There are three options you can specify in step 3. Unlike the Borders menu, additional and custom […] Normally, when you either select a field or move the insertion point into a field, Word highlights the entire field or result of the field. How to Find the Specific Field in Word Document? It is often helpful to reference a specific heading in the header or footer of a page and have that reference change on ... FREE SERVICE: Get tips like this every week in WordTips, a free productivity newsletter. Select … Insert Entire Cross-reference Sentence in One Operation – DocTools CrossReferenceManager Got a version of Word that uses the Kutools For Word - More Than 100 Advanced Features For Word, Save Your 50% Time. Word 2003: Go to Tools > Options on the menu. Look familiar? To turn on field shading. Change the selection for Field Shading to Always. In the Paragraph group, click the triangle by the Borders button to display the Borders menu. However, the gray shading does not mean that the field itself is selected. In the Show Document Content section, use the Field Shading drop-down list to specify how you want Word to handle field shading. Typical Cause: The Field shading option in Word is set to Never or When selected. Under Show document content, in the Field shading list, select Always, Never or When selected (the default setting). :-(. In the Word Options dialog box, on the Advanced tab, under Show document content, select the option you prefer in the Field shading drop-down list: Never to turn off highlighting fields whatever is … Article How to Enable and Disable Field Shading in Word compiled by Original article here More stories How to Fix the “Disabled by Company Policy” or “Managed by Your Organization” Message in Windows 10. Then press F9 to update the field, which will also display the display text instead of the field code: If the user single-clicks anywhere in the field, then entire field is selected: (Note that the field shading is an option you can switch on or off under Tools + Options + View). If you want to change the way that Word handles field shading, follow these steps: Figure 1. Word shades a field's background when you select it. Create a text form field that lets you enter text once and have it appear automatically elsewhere in the document, such as the date shown in the file's header. All Rights Reserved. Any idea how to track down the style with the background setting? By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Click Design Mode again to toggle it off. Click OK. Below is the Options dialog box: Updating fields. The Borders and Shading dialog box appears, as shown. To fully flex Word’s border bravado, summon the Borders and Shading dialog box: Click the Home tab. The Advanced options of the Word Options dialog box. You’ll be prompted to upload Open an MS Word file and click on the File button. Check out Word 2013 In Depth today! Go to the Show document content section. Chances are, … However, the gray shading does not indicate that the field is selected. If you selected Always , you will notice that fields are highlighted even when the cursor is not in the field. Merge and combine multiple Word … The gray shading is the result of having field shading in Word turned on. One of the things that Word keeps track of regarding your document is the number of characters it contains. (For on-screen viewing, not printing.). (gif, jpeg or png only, 5MB maximum file size), Notify me about new comments ONLY FOR THIS TIP, Notify me about new comments ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE. The shading on fields can be helpful to make it easier to find the fields in your document. Make sure the View tab is selected. be reduced. How do I stop form field shading from printing in Word 2007? How do I stop form field shading from printing in Word 2007? Click OK on the Options dialog box to accept your changes and close the dialog box. Word 2003 Tutorial Removing Field Shading Protecting Document Microsoft Office Training Lesson 28.4 TeachUComp. In the menu on the left, (1) click Advanced.Scroll down to Field shading (under the Show document content header) and (2) click Always in the drop-down menu. Choose the Borders and Shading command. How to Enable and Disable Field Shading in Word, How to Customize the Workout Stats You See on a Apple Watch, How to Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint, How to Disable Siri Suggestions in Spotlight Search on iPhone and iPad, How to Stream the 2021 Rose Parade’s New Year Celebration. ribbon interface (Word 2007 or later)? You can also press Ctrl+F8 on your keyboard. Click Advanced. The “Word Options” dialog box displays. Enter your address and click "Subscribe. The View tab of the Options dialog box. our WordTips site focusing on the menu interface. If […] Tags: deeper understanding of the Field, How to Set the Field Shading, How to use Field. If I remove all formatting, the field behaves normally (highlighted when selected, not highlighted when not selected, and not *printing* with a grey background. The shading on fields can be helpful to make it easier to find the fields in your document. Complicated and repeated operations can be done one-time processing in seconds. Today the author would take you to a deeper understanding of the Field in Microsoft Word. We selected “Never” so our fields are not shaded at all now. The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support How-To Geek. The default is When Selected, which simply means that the field is shaded when it is selected, or you place the insertion point within the field. review. (Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world.) Select “Never” if you don’t want any fields to ever be shaded, or “Always” if you want all fields to always be shaded even when the cursor is somewhere else. What Do “Swipe Left” and “Swipe Right” Mean? Here’s Niall Mackle of Burges Salmon to explain how to do it - and how to use field shading to quickly identify any cross-references that don’t have automatic cross-referencing set. If you want to change the way that Word handles field shading, follow these steps: Choose Options from the Tools menu. The gray shading in the form field is now gone You can find a version of this tip for the older menu interface of Word here: Controlling Field Shading. Please Note: 1. Field shading lets you know where the fields are located in a document. The Shading menu in PowerPoint offers several additional options:. Change the selection for Field Shading to Always. your image when you submit the comment. Scroll down to the “Show document content” section and select an option from the “Field shading” drop-down list. The Advanced options of the Word Options dialog box. When you activate restricted permissions through the review pane the grey shading of the text form fields is removed. The gray shading is only visible on the screen in Word - it does not print and it is not visible in PDF. Search for: Ranking. You may want to swap the contents of two string variables, and you can do so ... Do you need to concatenate the contents of a range of cells in the same column?