Light Req: It prefers partial sun. Often referred to as the Washington Palm, the Mexican Fan Palm has upright branches with leaves spread elegantly on the ends. It is great for growing in USDA Zones 10a (30 to 35 F) to 11 (above 40 F). Growing about 25 feet tall, it thrives in full sun. In the wild, it grows mainly in southwestern Europe, in places like Spain and Portugal, but also in North Africa. Popular fan palm for the garden or conservatory. Today. This plant prefers well-drained soil and full-sun conditions to grow. star. The following is detailed information on the cold hardy Mexican Fan palm. So what more perfect place for a palm or two than your own garden. Fan palm tree needs proper care in order to grow well. Palm trees are evergreen, tropical, and unique flowering plants. Hardy to 18°. Plant in a protected space or among other plants to prevent wind damage. Usually bought together. Blue Hesper Palm Brahea armata (Rare) Outdoors, full sun. Cabbage palm trees require full sun to partial shade and tolerate a range of soil varieties … From China, people in the Southwest can bring a little slice of paradise home thanks to its adaptability. This species is found from North Carolina on South, through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida… the Bahamas, Caribbean and Cuba. Full to partial sun. Many above just won't get tall. To 4m height, 4m canopy. star. Water Req: Moderate. Young plants prefer some shade but mature ones just love full sun. The dwarf fan palm is a plant that looks tropical but is perfectly ok with non-tropical conditions. This is also a salt-tolerant and cold tolerant plant. Large fan-like leaves make an attractive compact crown. Takes heat and wind. It has, as you might guess, fan-shaped, dark green leaves. This plant can grow to be eight feet tall, and it will do well in soil that is well-drained and full sun. Like other Licuala species, the Elegant Fan Palm does not tolerate wind very well. We trust that you'll be able to find a species that works well for you. Cold Tolerance: The Fiji Fan Palm can tolerate cold down to 30F. Needs good drainage if planted in clay soil. Livistona chinensis. For centuries palm trees have been symbols of an escape from the ordinary–of a luxurious haven in the sun-drenched landscape. The Mexican Fan Palm looks great when planted in clusters and its trunk can be skinned for a unique “cigar cut” effect that lends itself to a more formal appearance. Younger or potted plants are less hardy and may need some protection on colder nights. Pritchardia pacifica is a slow growing palm that can get up to 10-20 ft tall and 5-10 ft wide. Chinese Fan Palm (livistona chinensis) This gorgeous south-east Asian native takes its name from its fan-shaped foliage, which droops in an elegant, weeping fashion. Select a spot in your garden with good drainage in full sun, well away from structures, walkways or other plants. Takes many soils and has good drought tolerance. It’s one of only two palms native to Europe and copes happily with British weather. 13. Chinese fan palm is one of the more common varieties in the tropics. Mexican Fan Palm A classic resort style palm tree, the Mexican Fan Palm features a single trunk and is desired for its ease of growth. Caryota obtusa leaf fried by severe cold (left); Caryota maxima seedling killed outright in my yard from freeze around 25F (right) A Fast-Growing Tropical Beauty Why Mexican Fan Palm Trees? PlantFiles Pictures: Chamaerops Species, Dwarf Fan Palm, European Fan Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Moroccan Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) by Kell. Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano' Regular price £14.95-20% Price From £11.96. Prefers full sun but is tolerant of some shade. Christmas Palm. The Windmill Palm, botanical name Trachycarpus fortunei, is a very hardy, small to medium sized fan palm noted for its tropical, resort-style looks and calming nature. star. When choosing a planting location keep in mind that sharp teeth line the stem of each frond, so you may want to choose an area where pets and people won’t come into contact them. Copernicia prunifera is basically the same species as Copernicia alba, only with waxier leaves (source of Cornuba Wax) and seems well adapted to desert life as well . Full Sun exposure: Sabal Palm can tolerate a broad range of soil conditions. Beginning in June, the fragrant, white 2-inch wide clusters of flowers emerge. Hardy to 28°. Known as the Chinese Windmill Palm, it will tolerate temperatures down to about 5 F and is probably the second most cold hardy of all palms. Grow Chinese