They have an off-white belly and white cheek stripes. Description: Tammar Wallabies have a mixed colouring of brown, white, black and grey. These may overlap but they don’t form social groups, except between mothers and young. Tammar wallabies inhabit coastal scrub, heath, dry open forests and thickets of mallee scrub and woodland. Adoption is simple. They also have strong hind feet and large ears. Genetic consequences of isolation: island tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) populations and the conservation of threatened species Author Miller, E. J; Eldridge, M. D. B; Morris, K. D; Zenger, K. R; Herbert, C. A Year 2011 Publication Type Refereed Article Journal Conservation Genetics Number of pages 1619-1631 Volume 12 Language en Tammar wallabies were the first "kangaroos" seen by Europeans, namely, the crew of the Batavia, a Dutch ship stranded in the Houtman Abrolhos near the Wallabi Islands off Geraldton, in 1629. The Tammar Wallaby has isolated populations on the southwestern tip of Australia. Tammar Wallabies areherbivores and eat grasses and shrubs. Conservation Status. It can easily be reached from the Australian mainland via a short sea or air journey. Tammar wallabies have their name because they were once commonly seen in tamma thickets. Conservation status (WA): Priority 4: Rare, near threatened and other species in need of monitoring ‘Amazing astronomer’ – the tammar females synchronise their pregnancies with the summer solstice and are only one of only two macropdid species that have a strictly seasonal breeding. Tammar Wallaby. Females produce a single ... Conservation Status. The Western Australian subspecies of the Tammar Wallaby was previously distributed throughout most of the southwest of Wester-n Australia from Kalbarri National Park to Cape Arid on the south coast and extending to western parts of the Wheat belt. Diet: Tammar Wallabies are herbivores and eat grasses and shrubs. Show how much you care about animals all year round by selecting your favorite animal from our adoption list. A group of wallabies can be known as a "troop" or "court". Title: Tammar Wallaby:Tammar Wallaby One of the tammar wallabies that was tagged and then released at Whiteman Park. They are able to drink seawater if no other water is available. Tammar wallaby, Notamacropus eugenii. Help Us End Extinction. The Best Place to see Tammar Wallabies. Some types of wallabies are endangered, others are not. This sub-species of the Tammar Wallaby were found on the Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, the Mid North and Adelaide Plains, and the Fleurieu Peninsula east to the Murray River. In the wild: Each wallaby has its own home range. They live in coastal scrublands and dry forest with dense undergrowth. Habitat Require dense low vegetation for daytime shelter. Diet Tammar Wallabies can be found all over Kangaroo Island, but your best chance of seeing them is at the Flinders Chase National Park. They are among the smallest of the wallabies in the genus Macropus. In the wild Each wallaby has its own home range. There are dozens of species of wallabies, and their conservation status varies. This huge nature reserve can be found on the south-westerly tip of the Island. Their tail is 33–45 cm long. Least Concern: The Dama (Tammar) Wallaby is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.