I love tight arse tips like this (paint is expensive dangit! And something I often fear as I have two girls ages 2 and 1. How did I not know that? © 2021 Shareably Media, LLC. Or Pin It to save it for later! While this is still true today, some of the more creative DIY-ers have used paint sticks for all sorts of fun, creative projects and crafts. OK so, No, we in the states have boring old paint sticks that just stir…but we do have this thingy that I, as a painter and designer extraordinaire, use CONSTANTLY! You can use oil paint over (dried) acrylic paint, but you can’t paint acrylic over oil paints. Simple enough, right? I will have to try it next time I paint.” Then you revealed the real answer. Oh dear. They make sunburst mirror. Find … Messy? 8. I thought I knew your paint stick thingamabob. Only straight paint sticks at our paint stores, but I bought one of these many years ago and it does the same job, plus has a scraper on the end and a crack cleaner: http://goo.gl/swiSfl Very handy tool. Now lets move onto the next thing. Your guests will be astonished by your “fancy” wooden table runner. That tip has escaped me for years and I am definitely going to share it, I know that if I didn’t know this, neither did my friends. It’s an annoyance not knowing what every SINGLE thing in the world is, but I’ve come to grips with the fact that I can’t possibly know everything. It’s a paint stick. The funny thing is when my mind finally settles on the answer and then later I tell my husband who actually knows what the thingamabob is, and he laughs at my conclusion. If you do overdye, the soda ash breaks down the paint and it washes off. Alternate the overhanging edges as shown in the diagram below. I had gone all those years thinking you needed scissors to cut it. Ensure that the caulk is very clean and completely dry before applying the painter's caulk -- the coating is unlikely to stick to a dirty or damp surface. DIY Paint Stick Art. This is perfect to wall mount plants! I am one who is always saying to myself, “I wonder what that is.” Then my mind goes on to come up with any conceivable answer. Even when you think it’s rolled dry, there’s a whole lotta paint in there. Choose canvas or high quality drawing paper for a classic painting backdrop. Miniature pallets are trending these days, and you can create one of your own using just paint sticks. 88. As in Well I know that couldn’t be a pair of shorts, and yet it isn’t quite underwear … I wonder what that is.” Freakin’ hilarious. I love the morning giggles over coffee that you always seem to be the culprit of :) LOL. Ha! Attach paint sticks to the sides for texture and a one-of-a-kind surface to design as you please (diamonds, stripes, plaid, etc.). You apply a coat of Dixie Belle Slick Stick. How to Replace Carbon Brushes on any motor. “Thingamabob-solving” is one of my favorite pasttimes. Also, regarding funkyjunk’s comment, I also did not know you could tear duct tape until a few months ago. →Follow me on Instagram where I often make a fool of myself←. It sounded so good in my head. Happy to have helped Elfrieda. When using your own hand-dyes it is best to use the paintsticks as a final layer. Apply latex primer or paint as usual. All Rights Reserved. We use them in several rooms around the house but mainly on the kitchen table- and not one bit of mess! Who knew? O.K., I  know this one’s harder, so I’ll give it to you from another angle. However, after painting huge numbers of rooms lately, I did spend some time wondering what one could do with bunches of these dohickies (for the uninitiated, dohickies are close cousins of thingamabobs). I had no idea. Previous. And I thought I knew a lot about painting! Paint Stick Herringbone Pattern Table Top. Like a potato with too many eyes. So, for all of you who call me a genius. That is how majority of my projects come alive. However, after painting huge numbers of rooms lately, I did spend some time wondering what one could do with bunches of these dohickies (for the uninitiated, dohickies are … See that little half-moon cutout in the paint stick? Since I am working with chicken wire lately and have a lot of scraps it was just a right thing to use that do! 4 Ways to use R&F Pigment Sticks with Encaustic 1. to colour wax medium. Create a unique pendant lamp using paint sticks, glue, and an old lampshade. Then staple them together to create a basket that is perfect for holding bright, beautiful flowers. Create a custom house number that will make your house stand out! Time to paint something and apply this knowledge. Used for stirring up your paint, right? Factory-finished wood cabinets and paneling require special preparation for painting. So to avoid this embarassment, I now check myself against this brilliant thingamabob called the internet. A paint roller holds cups and cups of paint. Nail paint stir sticks to a wall, and then screw in a few little hooks. Cut the end off of an oil stick and blend it directly into hot, melted wax medium just as you do with tube oils. Let the primer dry thoroughly before applying the color coat. Use Creations by Kara’s tutorial to make your own paint stick slat sign. Painting