A man's initials usually don't change—the exception is if he and his spouse use a hyphenated last name after they're married. Take your dining room table for example: You could monogram your wine glasses, your wedding china, your flatware and your linens—but would you want all of those initials competing for attention with your Thanksgiving turkey? Traditionally a 3-initial monogram follows this order: first name initial, last name initial and finally middle name initial. Pillowcases are usually monogrammed in the center, close to the hem. Traditionally, the middle letter is larger or emphasized. Traditional Monogram Credit: Mary Elizabeth Davis For an individual, the first name initial is followed by the last and middle. Some modern monograms even feature small pictures or graphics of things that represent the person or couple. The good news is that there are no right or wrong solutions when it comes to who keeps, changes, or hyphenates their name. Monogram styles for children. But tradition isn't the only way. If the bride decides to keep her given name, the couple's monogram would be dual initials only; the two last name initials are separated by a dot, a diamond or some other design element. A personal monogram consists of three initials (first, middle and last names). When the center letter is larger. Two Letter Monogram – Individuals. Towels are generally marked at the center of one end, so the monogram is visible when it's hanging on a rack. If you prefer a circle-style or a diamond-style monogram, put the last name initial in the center, slightly larger than the others. The type of monogram used is often determined by the shape and size of the flatware handle. Love is not canceled, neither is your planning.Â. These works of art look more like family crests than snippets of the alphabet. But the larger center initial style is almost always used for joint or couple monograms. Order any initials and it will be handcrafted just for you. If you are married … I prefer this style on a small space, like … Some couples are using both last names (with a hyphen) and some women are keeping their maiden names professionally but not socially. When there is only one letter. There are two main design structures: A large initial in the middle, and two smaller initials on either side. 1 to 3 letters only. If your hope is that the couple will use the paper for joint correspondence, opt for their shared monogram. If you're monogramming sheets and pillowcases, again a single initial is generally preferred. Tablecloths are monogrammed at the center of each long side. The guide is based on the traditional monogram format and to give you a point of reference. In other words, don't use a shared monogram on your wedding programs, but feel free to include it on your dinner menus (assuming the meal is served post "I do"). When using this type of monogram, enter the couple's first name initials. This initial is larger than the first name initials on each side of it. Kathleen Taylor Williams would be KWT. Most items with personalization available (like beer steins or bath towels) can be added to your registry with your chosen initials. For example, Elizabeth Grace Brown and Charles William Smith would use B*S as their joint monogram. Recently, though, the little initials have come back into vogue. Available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold. Mason Christopher Williams would be MWC. The married name (or soon-to-be married name) initial is in the middle and the couple's first name initials are on either side. The bride may be keeping her name or perhaps they're opting for a hyphenated last name. Get this wrong and you will be laughed out of the monogram world. Learn everything you need to know about monogramming initials including monogram letter order, etiquette and wedding monogram ideas. Traditional Boys Monogram. As a result, their personal monogram changes by two letters. Keep this in mind when you're registering for gifts—strive for small touches of personalization throughout your home. Apply this style of monogram to luggage and shirt cuffs. 1) Feature the initial of the first name on the left, last name in the middle, and middle name on the right. Adding a monogram is the perfect way to make something more special, thoughtful and unique. In the '80s, the prep set gave monograms a bad rap as a showy kind of status symbol. Needless to say, monograms can be a bit more complicated. With all of these possibilities, it is easy to put a stamp onto your event –– quite literally –– and make it something truly worth remembering. The married name initial is in the middle and the maiden name initial is at the end. The order of initials depends on the type of monogram that you are embroidering, the number of letters in the monogram style and who the handkerchief recipient will be. This style monogram is often used for personalizing women's items—most men prefer the more straightforward block style. Three letter monogram For one person (when the middle initial is either larger or emphasized in another manner) : … This simple guide features real-life examples for all the most common monogramming questions, so you can learn how to create the perfect monogram! Once the letter style is created, choosing a decorative layout and font helps to bring the customer’s initials to life. Many couples prefer the single last name initial for towels, napkins or other linens. MONOGRAM STYLES 101 Creating the monogram logo starts with choosing the right style to fit your customer. A single initial monogram for a married couple is the first initial of the husband’s last name. Traditionally, single letter monograms represent the surname (i.e., last name). In most cases, the woman's first name initial comes first, followed by the shared last name initial, and finally the man's first initial. Couple Monogram Order. Simple monograms have made way for more elaborate designs—hand-lettering and illustration can breathe life into any set of letters. This letter format is often found on personal items such as … Order of placement of Initials; Wedding Monogram (Blended) Bride's first name initial Initial of Surname of the couple Groom's first initial: Engaged Couple: 2 Letter Monogram - First name initials of Bride & Groom: Man / Woman: Single monogram - First name intial or Last Name initial alone: Single Woman: First name initial Last name initial Middle name initial* Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. When using a two letter monogram, use the last name initials of the couple. A personal monogram consists of three initials (first, middle and last names).