fan palm outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 9b through 11 only. You must not try to substitute a shade palm and try to use it in sun. The Bismark is a spectacular ... Read more>> Height: 15-20m: Origin: Madagascar: Position: Full Sun: Canary Island Date Palm . Zones 9-11 . Moderate grower to 25 to 30 feet and more tall, to 8-foot wide crown. Can be grown indoors in bright indirect light however can still grow to 2m. Striking silvery blue, fan shaped fronds. Pinterest. Most are full sun palms eventually but the slower, smaller species do best as understory plants, tending to look sad in full, hot sun. One of the most beautiful palms in the world, in my opinion, is this blue fan palm, Mauritiella armata ... Plant on left is growing in Florida while one on right is living in full sun in Palm Desert, California . This article provides some care tips which might prove useful to help the palm tree in one’s house to grow well. 7. Click for sizes Trachycarpus fortunei. These slow growing trees are best known as being native to Europe and used often as an eye catching shrubs and make a wonderful addition to your landscape. star. The Bismarkia is a very attractive palm but will take up a large area eventually ( 7metres across) But it can be trimed to a size. Seed grown. It can tolerate temperatures down to 10 º degrees F or lower when larger. It is not reliably winter hardy in the St. Louis area where it may not survive harsh winters. European Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) This slow-growing palm is one of the easiest to care for. star. 1. Grows slowly to 20 feet tall. It will do best with well-drained soil and full sun. 20 reviews On sale! A spectacular looking fan palm with large blueish-grey leaves up to 3m across. In the garden, plant in full sun or partial shade. In Brisbane however, we recommend planting this species in filtered sun only, or just a few hours of morning sun. Cold temperatures, wind and drought won’t phase it. It’s a tree that can withstand full sun on the coast but will need some shade inland. Snow and wind resistant, it really is an excellent outdoor palm. 12. All need copious water and are fairly heavy feeders. Mediterranean Fan Palm Situation Full sun to part shade, dry, well-drained soil Eventual height 2-3m Eventual spread 1.5m Hardiness Hardy to -10C or lower Skill level Easy. People also love these ideas. Requires full sun. Chinese Fan Palm. A very attractive and elegant palm with large glossy green fan shaped leaves that almost complete a circle. Ribbon Fan Palm (Livistona decipiens) This palm has a single trunk that is upright and straight. Also avoid palms with spikes such as the Phoenix palms and messy palms like the Cocos, unless you are restricted by a cold climate. Especially thriving along the coastlines of Southeastern US, tolerating high amounts of saltwater and salt air. Brahea armata - Mexican Blue Palm Tree. Water in extended dry periods. In a protected location, this windmill palm is considered to be winter hardy to USDA Zone 7. The Mexican Fan Palm grows up to 5 feet a year, delivering a tropical look to your garden in no time. Licuala grandis likes moist soil and - when mature - is comfortable in full sun as long as the humidity is high. It can handle cold weather and thrives in the sun. Click to read more about the Bismarck Palm . If you're looking for a tall, mature palm quickly, look no further than the Mexican Fan Palm. Mexican Blue Palm Highly desired for its unique appearance, the Mexican Blue Palm is a slow growing large palm that is cold hardy and loves the full sun. Adonidia merrillii. Log in. Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. European fan palm grows in partial sun and partial shade. Capable of growth of up to 15m in height, the Chinese Fan Palm prefers to live in the shade rather than full sun. However some clumpers like the Golden Cane Palm Chrysalidocarpus lutescens love full sun and are ideal for the poolside. This palm will not tolerate wet freezes. It loves the full sun exposure and is low maintenance. Small palms do not have this problem but they tend to be understorey palms and need filtered light not full sun. 8. Mediterranean Fan Palm ... Mazari Palm is not easy to grow, perfect drainage and full sun are required for this palm to survive. For the best results, plant in well-drained soil in full sun to light shade, water only when two weeks have passed without natural rainfall, fertilize once every four to six months and apply organic mulch. Also B edulis, nitida (Rare): instead of silver, these have green and blue-green fan leaves and are more compact.