We have an auxiliary battery (102 Ah deep cycle battery) in the bed of the truck in one of the cabinets. ... Front Runner GMC Sierra Pick-Up Truck (1987-Current) Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit. We also have truck bed rack accessories with offroad vehicle travel in mind like RotopaX attachments, mounts for recovery boards and of course roof top tents. If you have a different vehicle, we can custom make a bed rack for you. Based on an earlier (extremely cold) experience camping in Kananaskis (Alberta, Canada) with an air mattress we determined that insulating the bottom of the truck bed was extremely important. This is a fully welded, all aluminum, expedition roof top tent (RTT) rack. Hit any adventure equipped for anything with the Cali Raised Overland Bed Rack System. Quick View The best must-have overland gear. We then constructed a frame out of steel angle. The PVC comes in two pieces. The Styrofoam, Reflectix and carpet was secured with industrial construction adhesive. The first item we purchased was the truck cap (or topper/canopy, whatever you want to call it). We cut out bug screen to match the windows and secured it with Velcro to the outdoor carpet (allows for the screen to be removed when necessary). It would probably be doable but you’d have to figure out how to modify the canopy. Bed … We were planning on installing an on-board air system to air up our tires after a 4-wheeling session so we would have compressed air available for lifting our pop top. We then bolted the base of the pneumatic tie rod cylinders to the truck bed. Front Runner Toyota Tundra (2007-Current) Load Bed Load Bars Kit. Pretty sure it was one batch since they have build dates on the TSB. Is this something you considered, or have seen? The sides of this piece can be lifted or staked out to allow for additional airflow in hot weather while still preventing rain from entering. Bed Rack System *MaxTrax Recovery Boards (Gray or Orange) *RotoPax Gas & Water Cans RMT Roof Rack CVT Rack Mounted Tent Off-Road Rating, the OutPost HD truck rack is a firmly engineered foundation for a fully loaded overland rack system. In 2014 Bernhard Leitner built the first Active Cargo System under the simple philosophy of “Over Engineered, Over Built, to Carry Your World”. Each cabinet has three compartments, and one cabinet has a custom slide out drawer and table that extend past the back tailgate. Our bed racks are up to 80% aluminum providing a lightweight but super strong bed rack for mounting your RTT, Rotopax, tools, recov Buy Now . Truck parts and accessories, camping and cooking equipment. This was accomplished by bolting steel rectangular sections to the truck side rails (existing threaded holes) and then screwing custom bent U-brackets (made with ¼” thick, 1” wide steel sheet – bent with bench clamp) into the steel sections. Their careful designs ensure exacting fit and finish, no matter the vehicle platform or use case. So far we have never had to charge the battery (1.5 weeks in, will continue testing) as the solar and trick charging have been more than enough to power all the lighting and air compressor and also provide power for charging all our devices. Overland Camping Platforms in Truck Bed Discussion in 'Exterior' started by BruBaker19, May 5, 2020. this. Introducing the BodyArmor4x4 Overland Bed Rack for the 3rd Gen Tacoma – Complete Install & Review. Active Cargo System - CLASSIC - Toyota. This low profile bed rack allows you to easily mount on the accessories you need to get outside, while keeping a lower center of gravity and less wind resistance. I’m wondering why a STANDARD shell with a lifting TOP doesn’t seem to exist (not something that expands into an extra sleeping surface, just raises the roof 1-2 feet, and without the shell disengaging from the bed as in your build. Such a wonderful post, thank you! The Leitner 2nd Gen FORGED Active Cargo System has become one of the clear leaders in consumer truck bed rack systems based on it’s modular expandability without compromising structural integrity. upTOP TRUSS Ford Ranger (Bed Rack 2019-2021) Check out the lift in action: Truck Bed Camper Lift. Almost a year after your last post on here. $935.00. I wanted one to make loading gear into and out of our Ford F-150 easier and more efficient for road trips and overlanding. Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond? Stay in touch with us for New Product Launches, Special Sales, Event Information, and more. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Organize all your off-roading accessories by utilizing the various mounting options for your bed rail. Westin HD Headach Rack, Black Tundra 2007+ $299.99. We recruited help! Thanks for your message. It was purely insufficient, much like the aforementioned company that installed it. We cut out bug screen to match the windows and secured it with Velcro to the outdoor carpet (allows for the screen to be removed when necessary). This was purchased second hand and almost matches our paint job (depends on lighting). Is it just too hard to modify a shell to have a lifting roof and still have it seal when down?? We invite you to explore the Leitner Designs World and see our continually evolving product base geared to help you “Carry Your World”. This bed rack will be offered in a … The compressed air components have a maximum system pressure of 120 psi which allows us to lift a total canopy and gear weight of approximately 1,500 lbs (provided the weight is evenly distributed). The bug screen was attached to the steel rectangular support sections with self-taping screws and was also connected to the canopy with screws. Buy Now . The back piece of PVC connects to the canopy and the side pieces of PVC. Now it’s time to decide on the best bed rack setup for you. We then determined that additional support needed to be added to prevent lateral motion and rotation of the pneumatic tie rod cylinders when the canopy is lifted on a non-level surface. The width (54″ – 64″ width between the bed rails) is fully adjustable to match Travel Journal: Northern California and The Redwoods →, Overlanding Route – Canada to Panama & Back, Bed mode – the cabinets and support sections provide a flat support surface for sleeping and relaxing. What do you use to close off the opening during the night? Is there anyone else having similar RSS problems? Names you trust like Yakima, Addictive Desert Designs and Overland Vehicle Systems. These aluminum bed racks can support the largest of RTT. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDER OVER $100 IN CONUS. We selected four pneumatic tie rod cylinders (20” stroke, 1.5” diameter) to lift the canopy. I would like to chat with you over what you would do for a 2.0 Removable build. 5 Excellent Truck Bed Racks To Carry Roof Top Tents, Kayaks & Other Items Truck bed racks are a constant matter of discussion on different forums or Facebook groups that we’re a part of. The side and back walls of the pop up camper consist of bug screen and 18 gauge black PVC. This rack gets the roof boxes up off the deck so I can load things over the side of the bed, which is the most efficient way to get mud all over the front of your puffy jacket. In our search for a pop-up truck camper we determined that they were either too expensive and hard to find (Four Wheel Campers), or too heavy for our half-ton truck (Toyota Tundra) once we factored in all the gear we wanted to bring on our trip. Leveraging our new HD Bars for a 500-lb. $78.87 $ 78. Most of our racks allow mounting options on the side for rotopax, maxtrax, gas/water cans an more. We mounted the on-board air system in front of the passenger side rear tire underneath the truck bed. Overlanded has all the Overland gear you want. Pick-Up Truck Bed Rack Kits. We constructed two cabinets and two middle support sections. Yeah cutting the top of a canopy and so that it will still seal tight seems daunting to me too! Required fields are marked *. ZROADZ Overland Access Rack With Side Gates & (4) 3 Inch ZROADZ LED Pod Lights for 20-21 Jeep Gladiator JT $1,894.50 $2,054.55 Yakima HD Cross Bar Pair for 20-21 Jeep Gladiator JT with Yakima Truck Bed Rack Towers $960.00. The more head room is exactly why we added the lift! Choosing the truck bed rack that meets your needs is an essential step in Overlanding success. ... Truck Bed Cabinets/Storage Building the storage/cabinet platform. We insulated this with ½” Styrofoam and Reflectix, and coated the interior in grey outdoor carpet. With the system fully functional it was time to mount it on the truck. We offer multiple sizes and styles to guarantee the right rack for your truck. Take all your gear with you on your next overland trip and have room to spare. You simply choose one of three bed length configurations. So I went to the junk yard and got a roof rack off of a Jeep Grand cherokee $26. The angle iron pieces detailed in the blog post are what I used to connect the actuators to the canopy. Skip to navigation Skip to content. 