Besides great customer service, the faucets have excellent features that were explained in detail. Additional certifications for this faucet include cUPC, NSF-1, and AB1953 by the IAPMO. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 22. Yet, you may want to remove the flow restrictor for cleaning or replacing purposes. Your Kitchen water faucet might be hindering you with low water pressure. Return the screen to its original position. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Look for the aerator inside the collar or the spray head. I called Mico Customer Service. Removing the flow restrictor for good is … What you will need to do is to remove the flow restrictor from the Grohe Faucet. I hired another plumber who came in, took the faucet apart (the first guy never looked that closely) and voila! This warranty extends only to the original owner for personal household use. You choose your flow rate. Strength is beautiful and the VIGO Titus Strength is beautiful and the VIGO Titus Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet is a perfect example of that. How to Remove the Water Saving Feature From a Faucet. The 1.5 GPM flow restrictor is an easy way to reduce water usage. Experience: Licensed Master plumber with 50+ yrs. While comparing to faucets, we had a question and needed to take to customer service. This warranty extends only to the original owner for personal household use. Pull out the flow restrictor with a flat-head screwdriver. It was a bum faucet. We played around with the flow restrictor but still the volume was lower than the specs. The spigot flow controller is pressure compensating so it works well if you have low or varying water pressure. Then remove the restrictor, clean it, and again put it back. There are two basic ways of how to be able to remove the flow restrictor from the faucet in your bathroom. The exposed spring on certain models of VIGO faucets allows for exceptional control and flexibility in your kitchen without sacrificing its unique style or functionality. Answered in 5 minutes by: 5/30/2012. Its 7-layer plated chrome finish resists rust, corrosion and tarnish to ensure the faucet's longevity. A flow restrictor is attached to bathroom and kitchen faucets to control the flow of water. Vigo; Sinks; Speak To a Pro; Blog; Mr. Show More. The flow restrictor from the grohe kitchen faucet is easy to remove. Flow rate aside, several other differences exist among faucet aerators, in part to accommodate the rich variety of faucets in common use across the country. experience. The water flow with the spray feature feels a little more vigorous, but the regular flow really seems weak to me. Satisfied Customers: 32,754. If you don’t know what a restrictor looks like, it’s a plastic disk with any of the following colors such as white, green, pink, and red. How to Remove the Flow Restrictor From a Delta Kitchen Faucet . In all of those fixtures, I have 2 Vigo bathroom sink faucets and 1 Vigo kitchen faucet. Spring Style Functionality . All you have to do is unscrew the flow restrictor if it’s a single flow restrictor and then pull it out. This spigot flow restrictor is the solution to the problem. Grip the collar at the end of the hose with pliers and unscrew the spray head. Removing a Faucet Flow Restrictor. Easy to clean, the VIGO Paloma also features a mineral-resistant nozzle to prevent unsanitary buildup. So, to remove the flow restrictor from the delta kitchen faucet, first, try with your nail to open it. product SUPPORT Consumer (866) 291-5756 Commercial (866) 327-4159 Kitchen Faucets is reader supported - if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commision. 4 Steps; How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Kitchen Faucet. However, these small barriers can hinder the flow too much, tempting you to remove them. This also helps to keep the water flow rate in an optimal state. As a result, you might be taking too long to rinse your dishes or even get your sink filled with water. Seems to me like a needless expense. Hansgrohe 88715000 Flow 1.5 Restrictor Insert Only . Flow restrictors reduce the water flow of your faucets to save water. Why do you need a flow restrictor on a faucet? Few of them can just be detached by returning a clockwise way. There are fewer brands that maintain durability with design and Vigo is one of them. The epitome of class, this faucet's silhouette is timeless. The outside is a hollow metal cylinder with one threaded end that fits the threads on the faucet spout (they're usually inside the spout, so you don't see them).