There are different ways to connect up two way lighting circuits, one way is to use a twin & earth cable between the two light switches. How do i configure the cabling to convert a 2 way to 1 way.Is it a case of using a connector block to link up the cables as they were previously or is it more complicated with regards to the switch wire? It’s okay if this is too complex for you. Using a common terminal and a selector to reroute the signal of a circuit, the two-way switch can be found in almost all electrical applications. Switch 1 (outside light) red wire from right hand grey cable -> Com red wire from second right grey cable -> L1 red wire from Com to Switch 2 L2 ... converting two way switch to one way with dimmer. Electrical Question from John about 4 Way Switch Wiring Background: John, a Homeowner from Chicago Question: Hello, I have 2, 3-way switch setups each controlling 1 light fixture. An example of such a system is in a hallway where the lights in the hall upstairs can be switched on and off from a switch downstairs. Remove that single cable from both boxes and abandon the wires, capped and taped, folded back inside the wall. Can I convert a 3 way lighting circuit into a 2 way circuit and eliminate one of the switches? Two way switching - Plastic switches. Can I do this based on my particular wiring scheme? I have a picture on how it is wired. Just convert it to a single-gang one-way switch? Incorrect installation will invalidate your guarantee. It will not work if the wires are connected to the two traveler terminals. Where, 0 represents the OFF condition and 1 represents the ON condition. Then two wires that run through to a second switch to the circuit that are called travelers. Last edited: Feb 9, 2014. Replacing a one way light switch with 2 two way light switches allows one light to be switched on and off independently of the other switch. Below is a given schematic wiring diagram (fig 2) that shows how to wire a 2-way switch and control a light bulb from two different places. Consider the above 2-way switch wiring diagram which has been used to control a bulb in staircase. ! We are adding a light fixture to an existing run and were amazed to find out that this circuit was originally a 3-way, with the other end now buried and unreachable in some wall.So I would like to change the 3-way to a 2-way, but don't know how. In order for a 3-way switch to function as a single pole, the wires need to be connected to the common and one of the traveler terminals. Can convert previous 1 way lamp to 3 way socket, just switch bulbs to 3 way after install. 13,691 1,898. I have a light controlled by 2 different wall switches (3-way switches) I want to disable one of the switches and convert the remaining switch to a simple ‘regular’ one-way switch. Help – convert 3-way switch to simple one way switch. Thanks!! A two-way switch, or a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch, can be used as a selector to switch between two circuits or signal paths in devices ranging from electric guitars to car engines. The 2 way switch or single pole double throw switch is a three terminal switch. unphased, Sep 19, 2018 #8. So, what is a 2 way switch? Step 1: Remove the 3-way switch from the junction you want to remain and (Assuming this is the hot source) replace the switch with a single pole switch. One Way Light Switch Wiring Diagram One Way Ceiling Switch Wiring Diagram. Thanks for any help . It is a standard single pole switch with three terminals. Large-3-way-switch-1.jpg. Use a 1 way light switch in a exisiting 2 way setup? However if you need two switches to control a single lighting circuit, such as in the case of at the head and foot of stairs so you can switch the lights on and off in both places, you need to understand a 2 ‘way’ switch. This method can be dangerous if the neutral from the ceiling rose is connected to … This is the new method to make a 2-way switch connection and it is slightly different from the two-wire control method.This method is commonly used nowadays as it is efficient than the Two-Wire control system. Sep 5, 2009. hi there welcome to the forums tell us more about what you are trying to achieve with the little info you have given its really difficult to give a good answer The most basic three-way switch setup has two switches that connect and control one light fixture, like switches on either end of a hallway, staircase or large living area. How to Connect 2-way Switch Wiring using Three-wire control. This arrangement is often found in stairways, with one switch upstairs and one switch downstairs or in long hallways with a switch at either end. Capodecina. As with the one way switch, the switch cable from the ceiling rose contains two wires, a permanent live and a switched live. Richard’s answer is excellent and, with the diagrams, should make the answer to the original question clear. Is it possible to convert a 2-way switch into a splitter? Patch the drywall. A two way switch (for switching a light from two different locations like in a hallway) has a common (C) a L1 and an L2 terminal. 413x. MarcoM, 14 Sep 2019, in forum: Electrics UK. the same is not true in reverse however - one-way switches can only be used as one-way. Black/Red/White/insulated green or bare copper wire. (continued on step 2) Knowledge 1: 3-way switches only have 1 hot (the black). Add an electrical box for the second 3-way switch in the basement. Important. Sometimes referred to as a Single pole, single throw switch (abbreviated to SPST). L1 is off when L2 is on and vice versa depending on the switch position. Either way, complete these five steps for 3-way light switch wiring: Turn off the correct circuit at your electrical panel.