A court will not act on your case unless you have served the court papers and filed proof that you followed Rules of Court. 601 Commonwealth AvenueP.O. Start to finish, you can easily complete your own divorce papers for Philadelphia. Philadelphia Divorce Court — What to Expect. There are often other factors to consider: Where will you live? Roane County of, Juvenile Court Clerk. 440 states the options for service of … Philadelphia County is part of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD (Combined Statistical Area, known as the Delaware Valley), located along the lower Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, within the Northeast megalopolis. The Family Court itself is located in heart of Philadelphia at 1501 Arch Street. Representing clients for divorce, uncontested divorce, legal separation, divorce mediation, support, equitable distribution, settlement arrangements, custody, and alimony. Pa. R.C.P. Commonwealth Court Prothonotary's Address, Office of Children & Families in the Courts. Relationship News. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Philadelphia County Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce … The complaint must be filed in person and as of April 2014, the cost to file is $316.98. Divorce mediation, custody mediation Contract mediation and more. The City Archives has Philadelphia divorce records prior to 1914 in its Court of Common Pleas docket books. No-Fault Divorce: A judge may grant a no-fault divorce under the following conditions: Filing Court Papers and Sending Copies to a Spouse. WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully requests this Court to enter a Decree of Divorce pursuant to §3301(b) of the Divorce Code. However, depending on the nature of your case, the court fees can increase from there. Pennsylvania Court approved divorce forms. For information about child support and how to apply, visit the PA Child Support Program website. Philadelphia Arrest, Court, and Public Records. The First Judicial District (FJD) of Pennsylvania is composed of two courts which make up the Philadelphia County Court System: the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court. Living apart from your husband or wife does not legally end a marriage. All rights reserved. Performing specific searches for authorized divorce records in Philadelphia County, PA normally just requires a few clicks of the mouse at our website. The City Archives has Philadelphia divorce records prior to 1914 in its Court of Common Pleas docket books. The Office of Judicial Records Civil Filing Unit is located in City Hall, Room 296 at Broad and Market Streets. To obtain a Pennsylvania marriage license, both applicants must appear at the county court together in person. How to Obtain Divorce Records. Philadelphia Legal Assistance is able to refer certain divorce cases to Philadelphia VIP, our pro bono partner agency. There is no required length of residency in the county where the divorce complaint is filed. At the hearing, the judge will look for two things: The judge may find that there is a reasonable possibility the spouses will get back together. Alternately, many people choose to file for no- fault divorce because it can be less expensive and less complicated than fault-based divorce. For certified copies of divorce decrees filed in Philadelphia from 1885 to the present, contact the Office of Judicial Records Civil Filing Unit at 215-686-4252. As of January 1, 2017, there is a fee of $363.75 to file a divorce complaint in Bucks County. Cordell & Cordell’s Philadelphia attorneys exclusively practice family law with a focus on men’s divorce so they have a greater understanding of the challenges you’re likely to face as a man and father in the family court system. Divorce cases can be very complicated, stressful, and intimidating. For more information, see: Instructions to obtain certified copies of divorce decrees (pdf) saweetie advises women to kick their man 'back to the streets' if he's not getting you a birkin. The Divorce Process in Pennsylvania Helping you make informed, intelligent decisions during a Pennsylvania divorce The Pennsylvania divorce process is different for everyone. Divorce dockets prior to 1875 are at The Philadelphia City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (215) 685-9401. and then by subject matter. (423) 337-6151. After filing the paperwork, a copy must be sent to the other spouse. Prothonotary Office has divorce and court records from 1874 Register of Wills has probate records Department Records has land records ... 1743 Extract aus der Registratur der Supreem Court zu Philadelphia FHL Film 20361 Item 9 Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Philadelphia Municipal Court Philadelphia Municipal Court exercises limited jurisdiction over certain types of civil, criminal, and traffic cases within the territorial boundaries of the City and County of Philadelphia. Here are a few others: To file for divorce in Philadelphia you must meet three requirements: Grounds for Divorce: Who is at “Fault?”. What is the cost? Philadelphia County Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple's divorce in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Temporary child support and spousal support: Generally, when children are involved, you will receive a quick court date for child support and/or spousal support. Microsoft Edge. The office is in Room 296 City Hall. Philadelphia County police, crime, court, and vital records are available to the public both online and physically. For example, pick Family Division, Domestic Relations and then Custody to see all 16 custody forms available from the Court. divorce complaint, and either party currently resides in Philadelphia or you agree to divorce in Philadelphia. There is not already a divorce case filed in another county or another state (unless that case has been withdrawn). In that circumstance, however, the spouses must first live separately for at least two years. Get help now. Pennsylvania law establishes grounds for divorce as either Fault or No-Fault. Shop now for Electronics, Books, Apparel & much more. In Pennsylvania, the court may call an uncontested divorce a “no-fault divorce” or a “mutual consent divorce.” A mutual consent divorce is a faster divorce process than traditional divorce—you can get divorced in three to four months, rather than the standard two or more years. There will be no jury duty and no criminal or civil trials until at least Sept. 8. It is very important to carefully follow the rules for filing a complaint and sending a copy to the other spouse. Both fault-based and no-fault grounds are recognized to obtain a divorce in Philadelphia County, PA. We recommend using In Philadelphia, the first decision you need to make surrounding your divorce is whether it will be no-fault or fault-based. The differences were huge.