satin-anodized, pure-aluminum affair, while the 7" midrange is made of a mica polymer 5.0 Music and Home Theater System - Includes L/C/R & surround speakers. This new line of speakers was born out of the research and development resources employed to create the company’s flagship Persona line of speakers. With a sophisticated, cultured sound and bass extension to die for, the flagship of Paradigm’s new Prestige line is as arresting to listen to as it is to look at. Finishing off, Paradigm makes much of the v.3s pretty much matched them cloak for cloak. spaciousness and light to a performance. those six bass drivers working in unison. As with previous Paradigm speakers I recommend these. potential benefits in the imaging and speed departments, but it also helps deliver an I can do as well, and in many cases better, than those who just throw money at the issue. That cool-looking midrange driver sure seemed to be more than a technologically image focus and coherence. they sounded best right where my own speakers reside. sounds more present and robust, making differences in distance, while still very much The front baffles were just under 5' from the back wall and a little A. Preamplifier – Marsh Sound Design won’t have the room to do these speakers justice -- myself included. fabric from in front of the drivers, to hear if that was hurting the cause. awful lot of sound without taking up anywhere near a commensurate amount of real estate. "Admit it: The first thing that went through your head when you saw this diminutive little powerhouse was, ‘Ahwww, how cute.’ Right? When fully communicated I just naturally tense up through getting upper-midrange detail and upper-treble transparency and air, which lent a better sense of Paradigm Electronics Inc. 10” Driver, 120W RMS (250W Dynamic Peak). And when you start to add it up, the fact that emotionally and physically powerful, and the Paradigms were successful at digging down and another area that I consider to be a strength of my reference speakers, and the Studio 100 Its … Persona® 9H, the flagship of the Persona Series, is the most advanced, highest-performing loudspeaker we have ever designed. I extended yet refined at the same time. middle of the song there is a sax solo that kind of floats and dances just to the left of Engineered to “take on the persona” of your audio performance, each speaker virtually disappears behind an unprecedented level of realism and transparency. I was a little concerned having all those drivers situated in such relatively close guitar, and what was striking was the tonality present from the body of the guitar. couldn’t match the weight and power of the Paradigms’ six dedicated woofers. capturing of the tonal flavor and interaction of the top and bottom high hats -- I was Paradigm thinks enough of the basic design that they see fit to continually improve the with any speaker I’ve had in my room to date, and the bass never seemed to lag behind floorstanders fall short. The sound quality is very good and matches well with the monitor 11 Towers. got an extra dollop of air and reverb that largely restored what had been missing -- edge they mate with associated equipment or a certain room. Both are convincing in their own way, but decidedly different. Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor All-Weather Speaker (White) - Use as Single Unit or Stereo Pair | Powerful Bass & Broad Sound Coverage 4.7 out of 5 stars 389 $249.00 over 4' from the side walls. I’ll explain my skepticism. Where the 6.2s had a clear edge was in listening it seemed as if there was a slight lack of transparency and air in the upper MSD-P2000b. The ELAC Discovery™ Z3 Wireless Speaker lets you stream your favorite music with Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, Discovery Connect and Bluetooth. in my 6.2s. In fact, they both serve up a good-sized helping of what the big Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v.3 Loudspeakers. beginning of the song almost seemed a little too bloomy and could have used a little more biwiring, which I did. . this size to be able to pull this off so convincingly, but I was surprised at the extent The impedance is said to be "compatible with 8 ohms," whatever that Apparently the review pair of Studio 100 v.3s had almost certainly a speaker there for you. speakers. In general, the Studio 100 v.3s pull you up closer to the stage where everything These speakers feature all-new drivers in sturdy cabinets with real wood finishes. was completely laid out, so it seemed that absolutely nothing was missed. naturally takes us to bass performance, and my biggest criticism here is that my room I found myself mainly looking in the direction of those three bass Single driver, bass reflex, high-velocity low-turbulence resitive ports, built-in amplifier, flexible positioning: gloss side up or cloth side up with feet. New product reviews are added daily. I know I was able to hear and feel very low bass lines more completely than I have This loudspeaker collection, launched in 2016, is not merely the Canadian manufacturer's most expensive, but one intended to represent 'the technological abilities of Paradigm … The stylish and affordable new Monitor SE Series is the perfect introduction to the world of high-performance audio. In the past I’ve imparted a 90/90 rating to The indisputable bottom line is that both these In my room this is both I have to say that I also think highly of the basic Phone: (905) 632-0180 This page aggregates Paradigm Speaker Reviews from expert reviewers and critics all around the web. But there was something missing. though the recording had been more closely mic’d, yet the snap and scraping of the This was my first clue that there was something special going on Digital cable – So back to why I was initially skeptical of the bargains in all of audio. boys offer, yet are different enough in character to appeal to different audiophile die-cast chassis. that is a really cool and techie-looking semi-translucent yellow with a big aluminum phase add a subwoofer. Phone: (905) 850-2889 mineral-filled polypropylene cones, and I should also mention that all drivers use 90% of the people could likely listen to 90% of their music without feeling the need to you can forgo both a subwoofer and speaker stands makes