View Product. UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk. The Lihi Desk ergonomic standing desk is a simple, sturdy, height adjustable , motorized desk without too many extra bells and whistles, but is still flexible and sports a powerful enough motor to really give you the option of sitting when you choose and standing when you prefer. They have a distinct advantage over most manually-operated desks in speed, convenience, and performance, but tend to cost more than their crank-operated cousins. ... Agile Corner Electric Height Adjustable Standing D. From $1,649.00. 00. 00 (8) More options. Amazon's best selling standing desk. Unit price / per . $0. Standing Desk: Evolve Electric 1200 -1800 Wide x 700 Deep - Free Nationwide Rapid Shipping, Dual Motors, 160KG Weight Capacity - Shop online today DESCRIPTION PRODUCT VIDEOS Free Nationwide Rapid Shipping On This Product - Buy Direct From The Importer, Over 5000 Evolve Standing Desks Sold! A$1,270.00 - A$1,500.00 Shop. Benefits of using an electric standing desk. DESK-KIT-MB4B 43" x 24" Manual Height Adjustable Desk. Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EC1-48" W. Save extra $10 in cart Single motor 2-stage frame w/ basic up-down keypad Height range from 29" - 48.6" Shop Now . The stand up desk is perfect for that. The style maker. Buy Sit and Stand Desks at everyday low prices at Officeworks. Stable Operation with a 154 lb weight capacity. An electric adjustable-height standing desk is a desk typically powered by precision linear motor drives that easily changes height with the press of a button. Creates an L-shaped standing desk when table tops are installed for the ideal corner workstation (table tops must be purchased separately). Standing Desks; Mobile Desks; Floating Desks; Kids Desks; Desk Converters. Zen Space Desks offers 3 different electronic lifting systems for our sit stand desk range, each designed with quality and stability in mind. I can adjust my standing desk height quietly and seamlessly without anyone even noticing. Every Xdesk exudes fascinating appeal, setting them far apart from every other electric standing desk. One of the best things about an electric height adjustable standing desk is easy to change the height of the desk. $0. The greater overall versatility of having a full desk plus the easy electronic adjustability, great build quality and very competitive price make this our go-to choice for a standing desk. The standing desk leader. Recently, they have also shown that standing at your desk can burn up to 50 additional calories per hour. BEKANT. Height Adjustable Executive Desks Small Height Adjustable Desk Stand Up Desk Converter Electric Lift Heavy Duty Standing Desk Manual Wind-Up Sit Stand Desk Programmable Adjustable Height Desk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Large Electric Height Adjustable Tables Stand Up Desk on Wheels Sit Stand Chairs & Sit Stand Stools Altex 100 Corner Workstation Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk The Altex 100 height adjustable desks have a stand-up desk frame which features electric height adjustment, straight or corner desk styles and is available in a range of sizes and colours. PrimeCables offer you variety of sit standing desk solutions including height adjustable sit standing desk , electric motorized sit stand riser , monitor mount desk as well as other office ergonomic accessories at the lowest price as possible! Foldable hand crank, increase convenience and space savings Height range from 28" - 47.6" Alternating between sitting and standing as often as you can encourages you to move more during the day, promoting blood flow around the body and strengthening countless small muscle groups involved with posture and coordination. Curved Corner Desk; 4-Leg Desk; If the plethora of off-the-shelf options weren't enough, we also offer a made-to-order solid wood height adjustable desk available in 16 different wood species and cut to your exact size requirements. The benefit includes better posture, less strain in back and shoulders, better blood circulation, increasing fat burning, better performance at work. Stand up or sit. Recommended thickness is 3/4” or greater. If you're looking for a premium standing desk that gives you the ultimate control and customizable options, the Uplift V2 Standing Desk is the best pick. Reduced noise level at roughly 45 db. With a delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit. DESK-KIT-1B4B 43" x 24" Electric Desk with Black Frame and Memory Pad. The 71” Triple Motor Electric L-Shaped Desk / Standing Desk with EZ Assemble Frame is our most spacious standing desk model. Latest News Feb.18.2020 Now, we offer everything from space planning and design services to flexible office furniture and turnkey office space solutions. It is good to alternate between sitting and standing during a working day. We are Vari®, and we create workspaces that elevate people. VARIDESK is now Vari. Limit of Value for Money – While standing desk converters can be a cost-effective alternative to a full standing desk, there is a limit to when it makes sense. Studies have shown there are health benefits linked to movement throughout your day. The benchmark. BEKANT. Our electric desk can be easily adjusted to the physical requirements of any body type, making it an ideal choice for modern work environments. Desk with screen 63x63 21 5/8 "$ 616. A$999.00 - A$1,589.00 Shop. Shop Sit and Stand Desks and enjoy free Click and Collect and delivery Australia wide. I have recommended it to my coworkers. The first is a 16-inch wide lower section that is designed to hold your keyboard and mouse, as well as serve as a workspace for all things pen and paper. UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk. The well designed corner standing desk converters offer a little more depth to the surface, and take on a 5-sided shape (picture home plate, on a baseball field) - which offers much more space for your monitors. Explore 12 design-conscious desks that are distinctively different. Full standing desks are getting less expensive, and for around $490 you can buy a quality electric standing desk. ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - A telescopic height adjustment bar allows you to go from sitting to standing in seconds with just the touch of the control panel. 00. 1300 650 773 Corner desk right sit/stand 63x43 1/4 "$ 579. Available in varying desk top sizes and colors, in either laminate or real native wood tops, these sit stand desks provide an excellent solution for those needing a larger work surface or a shared desk space. ... With a standing desk, you can also reduce time spent sitting. Ensures perfect balance as you raise and lower your desk; So with that in mind, here are our 4 best corner standing desk converters. MULTI-FUNCTION CONTROL BOX The heart of the Eureka Standing Desk. ... Black Corner 67" x 60" Electric Desk. SHW Desks SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk SHW Standing Desk SHW L Shaped Desk Home Office Corner Desk SHW Furniture July 29, 2020 November 19, 2020 ~ admin ~ Leave a comment SHW Company SHW Brand design SHW desks for many years,now SHW desks has become a famous brand all over the world ,especially in Unite State. DESK-KIT-B06B The key is the specially-designed, pre-assembled frame. It also changes the dividing the desk into two sections for more versatility. Standing Desks. The adjustable height desk leader. I once expensive and niche corner of the convertible standing desk market, you can now purchase an electric desk riser for as low as $229, with dozens of options to choose from. Corner desk left sit/stand 63x43 1/4 "$ 549. Such as essential 2-leg electric standing desk base, 3-leg desk base, 4-Leg desk frame, 120 degree corner, 180 degree sit-stand desk base. Regular price. Workstation 126x86 5/8 "$ 996. Electric Standing Desks. ELECTRIC STANDING DESK WITH A DUAL MOTOR DESIGN Quiet Dual Motors For Added Strength and Stability. WARNING: This product can expose you to Formaldehyde (gas), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. 00 (13) More options. From the brand that invented it. BEKANT. Simple and sleek design combined with smooth movement and precise adjustability, the electric standing desk by Progressive Desk is a must-have for any home or office space. Fellowes Levado Electric Height Adjustable Desk (Frame Only) A$1,270.00 Shop. UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd. ACN: 638 217 777. Sale * Sold out. Agile Corner Manual Height Adjustable Standing Des. The benchmark. Whether you want to sit on the floor or stand tall, two electric motors quietly and easily adjust the height from 25.5 to 51.1 inches with an astounding 355-pound lifting capacity. Fezibo Electric Standing Desk: $299.99 $279.99 at Amazon At the time of writing, this is the best-selling standing desk at … From $1,289.00. Regular price $999.00 - $1,589.00 Sale price $999.00 to $1,589.00. So, on this page, we'll help you navigate the wide selection of electric standing desk converters, to help you find the model that is just right for you. With its 3-stage linear motion design, our desks are built to give you freedom of movement with just the press of a button. These include our electric height adjustable desk and manual height adjustable desk. $0. More of a do-it-yourselfer? It also offers the highest weight capacity, the widest array of features - and as the name implies - quickest setup. The Altex 100 easily transforms from a.. With our online store, you can order your new adjustable workstation from the comfort of your home. UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Corner Standing Desk. Standing desks from $49. We started with standing desks. Adding an adjustable height desk to your current setup can provide the freedom to sit or stand throughout the day. Visit Bad Backs for quality electric adjustable desks. L-shaped and large corner height-adjustable desks give users the option of a bigger desk, up to nearly seven feet wide on each side. For more information go to Most of our products seen above feature our two leg ‘Professional Series’ electronic lifting system, boasting impressive capacity, best in market stability and programmability, making this a great all rounder with ‘future proof’ characteristics. Four electric motor Pro desks or standing desk converters from $49. A sit stand desk is ergonomics and wellness solution to improve your productivity by changing position. The style maker. The all-new Patented electric motorized Pro. Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk H1. Fellowes Levado Electric Height Adjustable Desk. The Stand Up Desk Split Top offers the healthy convenience of an electric adjustable desk at an amazing price point.