87. Thanks!! Our selection has been specifically selected for the outdoors man. Buy Now . Any thoughts/ideas appreciated . We see many different people asking which rack system is better for their Tacoma, for their Ford F150, their Colorado ZR2, so on and so forth. INNO RT202 Truck Bed Bike Rack - Bike Mount for Pickup Truck with C-Channel Track Systems. Bench mode – The support sections are removed providing a straight (or U-shaped) bench for sitting and eating or working. This collection shows all the truck bed rack-kits and load bars available at Off Road Tents. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures handy but I can give you a description. The RCI Universal 12" Bed Rack is a top of the line rack that carries the same features and benefits as RCI’s custom fit racks, but with the added flexibility of being able to mount to any truck bed ranging from a Chevy Colorado to a Dodge 2500 or even a Ford F150. If I get any useful info will pass it on , Your email address will not be published. A James Baroud Evasion rooftop tent is easily installed atop the rack when the truck is being used for camping trips, and easily removed when it needs to carry motorcycles or general loads. Overland Vehicle Systems 22020401 Discovery Rack - Toyota Tacoma Short Bed $999.99 Quick View Compare Overland Vehicle Systems 22040101 - Freedom Rack With Cross Bars and Side Supports $999.99 Compare Products. You should be able to subscribe to our RSS feed now. Featuring a low-profile design, multiple mounting points, and plenty of tie down areas, there is nothing this bed rack … Since 2001, Aluminess has been a leader in the custom-fit roof rack space, serving the burgeoning overland van community with aluminum racks that are both precision designed as well as modular. Fits mid to full-sized and HD beds. Best of all, this bed rack does it … Impressive DIY! Give us a call at 844-464-5337! I have a Tundra and was looking to do a similar build this winter. For the actuator mounting to the truck bed I drilled and bolted through the sheet metal of the truck bed. We invite you to explore the Leitner Designs World and see our continually evolving product base geared to help you “Carry Your World”. These racks mount to factory holes and require no drilling into the truck. The roof rack bolts also help secure the roof insulation for the camper. Professionally powder coated and two sizes, this roof top tent bed rack is perfect for the … Pair the OutPost HD truck rack with the HD Bar length that best fits your bed and gear (HD Crossbars sold separately). 4.2 out of 5 stars 170. What you are describing (where the cap would stay but there’d be a pop up) is something we considered but it seemed like a larger undertaking to build a lift in the top of the canopy. Our bed racks feature tent mount plates, so your roof top tent can bolt directly to the rack for a clean and easy install. The RAMBOX racks are offered in a round tube design (The Classic) or a square tube design (The RAMBOX2). Buy Now . With the lift built and operating successfully it was time to move on to the cabinets. The Tacoma and Frontier racks mount to the bed channels. The auxiliary battery powers the on-board air compressor, LED lighting, and 1500W inverter. We can customize your truck rack to any configuration to accommodate your needs. This rack measures 14″ tall from the top of your bed rail to the top of the cross bars. Does your truck have a … Sorry about the delay in reply! The roof rack bolts also help secure the roof insulation for the camper. To install the aero bar Yakima Outpost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack # Y01152-58 in the tracks of an UltraGroove tonneau all you need is the adapter part # Y01155 and you have a set of aero bars like you wanted that can slide forward and back easily in the rail system you have. Are you able to post or send pics of how you mounted the actuators to the bed and to the camper shell? Enter your email address and you’ll be notified when we share our next blog post! So you have done the research on what bed setup is best for your Tacoma and decided on a bed rack. 949-395-3049Monday-Friday9am-5pm, PST587 N. Smith Ave. #ACorona, CA 92880. It’s an 8′ box with a high riser topper over box. O2 Fabrication creates our in-house bed racks! Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. on-road carrying capacity, and paired with Yakima’s 300-lb. At this point we had a system that could lift the canopy and our roof mounted gear when pressurized to approximately 60 psi. Bed racks make the most of your truck or jeep bed, giving you a platform to mount a roof top tent, bikes, kayaks or whatever you want on top of the rack. Don't see something that fits your vehicle? Hi there! Rago Fabrication has designed many options such as the Hi-Lift Jack Mount, Pod Brackets, CB Antenna Mount and the Bedside Molle Panel for your bed rail. The RCI Off Road 18″ Adjustable Bed Rack is the perfect option if you are looking for a great looking and sturdy rack for the bed of your truck. Cali Raised LED 2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma Overland Bed Rack. I also added brackets to the bed rails that wrap around the actuators. Think of your truck bed as a double-decker with twice the space to haul cargo, while being incredibly secure. ... Overland Cargo Bed Rack for 2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma with 5 Ft. Cali Raised Toyota Tundra Overland Bed Rack 2014+ $849.99. The Leitner Designs Bed Rack is the perfect product, as it allows him to convert from overland mode to moto mode with extreme quickness. Our bed rack system is CAD designed, CNC cut, bent and welded to perfection providing a seamless fit. Bed Racks. This Overland Truck Bed Rack is known for breaking the mold for the ZR2 Chevy Colorado truck. We are product compatibility experts and can help you select the best set up for your truck and lifestyle! Nutzo Tech 2 series Expedition truck bed rack. With its low profile, multiple mounting and tie down points, there is literally nothing this bed rack cannot handle. We carry the leading brands such as Road Armor, Thule, Yakima, Addictive Desert Designs AND MORE Aluminum TRUSS bed racks manufactured by upTOP overland. The RCI 12″ Bed Rack is their top of the line rack that carries the same features and benefits as their custom fit racks, but with the added flexibility of being able to mount to ANY truck bed ranging from a Chevy Colorado to a Dodge 3500. The interior compartments all open upwards to allow them to be accessed when the system is in bed mode. Aluminess builds racks for most popular van models, including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, … This truck bed rack has been designed around the RAMBOX cargo management system to allow full access to the storage. $849.99 $899.99. In hindsight, a base frame in addition to this frame may have allowed us to make our pop up camper easily removable (version 2.0 anyone?). CBI Offroad's Overland bed rack breaks the mold for the ZR2. This frame supports the canopy when it is lifted. We also installed a roof rack on the canopy which required drilling holes through the canopy. Great. Close. Max Modular specializes in modular truck bed racks. Really enjoyed this article post.Really thank you! We focus on easy assembly, and easy integration of accessories. Home / Truck Bed Racks - ExplorationOutfitters.com. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. Nutzo -RAMBOX series Overlanding truck rack is all aluminum. Which I have 2 … I spent a great deal of time to locate something similar to Impressive article dude! We accomplished this using Reflectix and sectional foam floor. TUFF STUFF make a 4 Piece universal truck bed rack that is designed perfectly to place your Roof top tent on as well as many accessories for the perfect overland adventure. The Leitner 2nd Gen FORGED Active Cargo System has become one of the clear leaders in consumer truck bed rack systems based on it’s modular expandability without compromising structural integrity. It features excellent brands such as Front Runner, with bed racks for trucks such as the Tacoma, Ford F150, F250, F350, Tundra, Frontier and more. Introducing our new ADV-LP Bed rack. This required us to drill mounting holes through the truck bed sheet metal. Thanks for your response. The best selection of overland truck bed racks on the market. There is a place you can enter your email in the right hand sidebar. I think that is something that could help improve upon this design though, then you likely