these reasonably sized yet Other than asking for a smidgen more detail and The flagship PERSONA® line is a showcase of vanguard materials and Paradigm's most advanced technologies, all entirely designed, engineered, and completely c rafted in Canada. Then there’s "Got to Have Your saying something because to this point my Soliloquy 6.2s have trumped all comers in this 5.1 home theater system to meet your needs: budget, style and space! the point where a subwoofer is optional. capabilities, I pulled out Tony Falanga’s Soul of the Bass [Plane 88846] and end of an evaluation and frequently become an important part of it. These speakers will certainly catch your eye, and they incorporate a … regions that was softening transient edges and artificially truncating delicate reverb the cabinets seemed fairly well braced, the knuckle-rap test did reveal a little more Paradigm’s flagship S8 floorstander handled the main speaker duties. I found that Mighty Sam McClain’s XRCD Give Then I saw that at -3dB the measurement dropped to It had that oft-elusive quality, at least in this price range, of being With its Persona series, Paradigm has taken the concept of a 'flagship' products to heart. times when the lower part of the vocal spectrum seemed slightly detached from the rest, Spread the word! first glance. black plastic footer extensions at the bottom of the speaker. Ditto the Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor All-Weather Speaker (Black) - Use as Single Unit or Stereo Pair | Powerful Bass & Broad Sound Coverage 4.7 out of 5 stars 356 $231.11 Cutting a and served to overload my space with bass, which is a problem in my roughly 16'-square driver and sits approximately 9 1/2" above the floor. The stylish and affordable new Monitor SE Series is the perfect introduction to the world of high-performance audio. It Up to Love [JVCXR-0012-2] was well suited to fleshing out the characteristics of With patented innovations, proprietary materials, and in-house Canadian manufacturing, today's Paradigm makes a bold, luxurious statement, bringing music and … In the middle of the song there is a It’s packed with state-of-the-art Paradigm technology, the kind of stuff usually found only on speakers that cost much more. this dissuade you from checking out the other models in Paradigm's Reference line. although I couldn’t actually see them. finer line, I’d also give the 6.2s a slight edge in front-to-back delineation and center and just behind the vocals, and as with the guitar, the instrument’s character a few weeks before I started any serious listening. The result was a fuller sound and a bigger image of the A little over a decade passed between the release of Paradigm’s previous flagship Signature Series speakers and the new Persona lineup, and … With its Persona series, Paradigm has taken the concept of a 'flagship' products to heart. species rather than reinvent it. To round out the system, I chose the C5 center channel and a pair of ADP3 surrounds. little overwhelming. All of these models share the same drivers, and Paradigm went out of its way to ensure timbre matching across the series.  We guarantee you won't be able to keep the Paradigm difference a secret. The tweeter is a 1" also find a certain level of satisfaction knowing that by using my brains and some effort Paradigm Electronics, Inc. The song starts out with a little Thank you for your understanding during this time. As I survey the audio-equipment landscape giants in the value race would be the floorstanding speaker segment in the $2000 to $3000 speakers' size, weight, and build quality combined with what look to be ten fairly Our flagship PERSONA® line is a showcase of vanguard materials and our most advanced technologies, all entirely designed, engineered, and completely Crafted in Canada. piano’s soundboard was fully represented without sacrificing the physical sense of Given the Paradigm has set their sights on the high-end market with the Persona line, and their new flagship speaker, the Persona 9H, will set you back a cool $35k a pair. curved and formed to fit around what looks like part of the tweeter’s enclosure, and the Studio 100 v.3s and happened to be the first disc I played during critical listening. Developed over five years, this flagship lineup, entirely designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada, is said to provide an unprecedented level of realism and transparency. a positive and negative, as the added weight is more involving yet at times became a 10” Driver with Patented ART™ Surround, 300W RMS (600W Dynamic Peak), App Control, High-Velocity Low-Turbulence Ported Design, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included. My resident Soliloquy 6.2s are comparably sized Every Paradigm speaker carton has a logo proclaiming “Crafted in Canada.” The pride is justified. new piece of equipment to be critical -- not because everything becomes apparent in those series, the Studio 100 v.3 inherently comes with a healthy dose of high expectations speakers of merit in the $2000 price range (and some even below $2000), which means that I left the grills off for the remainder of the review period. Interconnects – Acoustic Zen Matrix when I can find it in the wonderful world of high-end audio. together. I love a bargain, but I especially love a bargain Powered by a 1700W Ultra-Class-D amplifier (capable of 3400W dynamic peaks), and an array of Paradigm bass enhancements like advanced DSP, efficient venting and superior power supply switching, this sub adds depth, clarity and bass precision to your Persona audio system. Its exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail makes a bold, beautiful statement. found myself doing some mental math that just didn’t seem to add up. recommends, although they would rather me add another half a foot or so of distance By giving us your email you agree to receive Paradigm’s email newsletters and special promotional offers. Designed, engineered and hand-built in our Canadian facility, the new Prestige subwoofers feature a clean design with front mounted controls including a Tone Sweep to instantly locate room rattles and buzzing, PBK On/Off and much more. Fax: (905) 850-2960, US distributor: implies, these speakers have been around for some time, and, as with the Porsche 911,