The force reacted at the pivot post(s) is now increased, but the string tension (at pitch) is the same. To re-level you'll need more spring tension. This is how to restring a guitar that has a tremolo bridge. Recheck the bridge. Do they sound different, is one easier to string, basically any light on the topic would help. GUITAR BRIDGE TYPES. This thread is archived . As in mounting tremolo bridges, there are two key words to remember when mounting a tremolo; alignment and alignment. If the intonation is still not correct repeat steps 2 and 3. Tighten (or loosen) until the tremolo unit is parallel to the body. Tune to pitch and check, re-adjust until the bridge sits properly. reply #4. Shares. This will help avoid any movements of the bridge while the tension of the string is released, ensuring the bridge stays in the same position since a floating tremolo bridge can be a challenge to setup if you're inexperienced. This patented design enables the strings to “glide” over the pulley style system providing an amazing “direct connect” feel of the strings. There are springs running from the bridge block to a claw. Sounds like you have a floating tremolo, which balances between the string tension and spring tension inside the guitar. 1. Edge-Pro tremolo bridge Overview Rear 1Knife edge 7Tremolo spring 2Saddle lock bolt 8Spring lock 3String holder block 4Tremolo arm socket 5String stopper bolt 6Fine tuning bolt Attaching the tremolo arm The tremolo arm employs a snap-in/snap-out design. Those with a "fixed" bridge (meaning the bridge does not move at all) and those with a move-able bridge which is technically called a vibrato but is commonly, albeit incorrectly, called a tremolo. With the radius now set at the correct curvature you can fine tune the overall string height at the bridge with these two posts. And, on the other hand of that two-sided issue, while there is heaps you can say about tremolo tuning stability, if you’ve read the other posts in this series , you’ll be really well equipped to keep any guitar in tune. Rear view of synchronized tremolo. So your looking at this guide to see on how to tune an ibanez EDGE tremolo system. It had a vintage-style, six-screw bridge—not the two-post design of modern Strats. The product of which is a bridge that can intonate each string individually, but can only adjust string height universally. Tune the guitar to pitch and recheck the intonation. It’s far more cost effective to save up for a newer guitar with a better bridge system. With floating tremolos, I don’t recommend replacing one on a cheaper guitar. When the guitar is properly adjusted, tighten the top lock pressure pad screws. For a vintage-style tremolo bridge, a great way to enhance its performance is to pull the bridge back flush with the body using the tremolo arm. Failing to add the block will make tuning the guitar near impossible for beginners due to the floating nature of the floating tremolo bridge. Retune to pitch. 5. There are many types and manufacturers of vibrato bridges. The subject of strings and tuning deserves its own section of this article as they are a crucial aspect of floating tremolo bridge setup and guitar setup in general. REPLACING THE STRINGS. The TOM bridge mounts onto the Tune-o-Matic style studs of the stop tail piece on hard tails. This designs give a smoother less obtrusive tremolo bridge. Check open string tuning with an electronic tuner after playing two to four chords. 3. I adjusted the tremolo bridge flush to the guitar body years ago, since I never use it. Loosen all the strings using the regular tuners at the headstock end. Before tuning can be done, the guitar must stay in tune after playing a few chords. Better quality replacements will make tuning and playing much better in the same way a replacement nut does at the other end of the guitar. Floating bridges allow you to use a tremolo which means you can change the pitch of the strings once they’ve been plucked by moving the tremolo arm up or down. If you're here, you've probably already heard or know about these. The Edge Zero II is a locking bridge and nut system. Then, retune the guitar using, again, the tuning pegs. Note : For ease in retuning, it is recommended that one string at a time be changed and tuned. Fortunately this change does not modify the instrument, nor is it permanent. With the tremolo bar off, you really won’t end up pushing back on the bridge much. In fact, you rarely encounter any acoustic guitar effects. Unlock the saddle-screws if you haven’t already done so. The guitar in question: guitar electric-guitar tuning tremolo-system. Dan’s book goes into more detail on the maintenance of different tremolo bridges. Press the tremolo bar down to raise up the back of the bridge. Evaluating the guitar. 4. Photo 2 Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo (you can tap in a tremolo rhythm with your foot) You rarely find tremolo and vibrato effects for acoustic guitar. Bearing pivot tremolo designed for transposing of strings and chords in tune. Tighten the claw screws to offset more string tension and pitch the bridge toward the body; loosen the claw screws to offset less string tension and pitch the bridge away from the body. Changing the Strings Since we are going to tune the guitar down, there will be less string tension. Ali. Re-tune the guitar to pitch. IF you haven't figured out what the Tremolo system does lets go down the basics. A bridge set to 'float' off the guitar lets the guitarist raise the pitch until the bridge presses against the body. By Jack Ellis (Total Guitar) 29 April 2020. Players are more aware of guitar tuning problems with tremolos. If you decided to drop tune your guitar, the trem can still move forward and cause an issue. Now place an old note pad or stack of news papers under the back of the bridge and gently release the bar. STEP 2 . Firstly it is easier if you remove the tremolo arm. save. We anticipate that and therefore loosen the screws. Now, significantly raise the saddles on the bridge and change nothing else. I noticed there were only two springs holding the tremolo to the claw, which explained why the bridge was tilting forward so much (Photo 2). share. 