® is pleased to offer top quality Delta faucets, as well as an extensive selection of Delta repair and replacement parts for kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, shower valves, tub/shower sets, and more. Knowing exactly what model you have with you helps you when it comes to replacing parts because you are equipped with what to look for. Need help identifying your Delta kitchen or bathroom product? Privacy Policy. Contact Customer Service for this part. It’s all unique with the Delta shower faucet. You can also contact shower faucet reviewers like Shower Journal for expert advice. Gently pull off the faucet then look under to see the cartridge. Health Facts: Should I be Taking a Multivitamin? Then do the troubleshooting if there is a specific issue that can be solved through knowing better. If you have the correct number or can precisely describe the characteristics, finding the perfect parts of it will be easy. RP73598. You may not also know which collection your faucet belonged to but bonus points if you can recall. You most likely will be able to obtain the correct replacements parts by first removing the faucet … Delta offers high-end, amazing looking Shower Systems, Tub and Shower Faucets, Shower Only Faucets, Diverters, Shower Control Handles, as well as many other Shower related fixtures.Delta Shower Faucets include a Lifetime Warranty on both the operation and the finish. To help you identify the manufacture date of your Pilar Touch2O faucet, Delta Faucet Company has used the following different labels as identifiers for when your faucet was manufactured. Top 10 Alternatives sites for TextSheet. This design can be found in the Victorian, Pilar, and Talbott series. Log onto the official Delta Faucets website, hover your mouse pointer over the “Support” button. Clear plastic handle. It is a single handle with trim screws at 5 and 7. Determining Delta Shower Faucet Model # Author: grohemf64 (NE) I'm trying to replace a fifteen year Delta shower faucet and can't determine the model. Turn off the water supply to your … Once you have your kit, follow these directions. Go there and follow the process. Why Musicians Should Choose Online Music Learning Platforms, 10 tips for Waterpark Slide Manufacturers for better Water Park Maintenance. If none of these works, you can contact customer service by clicking on ‘contact us.’ You can even call them for urgent queries. Select your Delta faucet collection or series by clicking next to the collection name. If you bought your Moen shower faucet setup after 2009, you will have either a 1225 or 1255 cartridge in a vast majority of the cases. Older model Delta Monitor shower faucet repair. My plumber told me this was a sign of a leak. For instance, you may not really know the price of your shower faucet (particularly if you purchased it years ago; this option is here for people who maybe want to buy a new shower faucet). Copyright © 2020 Rooter Guard. If the customers look at the water spout and spray wand, then find the number ‘A12.18.1’, it is actually not a model number. But one thing is sure that the model number has never been redundant. Identifying the type of finish helps as well which can either be chrome of brushed metal. Check whether there is a scald guard (this looks like a dial-shaped part that has a notched knob) or not. The handle can usually be removed from the faucet with an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver. As for the model number, that is normally going to be … What Are The Reasons Of Getting Your Home... What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers? When you know which parts you have, it becomes easier to find. Some of the faucets come with diverters or volume controls that make separating the models easy to separate. There is a section called troubleshoot your product. As the #1 faucet brand in North America, Moen offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products, garbage disposals and kitchen sinks for residential and commercial applications each delivering the best possible combination of meaningful innovation, useful features, and lasting value. How To Identify Delta Shower Faucet Model Unique Feature. Then go straight to the service and parts section from the menu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These are important features to note as Delta designs each model differently. All Rights Reserved. Last week, I noticed a rusted stain on one of our bathroom’s porcelain sinks. Go to the official website of Delta faucet ( How to Find the Model Number on a Delta Tub Faucet. In this case, you will need to remove the broken part. This is the current cartridge used in the B112900 and B114900 series faucets (2015 - present). Gen 1 M&I - 60089 (Pre March 2009 980T models) Smaller blue label and includes "51723" Shower Faucet Identification. How To Find Delta Faucet Model Number Step 1: Visit the Company’s Website. Whether you need a shower valve escutcheon, seals and springs for your kitchen faucet, or just some replacement screws, we've got just what you're looking for. ... *This cartridge was also used in the Delta Select product. Answer all three questions accurately to find your perfect fixture because Delta has thousands of shower faucets that are just kitchen faucets. Identify the model of tub/shower faucet I think is Delta faucet? The first thing was to identify the model number. Observing this part of your faucet is often a good way to at least narrow down the brand possibilities, as different companies have different broach sizes and shapes. This refers particularly to the handle shape, size and style of the unit. If you couldn’t do it, then move on to the next step, which is finding a unique faucet feature. Tub/shower diverter is located right under the faucet control and both penetrate the dame trim panel. So the unit you may have is an anti-scald system or a special handle. Remove the handle. Not All Marketing Services Agencies Are the Same! For kitchen faucets, the number can be found on the back of the water spout. Identify the main features of the faucet. Simply look for the model identification tag, which can be found on a supply line. You see, Delta shower faucets come in different models and each of those are distinct from each other through their features. After answering the questions, you will find a filtered result. If your model has a cache aerator, you will need to order RP51505 adaptor to adapt the internal threads to a standard 55/64"-27 male threads to be able to make the dishwasher connection. Using an Allen wrench, remove the handle by unscrewing the set screw which can be located on the side of the handle or underneath a cap that is on top of the faucet handle. Repairing your old Delta faucet. Match the specific unit you have online. Diy ideas for delta shower faucet repair vintage, to make american standard newport brass moen faucet. Of course, not all of these will apply to you and you should only tick boxes where applicable. Faucets from some brands also have some distinguishing features you can look out for to help you determine the brand of your model. Click on “ Trouble shoot this product ” if you wish to seek help solving certain matters of the faucet. For sink faucets, look at the front of the spout.The logo may also be on the base of the spout, where it meets the sink, either on the front or the back.For shower faucets, look on the round plate (escutcheon) behind the handle, on the handle itself, or perhaps on the actual valve behind the wall.