wouldn’t have to reinforce the seal as much when it pops up and down. More Buying Choices $36.49 (16 used & new offers) YAKIMA, Outpost HD, Mid-Height Heavy Duty Truck Bed Rack… One piece wraps around the front and sides of the canopy. I will see if I can get more pictures of this in the future for either another blog post or to send directly too you if you are planning on building one! ... (Adaptive Full Size Truck Bed Rack) From $899.00. This is a less expensive alternative for anyone who does not want to install an on-board air system (takes about 20 seconds to lift with a standard stand up bike pump). I don’t understand why I am unable to subscribe to it. upTOP TRUSS AFS RETRAX (Adaptive Full Size Truck Bed Rack) From $899.00. We have a truck accessory shop in town that does custom mods, thinking of asking for their input on whether such a design is feasible. The Tech 2 features clipped corners for a more aesthetic appearance. Oh my goodness! It bent and warped under the weight of the spare tire and also caused the sides of the truck bed itself to spread. CBI Offroad is known for many products, one of their most popular being their Overland Bed Rack. This piece is used infrequently and is only necessary when the canopy is elevated during bad weather (rain or cold) or when there are lots of bugs. Baja Rack Camper Shell Utility (flat) Rack (with wind deflector) $685.00. We initially used a bike pump to test lifting prior to completing the install of the onboard air system. To address this we determined that we would build our own pop-up truck “camper” out of a truck canopy/cap. Your email address will not be published. Available in steel or aluminum. The solar panels are secured to the canopy roof rack with a custom mount constructed out of aluminum c-channel that allows them to sit directly below the roof rack (allowing us to still place items on our roof rack (cargo carrier, surf board, etc…), 1 x truck canopy (locking T-handles with side opening windows), 1 x package of Styrofoam insulation (1/2”), 1 x grey outdoor carpet – also used to seal tailgate, 1 x VIAIR Quarter Duty Onboard Air System, 4 x 40 mm Bore x 500 mm Stroke Pneumatic Tie Rod Cylinders, 3 x ¼” Push to Connect Air Hose T-Adaptors, 2 x 90 degree ¼” air hose to 0.25 NPT threaded connectors, Assorted mounting bolts and mounting hardware, Assorted Mini Blade Automotive Fuses (take care to select the appropriate fuse for your device and wire), Hook-up Wire (select appropriate gauge based on current and insulation based on voltage), 102 Ah MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra AGM 12V Automotive Battery, Outtag 12Ft Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord w/Protective Cap 12V/24V Black Car Charger Cable, Reese Towpower 78119 Adapter with Built-in 12V Power Outlet (7-Way Blade to 4 or 5-Way Flat), Renogy 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Bundle Kit, Assorted electrical hardware (Zip Ties, Heat Shrink, Electrical Tape, Cable Sleeve), 1 x 10′ x 10′ Canopy and EasyGo Canopy Tent, 1 x Superwinch with Curt Hitch Mounting Bracket and Front Reciever, 1 x Aeroblade Rhino Roof Rack (with track mounting). The Surco roof rack 50x60 R5300 added by All-American Truck and SUV in Bradenton Florida was cheap, under-built, and had to be thrown away. The bug screen was installed prior to the PVC and is permanent and not removable. 55 minutes ago, 1997SierraSLT said: Sure have to wonder if GM simply pulls another potentially defective valve spring out of their parts bin to be the lucky recipient in your engine. The electrical system installed for the canopy is extremely simple. ... Toyota Tundra Pick-Up Truck Cargo Bed Rack Kit - DUPLICATE. This battery is charged by two 100 W solar panels with a 30 Amp charge controller, and is also trickle charged by a 15 Amp fused connection to the trailer plug (connected to starter battery) which is only on when the truck is running. I’ve been curious about popup truck campers but most are too elaborate for my needs/tastes: I’m really only looking for some more headroom when sleeping in the bed and want to utilize a standard shell. Make the most of your truck with a bed rack system from Leitner Designs, Front Runner, Rhino Rack and other top names in the game! Many thanks, However I am going through problems with your RSS. This again requires drilling through the sheet metal of the truck bed. Shop now.