6,585 1 1 gold badge 21 21 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. Adjust the claw screws about 1/4 turn at a time until the bridge floats perpendicular to and about 1/16th off the body. It can always be reversed, making it ideal for collectible instruments that need to stay original. Tame your Fender's vibrato by blocking it off. The size of a standard Guitar Floating Tremolo Bridge but with the entire tuning system built inside. For most people (myself included) this is enough, but some players want a 100% set bridge. RIVIERA Guitar Tremolo Bridge Tuning System. asked Jan 17 '11 at 20:36. hide. But players always have the option of adding vibrato to these instruments the good old-fashioned way: with their fingers. Take the plate off the back (6 small screws). Most guitars with the standard tremolo bridge are easily replaceable. Is it possible to replace this entirely with a non-tremolo bridge? Yes, adjusting the trem tension changes the pitch and requires re-tuning. How to block your Stratocaster's tremolo for greater tuning stability. 1 comment. They do what fixed bridges, in that they provide an end-point for the strings on the guitar’s body, but they also have an additional function that fixed bridges can’t do. share | improve this question | follow | edited May 30 '11 at 18:59. Spring claw: The basic thesis is that your bridge plate to be perpendicular to your bridge studs--this frequently translates to planar with the strings and/or the body of the guitar. Fender two-point vibratos have two ways of setting the string height: the 12 grub screws and then two master bolt posts at the side. report. A tremolo system uses the floating technique to raise the pitch of your guitar either flat or sharp. If it’s going out of tune it’s probably not set up correctly. Sort by. 5. Then loosen all six screws located at the front edge of the bridge plate, raising them so that they all measure approximately 1/16" (1.6 mm) above the top of the bridge plate. How does a Tremolo bridge compare to a Tune-O-Matic? There were 7 types of guitar bridges offered by Steinberger: 5 were tremolos and 2 were fixed bridges: Tremolos. To adjust your tremolo, if it is not a locking type tremolo. Every possible combination of string brand, type and gauge at a specific tuning equals a unique combined string tension that pulls on the bridge. This will block up the bridge and keep it from sinking into the guitar body as the strings are loosened. The problem I have is tuning the guitar. TransTrem. 10 years ago. No matter how much effort you put into tuning your guitar, and setting everything up perfectly, prolonged use of tremolo bar will eventually kick the instrument out of tune. The point I'm making is that the guitar sounds and feels different even after re-tuning and adjusting saddle heights (as @chrisxs2003 rightfully pointed out). This produces a different form of wavering or warbling achieved by effects pedals, amps, or clever use of the guitar’s volume control. That means that the tremolo springs will pull the tremolo out of balance. Step 6 This Strat had spent some time on the road, but it was in good shape. One of the main issues with the synchronized tremolo design is the way it holds a tune. Check your tuning. If the open string tuning changes by a cent and this is possible, the tuning stability is not enough. Yes, I'm talking about standard strat bridge. Unlocking the saddle screws . Seriously, just go get it. It’s exactly the same as a Floyd Rose, except that the radius is preset. Close. STEP 3. Some will allow you to both tighten and loosen the string tension by pressing or lifting the bar. Many Strat players don’t use the tremolo that invariably comes fitted with the guitar. If the tremolo bridge is not floating 1/16" off the body, remove the tremolo back plate. 81% Upvoted. That opens up the tremolo springs cavity. the bridge of my guitar is not flush with the body it is sticking up every time i try to tune my guitar how can i fix this. Stringfellow. Floating bridges are also known as tremolo bridges. The claw is held on by 2 long screws. Again, if it’s not parallel to the body, readjust the springs. Now look at the bridge and you'll see that it's lifted in the back. You tighten or loosen those 2 claw screws to adjust the tremolo. Archived. We will assume here that you are changing them to the same gauge as are currently on the guitar. If I tune the strings by the time I tune the high E the low E is out of tune and this goes on all day. Players are more aware of tuning problems today because of much better electronic tuners that were not around back then. You will need a hex key to do this. Note that there is provision for up to five springs. Seriously, just go get it. The guitar fixed bridge is flat mounting and the guitar tremolos come in both flat and TOM mounting. At the moment to get it in tune I use a stack of playing cards the same height as the distance between the bridge and the body, I place them under the bridge pull back the tremolo bar so the bridge id resting on them and then tune it to pitch. The tremolo of a guitar allows the player to lower the pitch of the note played, and sometimes increase it as well. Tune the strings close to pitch. Tune a floating bridge system to pitch. Pitch bends are accomplished by pulling up or down on an arm screwed into the tailpiece block, usually free to swing. LOW TRSII TREMOLO. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Tremolo on the other hand is the variation of volume as opposed to pitch. Introduced in 1954 on the Gibson Les Paul Custom, it comes with individual saddles for each string and two pillars on either side of the bridge that can be heightened or lowered. Continue doing this until the guitar is tuned and the bridge is parallel to the body of the guitar. How does a Tremolo bridge compare to a Tune-O-Matic? Used in a subtle way gives us a vibrato effect. The Tune-O-Matic bridge, while widely used by guitar manufacturers, is the brainchild of Gibson. Careful, on some models, there may be a spring left in the hole. 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