a large room can be time~consuming, tiring and messy. Use a paint stir stick as a gift tag. Mix it together thoroughly using a popsicle stick or small spoon to ensure the dish soap and paint are well combined. The paint sticks I get don’t even have that cute half-moon (though I wouldn’t have known its use either). Not me. Copyright © 2020 The Art of Doing Stuff. Next. Written by Karen. I even asked at Home Depot, where I just end up recycling my un-needed sticks. HA!!!! The kids and I absolutely love Paint Sticks! Use the thickness of a scrap paint stick as a spacer. Method 1. Made soo many projects with them already. Use the colors that you will be using in the painting. Drat. I know what it is. The basis of this adorable wooden sign is a couple of free stir sticks! Take for example this thing. You can highlight your favorite photo of your kids or family in a special way. I’m such a freak. 3. ~ karen! I think mine was made by Stanley, but I’ve pretty much seen some version of it in just about every paint department I’ve ever been in. But again, very little because you don’t want to disrupt the recipe of Slick Stick. Stick paint sticks into a pot to help indicate and label your garden. Jenny Brown is a senior writer at Shareably. Not until one day when I was watching my sister (the painter) using it to it’s full potential. You can use an oil stick as a colouring agent. I hot glued each paint stick individually to the inside of the hoop leaving a slight gap in between each paint stick. Resurface it with paint sticks. And I just painted my studio this weekend! This is fabulous news about the versatile nondescript paint stick. Using your walking stick before the paint is completely dry can damage your design. That little half-moon is for scraping all the paint in your roller out when you’re done your painting job. Oh, the unappreciated life of paint sticks! Have you ever heard of it? Or at least you didn’t know the whole truth. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. 7. http://346living.com/2011/09/26/diy-sunburst-mirror/. This is just like the time I found out you can both straighten AND curl your hair with a hair straightener. Get ready to breathe new life to your old table with paint … I could see it in action, even! Which makes me feel angry and amazed at that little stick of wood all at the same time. There are many things on any given day that I see and think Geez, I wonder what that is. 60. Step 3 Once your pieces have been cut and your design planned out, it's time to lay down your first two pieces. You’ll need a roller cover and roller cage, paint, stir sticks, paint tray and liners, … You want to tilt the paint sticks out slightly, otherwise your basket will be straight up and down. Clean the area of all dust with a tack rag and apply primer to the unpainted surfaces. You are the Goddess of Thingamabobs! It is awesome for thingamabob-solving! Seriously, things as complicated as a paint stick need to come with some sort of instruction booklet. May 19, 2018 - Explore Dusty Hackworth's board "Paint sticks Christmas", followed by 434 people on Pinterest. This from the girl who made a beautiful outdoor lantern out of a $1 bathroom basket. A very nice touch. Nightstand Paint Stick Sides who knew? mixing yellow and blue will result in green. There are a lot of chances to be creative with this one, by adding a different kind of banner and choosing a different quote. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Apply a dot of wood glue beneath the paint stick, and then secure it using a staple gun and 3/8 inch staples. DIY Paint Stick Wood Slat Sign. Then you said it was a paintstick and I thought to myself, “I wonder if that cut out makes the paint stir better. :) ~ karen, I have the weird little habit of reading the instructions manuals of everything since i discovered; 5 years after buying it; that i could indeed take photos of/by myself because my camara came with this little mirrow flap in the side (so you can see if you are, in fact, in the picture) when i openend the flap by mistake while cleaning the lens…, I had seen it before and wondered what the hell was that little mirrow like thing…but never asked… It was explained in the second page of the manual. 5 … Good! The nightstand (below, left) added solid, stained stripes of paint sticks to the side. Yup. Perfect for little hands to draw and paint, we just love them. The metal teeth clean your paint brushes like nothing else can. At this moment I could sort of see something awry at the end of my nose. Primer is made to stick to unpainted surfaces and paint is designed to stick to primer! 8. :), Exellent! My thingamambob-solving mind got ahead of my reading mind. Use oil sticks on canvas, paper, wood, or metal. I was married to a painter and didn’t know about that, but I do know they make good paddles. and DAH!!!! THIS POST WAS LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2020. 31. Your friends will thank you for going above and beyond, and they will never forget which gift is yours! They are mess free and so easy to use. Create a sunburst-themed mirror by arranging paint sticks in a pattern around a mirror.